Chapter 1341 The Hunt Continues.
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Chapter 1341 The Hunt Continues.

Legion-7 returned and became an inert black hole in the spiritual dimension. Unlike an active black hole, he was not producing gravitational force to pull souls and soul prowlers to himself. However, soul prowlers still rushed towards him. They sensed cosmic energy from him which is more powerful than divinity. They wanted him more than ever before.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn't do anything to him. His soul is still protected by his shard of power so he was intangible to spiritual entities.

However, even that protection was unnecessary. He has soul force and soul fire, and his soul has been crystalized by cosmic energy to become something similar to a seed of power.

Not only that, he is a living Authority. It made it so that his soul was nearly indestructible and his soul fire could burn his enemies. If even a Supreme law can't do anything to him, then some soul prowlers on the brink of death can't do anything either.

So all the soul prowlers couldn't do anything to him. Only the great mother could but Legion-7 was intangible so the great mother could only watch on. Then Legion-7 awakened and returned to the world of manifestation.

He broke through the layer of the law matrix and appeared in the world of manifestation as Legion-5. The soul prowlers were unwilling to watch him leave. Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything to stop him.

They couldn't even follow him out of the spiritual dimension. All of them were helpless about the situation but not the great mother. She couldn't touch him but she could track him.

At any other time, this would have been fruitless and useless. The spiritual dimension and the world above are not synchronous. After all, they don't exist in the same dimension.

It is nearly impossible for beings of the void universe to enter the spiritual or phantom dimension unless they meet certain requirements. But unlike the phantom world which is a mirror of the void universe, it is impossible to enter and leave the spiritual dimension from the same place.

Exit and entry into the spiritual dimension are also random. So it is useless to trail behind Legion-7. But Legion-7 happens to have an anchor in the world of manifestation.

Legion-7 can enter the spiritual and appear anywhere in it, but he can always return to Legion-5 immediately whenever he enters the world of manifestation. So the fragment that the great-mother sent after him was able to locate Legion-5 directly. Legion-7 didn't notice because the soul fragment didn't track him with spiritual energy.

The great mother is someone with a spark of consciousness like him so she didn't need to use spiritual energy to keep track of him. She made sure to hide as far as possible from him while she made a soul fragment follow the beckoning fluctuations that he was inadvertently released to entice other soul prowlers.

The soul fragment appeared in the Stellaris plane of the high heaven realm. From there it was easy to find Legion-5.

"I have found you immortal one." She said in glee. "You have only become more delectable in the time that we have been apart. That is very good. We will meet again very soon."

The great mothers began moving to claim the new spark of consciousness that they had encountered. They can't do anything to him in the spiritual dimension but they don't believe that they will be so impotent in the world of manifestation.

Besides, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even the presence of the Supreme Alliance did not deter them. And so, the hunt continues.

-----Back To Legion.

Legion-7 seemed to sag as he said, "Fortunately the Kickstarter worked."

He is truly exhausted. As the main laborer in that project, it is no surprise that is tired. Just the work he did baiting CARNAGE with the cosmic energy-infused world spark is enough to put any on edge and stress them out.

"This is good. We are one step closer to building our artifact," Legion-5 said in relief.

But Legion-7 still felt traumatized. He couldn't help but say, "It was dangerous for a moment there. We almost lost Ragnarok. It was not easy slipping the World spark past the demon god of Carnage. Fortunately, it gave up on the plane when WRATH showed up."

"If a demon god is already so dangerous. A world-ender will be more dangerous. And we have one within Legion-1. We nearly died trapping CARNAGE. All of us could have died and yet we succeeded only to have a more dangerous entity to contend with. This is madness."

Legion-7's voice was still shaking. He is not someone with a weak mentality. He has gone up against the likes of the great mother and the Will of the void universe and he survived. Even so, he still can't believe what they just succeeded in pulling off.

Ragnarok was to destroy the Lumen plane for the purpose of making CARNAGE angry with him and also making CARNAGE give up on the plane.

Their thought process was that if CARNAGE became very angry with him, then it was highly likely that CARNAGE would chase him to the ends of the universe if it must. If that isn't enough for CARNAGE to be determined, then CARNAGE will surely chase after Ragnarok if Ragnarok possesses a world spark.

It was Legion-7's job to place the world spark in the plane. He didn't give the World Spark to Ragnarok directly so as not to seem suspicious. They had to make it look natural and they also had to make sure that CARNAGE wouldn't sense Legion-7.

So Legion-7 waited until CARNAGE stopped barricading the plane. That happened when CARNAGE saw WRATH appear. It gave up on the plane and the blood moon in the sky disappeared.

Ragnarok saw the blood moon disappear so Legion knew CARNAGE had given up on the plane. It was then that Legion-7 used Legion-5's space crystal butterfly divine ability to transfer the World Spark to the Lumen plane by using Ragnarok as the spatial beacon.

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