I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 537 - 537 Establishing Dominance?
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537 Establishing Dominance?

Translator: Lordbluefire

Shen Ruojing looked at him in surprise.

She didn’t expect to find a clue as soon as they arrived in Country A.

But then she heard Song Chen say. “The person back then was indeed a woman, but she wore a veil, so I couldn’t see her face. Judging by her figure, there are two people in that group who are somewhat similar to her.”

After saying that, Song Chen moved closer to Shen Ruojing and pointed out the two women standing on the tarmac who were waiting for them.

Before coming to Country A, Shen Ruojing had asked Jing Zhen to investigate the three consorts in the palace, so she quickly recognized the two people Song Chen pointed out.

One of them was a mature woman who looked to be under forty years old. She seemed knowledgeable and gentle, standing in the forefront, and appeared to have the highest status among the three. f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

She was the Queen Dowager’s maternal niece, and her name is Yan Rushuang. She was the first consort chosen for Jing Zhen by the Queen Dowager. She entered the palace 15 years ago.

The other one pointed out by Song Chen was a 25-year-old young woman who had been chosen by the Queen Dowager to enter the palace two years ago. Her name was Luo Sha, and she had a beautiful and generous appearance. She was dressed in a very eye-catching tight-fitting yellow dress that accentuated her enchanting figure and her boldness.

Behind the two women stood an inconspicuous woman with a round face. She kept her head down as if she were afraid, looking like a little white rabbit that had mistakenly entered the palace. She was Jing Zhen’s second consort, Ji Nina, and she entered the palace earlier than Luo Sha. However, she stood at the back because of her humble background.

Shen Ruojing fell silent for a moment.

Song Chen then said, “That Luo Sha is too young to be the person from six years ago. Judging by her figure, Yan Rushuang is the most likely candidate.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Ruojing glanced at him.

Song Chen’s face was still pale and thin, looking as if he would collapse with just a gust of wind...

But today, he gave Shen Ruojing a strange feeling. Wearing the royal guard uniform, his posture was straight, and his youthful air seemed to have faded, replaced by a more masculine aura. It was as if he had aged a few years and somehow resembled Chu Cichen again.

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyes.

She felt a bit guilty.

Six years ago, it was understandable that she couldn’t tell Chu Cichen and Song Chen apart since she had only met the foreign Chu Cichen a few times.

But six years later, their temperaments were worlds apart. When they were in their own country, she could tell the difference between Song Chen and Chu Cichen at a glance. Yet just now, she faintly saw Chu Cichen’s shadow in Song Chen.

Could it be that people with similar appearances always had some similarities?

Just as Shen Ruojing was thinking about this, she saw Song Chen suddenly cover his mouth and cough. He then looked at her with innocent eyes. “Jingjing, I’m sorry, I didn’t try to see her face clearly back then. I don’t know if my analysis is correct or if it can help you.”

With that weak appearance now... where was there any resemblance between him and Chu Cichen?

Shen Ruojing looked away, feeling that she was overthinking it.

The interaction between the two caught the eye of Shen Qianhui, who was walking ahead, and she became anxious.

After all, she had just lectured her daughter, so why was she still so close to Song Chen? Could it be that her daughter really liked Song Chen? That would be terrible...

So Shen Qianhui hurriedly spoke up, “Jingjing, come and help me.”

Shen Ruojing understood her look and was speechless for a moment. Then she stepped forward to support Shen Qianhui’s arm.

Jing Zhen walked in the front, with the Queen Dowager half a step behind him. Shen Ruojing, supporting Shen Qianhui, was half a step behind the two of them.

After the group got off the plane, Yan Rushuang, who was at the front, immediately came forward. She gracefully knelt down with her entire body prostrated on the ground, and she shouted, “Greetings to Your Majesty, the King!”

As she spoke, the group of consorts and ministers behind her quickly knelt down and paid their respects.

Seeing their etiquette, Shen Ruojing frowned.

Country A was indeed a constitutional monarchy, with the king having the highest authority. This kind of prostration etiquette was no longer seen in China. If she had to kneel down like this all the time...

Shen Ruojing clenched her jaw, unable to imagine her future life.

She looked worriedly at Shen Qianhui.

She could still escape unscathed, but since Jing Zhen had returned to his country, Shen Qianhui would not be able to leave. Shen Ruojing didn’t know if her mother could adapt to such an environment in the future.

Fortunately, although women’s status here was low, they didn’t need to cover their faces in shame. At least, the royal women could show their faces.

In some places, women had to cover their faces, and only their husbands could see their true appearance.

Country A was more open in this regard.

As Shen Ruojing was lost in thought, Jing Zhen raised his hand and said, “Rise.”

His aura was strong.

The welcoming people below got up one after another.

The Queen Dowager looked at Jing Zhen. “Your uncle has also come to greet you. Go and talk to the ministers about the enthronement.”

It was necessary to communicate with the ministers after returning to the country.

Jing Zhen naturally understood that since he had returned, he had to grasp power in order to live a better life. Otherwise, he would only become a puppet in the hands of the Queen Dowager.

Jing Zhen always knew what should be done and what shouldn’t, so he nodded.

He glanced at Shen Qianhui, about to speak, when Yan Rushuang stepped forward. “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I have already arranged for Sister Shen’s residence, which is next to your palace in Chaoyun Hall. I assure you that Sister Shen will feel at home.”

Her words made it sound as if they were the guests and she was the host..

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