I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 539 - 539 Rules
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539 Rules

Translator: Lordbluefire

Luo Sha pointed at Shen Ruojing and said, “If she’s not a little servant, then who is she?”

Shen Qianhui frowned, glanced at Shen Ruojing, and replied, “She is a personal doctor specially hired for me by Jing Zhen!”

Before coming here, Shen Ruojing had agreed with Jing Zhen and Shen Qianhui not to reveal her identity when they arrived in Country A.

This was because she thought of the people who secretly trained Song Chen in the palace to plot against her. They must know her, but the rest of the people probably didn’t know her well.

She was low-key when she was in her home country, and most of the news about her had been taken down. Because of it, aside from the people who had seen her in person, not many people knew that she was Jing Zhen’s daughter.

Now, among the three forces in the palace, those who didn’t recognize her could be ruled out as the ones training Song Chen.

Luo Sha was quite rude to her, and the way she looked at her was like an upper-class person looking at a slave. So, it seemed that Luo Sha could be ruled out.

The reason for using ‘seem’ was because it couldn’t be ruled out that this was all an act by Luo Sha.

After Shen Qianhui introduced her, Shen Ruojing immediately observed Luo Sha and Yan Rushuang.

Luo Sha was obviously not focused on the fact that Shen Ruojing was a personal doctor, but on something else. “How dare you address His Majesty by his name? This is a blatant disrespect to His Majesty!”

Yan Rushuang’s gaze, however, fell on Shen Ruojing, revealing a subtle expression in her eyes.

But she quickly shifted her gaze to Luo Sha and said, “Sister Luo Sha, Sister Shen grew up in China after all. It’s normal for her not to understand the rules of our country. His Majesty doesn’t mind, so you shouldn’t make a fuss here.”

After speaking, she seemingly looked at Shen Qianhui kindly and said, “However, Sister Shen, since you will be living in the palace for a long time, you should learn the rules. Otherwise, how will you manage the palace in the future?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone looked at Shen Qianhui.

Luo Sha was furious and shouted, “What qualifications does she have to manage the harem?”

Yan Rushuang replied, “Sister Shen is the most senior out of us, so I think the position of the Queen would belong to Sister Shen.”

Luo Sha sneered. “Her as the queen? Let’s ask if the Yan family and the Luo family agree first!”

Yan Rushuang frowned. “I’m already very content with becoming a princess in the palace. I have no desire for the position of queen. As for the Yan family, they are His Majesty’s maternal family after all, and they will definitely support His Majesty’s decision.”

Hearing her answer, Luo Sha was furious. She then stomped her foot and looked at Shen Qianhui, saying, “Fine, even if your Yan family agrees, our Luo family wouldn’t agree and I don’t agree either!”

After saying that, she glared at Shen Qianhui fiercely and left with a group of palace servants.

Since there was a royal family in the palace, there must be servants.

However, the servants here were different from those in China.

Nowadays, servants in some families had contractual relationships and rights, and they could terminate the contract and leave at any time, just like going to work. Some even study management professionally to be butlers in some wealthy families.

On the other hand, Country A’s palace operated under a slave system.

Most of the servants in the palace were slaves, serving in the palace their entire lives. However, their conditions had improved significantly compared to the past, and they had official positions. Their lives were even more stable than those outside the palace, but their status was indeed very low.

After Luo Sha left, Yan Rushuang led Shen Qianhui and others to the palace where Jing Zhen lived.

She enthusiastically instructed the palace servants to help them unpack their belongings. Finally, she turned to Shen Ruojing and said politely, “Doctor, you have offended Luo Sha today, so please be more careful in the future. Our palace is quite different from China. If you make a mistake here, she can punish you at any time.”

Her attitude was kind, polite, and a bit ingratiating.

It was evident that she must know Shen Ruojing’s identity.

Shen Ruojing glanced at her and said indifferently, ‘Thank you for the reminder.

Yan Rushuang was tactful in her actions, escorting them in and then leaving after giving some instructions.

Shen Ruojing looked at the palace.

As expected of Jing Zhen’s residence, the decoration was extremely luxurious, and the magnificent furnishings made the place look very opulent. 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Shen Qianhui was helped by Shen Ruojing into the bedroom.

The palace was built in a modern architectural style, and the bedroom had a typical palace-style decoration, filled with a sense of wealth everywhere. Shen Qianhui smiled when she saw it. “Little Ye would definitely like it here!” Shen Ruojing also lowered her eyes, missing her son a little.

She helped Shen Qianhui sit on the bed and then took her pulse. Shen Qianhui also became a little nervous. ‘How is it?”

Shen Ruojing’s expression remained unchanged. “It’s nothing serious, you should rest more.’

Shen Qianhui’s eyes dimmed a bit. After lying down, she said to Shen Ruojing, ‘Jingjing, why don’t you reveal your identity to the public? By all accounts, apart from the Queen Dowager and your father, your status in this palace should be the highest. If you reveal it, they wouldn’t dare to bully you.’ Upon hearing this, Shen Ruojing replied, “It’s too troublesome.”

She kept the matter about Song Chen a secret from Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen, not wanting them to worry about her.

Shen Qianhui laughed. “1 knew it. But your father said that when the coronation ceremony comes, he will directly announce your identity. By then, you won’t be able to avoid it.”

Shen Ruojing nodded.

Shen Qianhui then asked, “Jingjing, don’t you find everything here very strange?

It was indeed strange.

It was clearly a modern society, and they lived in modern houses after arriving in Country A. But suddenly it seemed as if they had returned to ancient times, making people feel very uncomfortable. No wonder the four great families of China were reluctant to send their daughters to the royal family.

Thinking about Shen Qianhui, this naive girl, being sent here, if it weren’t for the protection of Shen Ruojing and Jing Zhen, she would probably be taken advantage of very quickly.

Just as she was about to say something, a woman in her sixties walked over.

She was dressed in a decent dark blue maid outfit. “Princess Shen, I am Nanny Rong, the king’s wet nurse and the butler of this palace. If you need anything, you can come to me. His Majesty the King has instructed me to take good care of you.

Shen Qianhui had heard about this person from Jing Zhen and knew that she was trustworthy.

Over the years, Jing Zhen had been in contact with her, and it was Nanny Rong who had been passing messages to Jing Zhen.

As she was considered a close elder to Jing Zhen, Shen Qianhui nodded gently

at her. But just as Nanny Rong was about to say something, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

The few of them turned their heads and saw four women dressed in dark blue suits walking in with big strides.

They all had fierce expressions on their faces and said maliciously, “Princess Shen, the Queen Dowager heard that you are unfamiliar with the rules of Country A, so she specially sent the four of us to teach you, so as not to disgrace the royal family on important occasions..”

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