Chapter 1406 Substitute For Universal Artifacts.
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Chapter 1406 Substitute For Universal Artifacts.

?Unfortunately, he still has to wait before letting loose. For now, he has to reach Legion-1 safely. So they began flying towards him.

They can teleport but they don't want to leave any spatial traces behind that the Supreme Alliance can track. In the meantime, they can focus on the crown of dominion.

It is the crown that befits the one that dominates and just like the soul sphere, it affects all of Legion.

There is a ring of white light around their head. It appeared after they returned from the meeting with the 3 consciousnesses. The ring is not only on their head, it is on the other clones too. It is like the soul sphere. They all possess it.

One clear difference is that there is no main crown of domination. It appears that there is no difference between the crowns so they have the same thing.

Most peculiar is that the black orb that usually rotates around them has fused with the white ring and is revolving around their head along the white ring. So the ring has become the new orbit for the shard of power.

"This must be why we have two lines of thought." They observed.

They noticed that their shards of power were still two after they fused. The two of them are revolving along the white ring like trains along a train track. They also anchor their two individual identities. So despite the fact their bodies and souls have fused, they still think they are two and not one.

It is a strange situation. It is as if the personality of a single person has split into two. But there is no sense of rejection between them. Sometimes they act as one and other times they think of separate things at the same time. They know they are one because the mental resources of their existence have to be shared between them.

"This is not a bad thing."

"But the crown of dominion is useless to us."

"We don't need to create a path forward. We already have a path ahead of us."

"Fortunately, it is not completely useless to Legion. The other ones can use it."

They found themselves completing each other's thoughts. It doesn't feel strange at all.

The crown of dominion as its name implies helps them dominate the paths of power. They are an Origin god but they can use the crown of demon kings or the Authorities of Celestials to advance their concept into a supreme law instead of fusing other concepts into it.

Power is power to them. They can dominate it and use it in any form to grow stronger. But it is not useful to them because they don't need it anymore. Even so, it gave them an idea about what Universal artifacts are.

"We already have the ability of the soul sphere and the crown of dominion. I'm guessing we already have the power of many other types of Universal artifacts too."

"Maybe Universal artifacts are just the abilities of special entities. They might even be the organs of those existences."

"If they are then they are more similar to Soverick's artifact and the Tree Father's stigmata."

Then they shrugged. "We will know for sure when we build one."

Universal artifacts are unique but they don't seem to be special to Legion anymore. Sure, Universal artifacts can grant Origin gods abilities they don't have and those abilities are something that no normal Origin god should have.

These abilities are beyond the rules of operation of the void universe but they don't seem to be out of reach for Legion anymore. They have broken too many rules to know that they can attempt to build their own. That way they will be able to acquire something that they truly need.

That's where their testing of the crown of domination ended for them. They focused on their plans next.

The breaking of another law of the universe has not changed their plans. Acquiring a world seed is still high on their to-do list. They do not plan to use it now but they might need it in the future.

Besides, they will all definitely need a lot of world seeds if their plan for multiple worlds works out. While Legion is rich and they can afford a world seed, actually buying it is not so easy. A world seed is a very rare commodity. Despite it being expensive, there are always trillions of Origin gods in the void universe waiting to buy it.

The major problem is that the supply is very low. World gods are the usual suppliers but it is already very difficult to get a world fragment from them much less a world seed. So despite their wealth, they have to wait a long while to buy it or find a world seed themselves. The alternative is buying an inferior product from Mother Heaven which they don't want.

There is also the problem of wealth. Legion can surely afford 2 world seeds maybe even 3, but they will need 9 of them for their plans. So they have to start working for more wealth ahead of when they need the world seeds.

They moved far away from their current location. They passed by Helios so that any races they left behind would be burned away. Then they teleported from there to Legion-1. They found him busy with the most important agenda which is resource acquisition.

----The Immortal Lands.

The immortal lands is the place of living for immortals. It is outside the realm and located above the realm trees in the sea of void energy. The material that makes up the immortal lands repels void energy which caused each continent to form a bubble of absence of void energy around.

This is the least unique characteristic of the immortal lands. Not only can't void energy destroy them with its corrosive properties but neither can Origin gods or even world gods. If not for the fact that the continents can't be controlled by anyone, they would be taken away just for their durability.


A/N: Can you remember the Universal Artifacts that the four consciousnesses were talking about? This was after Legion created the singularity of infinite possibilities in Helios's arc. How many of the Universal Artifacts can Legion substitute for now?

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