I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 822: Stepping into the Immortal Domain, the aura of heaven and earth is unbearable
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Chapter 822: Stepping into the Immortal Domain, the aura of heaven and earth is unbearable

The Heavenly Passage Ancient City of Tongtian, the grand name of this ancient city, was old and weathered, marked with traces of various weapons, enduring the test of time.

The city walls alone seem to stretch into the heavens, standing immortal. Crafted from an unknown material, they bear the stains of blood and antiquity. Some parts had collapsed, revealing the remnants of a once fierce battle.

Today, this city has vanished from the immortal realm, manifesting itself in the void. The ancient and savage aura of warfare permeates the air like an invincible army approaching from a distant era.

This sight shocks everyone.

Whether survivors from the immortal realm or beings from distant lands, all converge on this location. Rainbows of gods appear in the sky, accompanied by prominent figures from different domains riding chariots or immortal mounts.

Among them are the weakest, having cultivated for millions of years, attaining the title of supremes.

Apart from them, many young individuals, predominantly from distant realms, were present. Only a tiny force comes from the western immortal realm, the original inhabitants who had now surrendered to the foreign lands, becoming subordinate to those powerful clans.

The former geniuses and heavenly maidens were now servants and maids of young people of foreign lands.

They carry an aura of immortality, not due to entering the immortal realm but because they grew up in it, nurtured by its spiritual energy, giving rise to their immortal essence.

If this is the legendary immortal gateway, it means that beyond this portal lies the world weve always longed for.

When the time comes, our clan will undoubtedly lead the army, seize the essence of this realm, and restore our homeland.

In the future war of the true worlds, our realm can only survive if

Many young individuals from distant lands express their excitement, some with remarkable talents, others with fair complexions.

Some bear wings on their backs, resembling ancient tribes, though similarities exist with human tribes in many aspects.

At this moment, they are all excited and tremble with anticipation, fixedly staring at the solidifying gateway in the void.

Like a flow that spans the ages, the grand and imposing stone gate exudes an aura that shakes the heavens and the earth with its vibrations.

At this moment, this immensely tall stone gate, materializing from the void, begins to move as if someone was about to step through.

News of the manifestation of the Tongtian ancient city had reached other immortal realms, not just in the western immortal realm. For the inhabitants of the immortal realms, the Tongtian ancient city was the last hope.

In ancient legends, the world connected by the immortal realm and the Dao road within the ancient city is the same. It is the ancestral land, the place of origin for all beings in the immortal realm.

Even the invincible king of the immortal realm was once born in that world, enduring countless hardships and cultivating for countless ages to achieve such greatness, commanding the various tribes of the immortal realm.

However, for some unknown reason, the connection between the immortal realm and that world was severed, making it impossible to contact again. Thus, like a rootless floating duckweed, the immortal realm lost its foundational origin.

Countless ages passed, and the grand structure was on the verge of collapse, unable to sustain its former glory. The five immortal realms sealed themselves off from each other, striving to survive in this chaotic era.

The emergence of the ancient city was like an indescribable heavy blow to the hearts of many immortal realm inhabitants. It reignites excitement in their hearts, bringing hope to the already desperate.

Hehe, its truly laughable. When the immortal realm and its origin world are separated, it is an unavoidable situation. This world underwent a catastrophe, and many immortal beings had to escape with their tribes.

Our ancestral founder has already deduced that if the origin world appears, the heavens and earth there are broken, and it is impossible for immortal beings to exist.

After the severance, the creatures from the origin world wanting to enter the immortal realm again and pursue upper realms are just wishful thinking. Theres no exact time, no exact location; they can forget about coming to the immortal realm.

Seeing the gathering cultivators, including many descendants of the immortal realm and elders from various distant lands, they sneer, not worrying about the possibility of terrible beings emerging from the original world.

Whoo! 𝔣𝔯𝔒𝔒𝔴𝔒𝖇𝖓𝔬𝖛𝔒𝔩.π–ˆπ”¬π–’

The sky dimmed, the sun disappeared, and a massive and terrifying figure descended in the distance. It resembled a golden-winged rock, each feather shining brightly as if cast from pure gold. This was undoubtedly a powerful cultivator from a distant land, surpassing the speed of light, appearing in an instant.

He landed and transformed into a middle-aged man radiating golden light, imposing without anger, surrounded by black mist. Even the appearance of a cultivator from a distant land intensified the excitement here.

In the current immortal realm, immortal beings hide, unsure where they were, fearing the purge from the kings of distant lands.

The strongest among the descendants of the immortal realm, with their cultivation not exceeding the sacred realm, had not even reached the supreme realm.

Before the cultivator from a distant land, they tremble with fear. Just a breath from him could annihilate them thousands of times over.

It is indeed that road

The middle-aged man from the distant land gazed fixedly at the appearing stone gate, surprised that the legendary city and gate had indeed materialized.

Soon, several Dao-building experts from the distant land descended, all accomplished cultivators shrouded in black mist, their faces blurred, resembling terrible demonic shadows.

They stood at the skys end, indifferently gazing at the ancient city. In their presence, all cultivators felt as insignificant as ants.

Even a casual release of breath from these accomplished cultivators could cause ordinary supremes to explode.

In the current Western immortal realm, the cultivators from the distant land held sway, able to suppress everything.

Im curious to see what this legendary ancient city really is.

Is it a change in the natural order, or is someone playing tricks?

One accomplished cultivator from the distant land was remarkably indifferent, golden light emanating from his eyes. With a disdainful smile, he took strides toward the solidifying stone gate reflecting the world below.

A terrifying aura surrounded him, and golden light surged over his body like flames, composed of symbols arranged in an orderly manner.


Behind him, a golden sun unfolded, even higher than him, enveloping him, and a cry of a golden crow echoed, shaking the heavens.

The entire sky trembled due to his aura, and the stars from beyond the sky fell.

The Dao-building expert ancestor of the Dark Blood Golden Crow clan

Many beings from the distant land knelt under this aura, devoutly worshiping. The younger generation revered him to the extreme, whispering about witnessing their invincible figure breaking open that stone gate.

In contrast, the inhabitants of the immortal realm were cautious, and many tribes on the mainland felt unbearable pressure. Many felt as though they would explode under such an aura.

This accomplished cultivator of the Dark Blood Golden Crow clan seemed unreserved, attempting to discern the authenticity of the stone gate.


However, the stone gate of the ancient city was slowly being pushed open, with cracks appearing earlier. Now, a vast light burst out from within, and the auras of two worlds boiled and collided. A beam of light even pierced through the entire starry region.

It truly is the aura of another world, and theres a path there

The other accomplished cultivators from the distant land were shaken, staring intently at the stone gate to witness what lay beyond.

They could sense the vast and ancient world on the other side, even more ancient than the immortal realm, stirring up excitement and triggering thoughts about the secrets of the origin of this world.

No, theres a figure there, someone is approaching

Could it be that he pushed open the gate, breaking through the severed connection.

But the next moment, as if noticing something, their expressions changed dramatically, unable to maintain the previous emotions.

Who are you?

At this moment, the voice of the ancestor of the Dark Blood Golden Crow clan, the accomplished cultivator, suddenly resounded with astonishment, trembles, and disbelief.

With a thunderous sound, thousands of divine lights erupted from there, each divine light a rule rune.

Among them were potent symbols and the Dark Blood Golden Crow clans bone script, interweaving with a divine might shaking the world.

This was the supreme power of an accomplished cultivator. He was desperately fighting, illuminating the universe, making many people unable to open their eyes and look directly at it.

However, followed by screams, a loud bang, blood mist exploded there, and all the radiance vanished as if swallowed by endless darkness.

This is not good

All accomplished cultivators from the foreign land had changed expressions, their bodies shivering with an eerie feeling.

The other foreign beings gathered here from different worlds, descendants of the immortal realm, also fell silent suddenly, watching the majestic scene behind the stone gate settle down, the radiance fading.

On top of the ancient city, the city walls still stood tall but were now stained with the blood of another accomplished cultivator, with nobody remaining.

The stone gate was open, and from it emerged a handsome and upright young man in a blue silk robe.

Five-colored celestial energy lingered around him, but it quickly disappeared, returning to simplicity, transcending the ordinary.

He walked calmly, followed by a large bird flapping its wings. His gaze was calm, resembling the vast depths of the sea and the boundless void.

However, the entire world was in violent turmoil, as if unable to withstand his aura, as if the heavens were about to collapse.

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