I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 821: The splendor has long since faded, and the legendary ancient city of Heavenly Passage is here
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Chapter 821: The splendor has long since faded, and the legendary ancient city of Heavenly Passage is here

Could it be the path that all the races are searching for?

No mistake. The destruction of the Immortal Realm back then is due to our ancestors deducing that Dao path in this location.

This is a gateway and passage connected to the world and realm countless years ago

These foreign beings from the foreign land were mighty, with astonishing vitality. After the initial panic, they quickly recovered and looked at the vast scene unfolding in the distance, revealing expressions of surprise and excitement.

This reaction was inevitable because the Immortal Realm, now fragmented, no longer retained its former glory. The royal sects of the foreign land could easily lead armies to conquer cities all over the Immortal Realm.

Many star regions were occupied, and descendants of the Immortal Realm were enslaved or became food.

Countless years ago, after the great war in the Immortal Realm, it was divided into five parts: Western Immortal Realm, the Southern Immortal Realm, the Northern Immortal Realm and central Immortal Realm. They were scattered, isolated from each other, and survived separately.

The Western Immortal Realm, where they currently stood, had been breached by the powerhouses from the foreign land many years ago.

The king of the Western Immortal Realm was bathed in blood, his body wrapped in a war flag and brought back. With this, the Western Immortal Realm fell utterly.

Apart from the Western Immortal Realm, the Southern and Northern Immortal Realms were also in ruins, though not as thoroughly as the Western Immortal Realm. In recent years, endless battles had led to inevitable occupation.

The central Immortal Realm was distant from this location, and the various races and ethnic groups there had secluded themselves, attempting to catch their breath. However, facing the immense and overwhelming foreign forces, they would eventually be breached.

The Immortal Realm was no longer the world that could resist the foreign land as it did countless years ago. Vitality withered, the immortal path shattered, and even the immortal figures had gone into hiding.

Even those once invincible Immortal Kings now had weakened vitality, struggling against the Five Decays. Even those who had been cleaved by heavenly will, carrying chains on their bodies, would not be able to surpass the kings of the foreign land even if they fought to the death.

This was a grand trend, a significant decline. The Immortal Realm was fundamentally unable to resist, and kings and even more ancient beings were presiding over the foreign land.

They were connected not only with the Immortal Realm beyond but also with distant realms beyond it.

If it werent for rejecting the Immortal Realms rules, the invincible beings from the foreign land would have already arrived, slaughtering everything

And now, on this fragmented ancient immortal continent.

Apart from the foreign beings stunned by the awe-inspiring scene, other cultivators looked at it in disbelief.

Sacred radiance soared into the sky from that location as if a vast world was emerging, showering the entire sky with a rain of light and evolving heaven and earth.

Various terrifying phenomena successively appearedmajestic suns, blood-like full moons, and broken starry skies. A vast and ancient firmament manifested in that direction

The grand stone gate and towering majestic city walls outline a vague form, radiance piercing the heavens and earth.

The ancient atmosphere of the primordial times overwhelmed the sun, moon, and sky, radiating boundless light. It was dazzling, as if telling an ancient and majestic history.

Hurry and report whats happening here to the clans. The Dao path that the ancient ancestors were searching for, that door, has appeared

The foreign beings from the foreign land quickly transmitted the news, causing a great sensation. This news would shake the Western Immortal Realm and astonish the beings from the distant realm here, making them excited and ecstatic.

Some powerful cultivators were enveloped in light, appearing in the sky and flying towards this location. They wore attire distinctive to the foreign land, their faces differing significantly from the descendants of the Immortal Realm.

However, they did not exude immortal energy; instead, a vague light with a tinge of dark green enveloped them.

If its truly that Dao path, even the kings might be alarmed

Its said that behind that path lies the origin of the Immortal Realm. Even if the Immortal Realm was destroyed, as long as that world still exists, it can give birth once again to powerful beings. Many of the Immortal Realms strong cultivators emerged from there.

They whispered, their eyes gleaming with excitement, like radiant suns, fixed on the gradually emerging stone gate in the sky.

With its imposing presence, the vast and ancient stone gate emitted an overwhelming ancient aura.

Various terrifying restrictions surrounded it, initially hidden in an unseen void. But now, not only was it shining, but a blurry path was also becoming visible.

Faintly, the crowd heard the sound of iron horses and icy rivers emanating from there. It was as if a massive army with a murderous intent was rushing towards them, trampling over everything beneath iron hooves.

These were historical echoes and shadows that no longer existed.

At this moment, walls began solidifying on either side of the stone gate. They were marked with traces of various weapons, and bloodstains pervaded the air and seemed to belong to an era long gone. The walls were incredibly tall, resembling immortal mountains.

Even though they were illusions, not appearing in this world, they still exuded an aura of slaughter that could shatter the heavens.

This is the legendary Heavenly Ancient City. I didnt expect it to really appear

But it shouldnt be the right time for its appearance.

The anomalies there also alarmed many descendants of the Immortal Realm.

An old man with white hair and an immortal aura appeared on a mountain peak, trembling with disbelief in his voice. Although the foreign land had occupied the Western Immortal Realm, many powerful descendants of the Immortal Realm were still hidden in various places.

They attempted to find ancient records and scriptures in these locations, documenting the former glory or techniques.

The young men and women who were previously searching for ancient records in this fragmented continent were all descendants of the Immortal Realm with tribes backing them. They now resided deep within this continent.

These scattered tribes were pretty numerous. Although few possessed overwhelmingly powerful strength, there were elderly individuals among them who had a profound understanding of the history of the Immortal Realm.

After capturing this sector of the Immortal Realm, the king of the foreign land once employed great divine powers. This caused the bloodlines of many descendants of the Immortal Realm to be obstructed, making it difficult for them to sense immortal energy and break through to upper realms.

Should a powerful individual break this curse, they would eventually be discerned and targeted for annihilation by the immortal king.

The immortal king from the foreign land is a genuinely invincible presence, capable of sweeping away stars with a wave of his hand and eradicating all living beings with a single thought. Ordinary cultivators stand no chance before him, lacking even the qualification of being considered ants.


The western Immortal Realm was vast, encompassing the combination of numerous universes. The territory was extensive, and there were many life-bearing stars and continents among the various star regions.

However, at this moment, news of the unfolding phenomena in this primitive wilderness had thoroughly shocked these universes.

Mighty individuals from each universe are rushing over, tearing through the starry sky, traversing galaxies, or crossing the void in a single step, covering distances of billions of miles.

This is heinous

These foreign beings from the foreign landtheyre aiming to eradicate the very roots of the Immortal Realm.

On this continent, many descendants of the Immortal Realm display expressions of tragic suffering, their hearts filled with profound sorrow.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

At the edge of the sky, numerous figures were rushing over. Many foreign beings who received the news were appearing in the nearby cities.

Among them were even numerous young individuals with a vigorous demeanor and a high spirit. Judging solely by their appearance, its challenging to distinguish them from beings of the foreign land, as some of them are descendants who have surrendered to the foreign lands lineages.

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