I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 578: Ascension of Feathered Ancient Heavenly Lord’s corpse, The situation is extremely favorable for him
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Chapter 578: Ascension of Feathered Ancient Heavenly Lord’s corpse, The situation is extremely favorable for him

A terrifying evil spirit rushed out, flooding all directions like a torrent. Everyone’s complexion changed drastically as they were startled and angry. Many people hadn’t reacted yet, since they didn’t expect Jiang Chen to do this. He had directly broken the mysterious jade seal regardless of the consequences.

Ji Chu Yue’s face was also pale. Jiang Chen’s actions today seemed extremely strange to her and he was no longer the confident and resolute Jiang Chen she was familiar with.

In particular, Jiang Chen even hid his identity as the inheritor of demonic arts. This made her body tremble slightly. Her heart was in great pain, feeling that she was being deceived and used by Jiang Chen.

“Damn it, this guy has a dark heart. He just wants to kill all of us here, so that he can devour our origin.”

“As the inheritor of demonic arts, how could he come to rescue the Ancestor of the Ji family with good intentions!”

It was then, a murderous aura erupted. While avoiding the purple waterfall, everyone stared at Jiang Chen closely, their eyes about to burst into flames, wishing to cut him into pieces. Many Enlightened beings were filled with hatred and anger. If it wasn’t difficult for them to get rid of the current problem, they might have killed Jiang Chen.

“You promised me that you will kill them when you escape!” Jiang Chen naturally disregarded everyone’s thoughts and expressions at this moment.

With a somewhat happy smile on his face, he spoke to the old man in the mysterious jade.


The mysterious jade that sealed the cave shattered in Jiang Chen’s hand, and fell off piece by piece, smashing into the cave. From within it, the old man with feathered clothing and a stellar crown seemed to have heard Jiang Chen’s words.

The body that seemed to be dying suddenly trembled. The tightly closed eyes were about to open, revealing endless evil spirits as if endless creatures had been buried by his hands.

This scene terrified everyone, their bodies seemed to be cracking and it was difficult to bear the terrifying aura revealed. Even if they were a Supreme Realm existence, they were trembling at this moment, feeling very uneasy.

The strength of this man when he was alive was absolutely terrifying to the point of indescribable.

“This old man has finally been released…” The old man in feathered clothes was whispering slowly as if he was sighing, but also seemed to be excited. But what everyone heard from his words was the endless evil spirits, overwhelming and suffocating.

“Jiang Chen, quickly take the opportunity to leave and escape from that cave.” The Immortal Boat Artifact Spirit in Jiang Chen’s mind urged, feeling that this man in feathered clothes was not a good person to get along with.

Especially the evil spirit that was revealed made it even more uneasy.

Jiang Chen nodded, and also understood that he had made a deal with a tiger. His figure flashed and turned into a stream of light before running straight to the hole in front of him to escape.

As for what would happen later, that had nothing to do with him. Although he also wanted to see with his own eyes how Gu Changge was killed by the man in the feathered clothes.

“No, that kid is going to run away…” Seeing Jiang Chen’s figure escaping into the cave, many people’s complexions changed drastically, and they were even more furious.

They watched Jiang Chen break the mysterious jade seal, release the old man who was sealed inside, and then run away. How could this not make them angry?

But now they didn’t have time to chase after Jiang Chen, because there was still a big matter before them. The man in feathered clothes who broke the seal from the mysterious jade was definitely not a kind person.

“Be careful with this person.” The Enlightened being from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain said in a deep voice.

He was looking at the man in feathered clothes with great fear, and was on guard against the other party’s sudden attack. The rest of the people also unleashed their divine weapons and waited in full force.

“Tsk tsk… I didn’t expect that the old man would actually have a day when I would be released. You are so lucky to see this scene, even if you die, you should be content.”

There was a sneer on the face of the old man in feathered clothes, who looked like an immortal. Because of this look, he looked a bit evil for some reason. He swept across all the people here, and he didn’t care about the many Enlightened beings.

In his opinion, the rest of the cultivators were no different from rotten shrimp and fish, and they didn’t even have the qualifications to make him serious.

Although he was only transformed by a trace of evil thoughts contained in the corpse, he inherited many divine powers from the original man in the feathered clothes. Even then, many Enlightened beings could be easily wiped out.

“I seem to know who he is, Feathered Ancient Heavenly Lord, a supreme existence in the ancient time of Immortals, who was defeated by the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation, and then disappeared…”

“I didn’t expect him to be trapped in Mount Kun. Now it seems that it should be the spiritual wisdom produced by the transformation of the corpse. We are definitely not his opponent,” At this time, an Enlightened being from the Ancient Ye Clan suddenly spoke.

His eyes were extremely dignified and shocked as he stared at the pattern on the sleeve of the old man in feathered clothes.

In the Ancient Immortal Period, the existence that could be called the Ancient Heavenly Lord had at least a cultivation base of the Immortal Realm. Even though today’s environment had changed drastically and it was difficult to unleash the power of the Immortal Realm, they were far from being invincible.

When everyone heard this, their hearts sank, and they were very cautious. After the death of an Ancient Heavenly Lord, the corpse transformed. Didn’t that mean that the corpse in front of him is at least at the level of the Immortal Realm?

Who could fight it?

Even after countless years, with his aura exhausted, in the current Upper Realm, there were probably not many people who could contend with him! No wonder Ji Sheng Chu, the Ancestor of the Ji family, suddenly sent a voice warning to tell everyone not to touch that piece of mysterious jade.

“The hateful inheritor of demonic art has released such a peerless murderer. If he is allowed to escape from Mount Kun, I am afraid that he will be the next Red Demon,” Someone uttered angrily with an extremely ugly expression, wishing to smash Jiang Chen to pieces.

But now Jiang Chen had escaped into the cave, and it would be difficult to catch up for a while.

“Then leave Jiang Chen to my subordinates, this person will trouble everyone.” Gu Changge suddenly said at this time, his face looked extremely serious as if he was also troubled by this matter.

“Things can only be like this now, I will hold this person and see if he can be wiped out here. As for Jiang Chen, Young Master Changge should chase after him.” Hearing this, the Enlightened beings of all races looked at each other, then nodded. 𝔣𝔯𝖊𝔢𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝖔𝔪

They were also very relieved about Gu Changge’s strength, if he meet Jiang Chen in it, then Jiang Chen will definitely not be able to escape. But that was the best scenario.

After all, Jiang Chen was a Divine Origin Master, and the terrain here was extremely beneficial to him. If Gu Changge was not careful, he might suffer a disadvantage.

The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, the Six Crown King, the Heavenly Demon Monarch, and others sighed in their hearts, knowing that with their strength, they couldn’t help much now. They could only let the powerhouses behind them protect them as they quietly walked towards the cave, trying to leave this place.

If there was a war, no one would be able to save them.

“Want to escape? Everyone has to stay here today.” The old man in feathered clothes seemed to have seen through everyone’s plans, sneered. He waved his sleeves, and leaned forward.

Terrifying evil spirits rushed to the sky, like a galaxy bursting its embankment, covering the sky, making the bones creak in suffocation.

The rest of the Enlightened beings did not dare to neglect at this moment and hastily unleashed their respective Enlightenment artifacts. Terrifying auras were intertwined, permeating the void here, like pieces of immortal weapons colliding, and the momentum was overwhelming.

The entire Mount Kun vibrated and the brilliance soared into the sky, directly piercing the sky before heading straight to the outside world. For a time, countless cultivators and creatures from the outside world witnessed such a scene in shock and were horrified.

And when the old man in feathered clothes fought against everyone. Gu Changge also moved his figure as he stepped directly into the cave and disappeared quickly.

Now there was an old man in feathered clothes covering it up for him, delaying time by the way. If the ancestor of the Ji family was trapped in the cave, it would save him a lot of time. As for where Jiang Chen escaped, he was not in a hurry.

Because Jiang Chen had the demon seed he planted, even if he fled to the ends of the earth, to the other side of the starry sky, Gu Changge could catch him. The underground cave was extremely vast, with no end in sight at a glance.

The majestic underground palace, revealing the vicissitudes of life, seems to be contaminated with endless dust. Stone chambers, stone halls, etc. were full of traces of time.

After Jiang Chen rushed into it, he went all the way to the depths according to the Good Fortune Immortal Boat Spirit’s guidance. There were a lot of restrictions present, the walls were covered with various ancient patterns, and there were many sacred stones inlaid, exuding brilliance.

If it wasn’t for the lack of time, Jiang Chen wanted to take all these things away.

“Do you think the people behind will catch up? Although Gu Changge is strong, he should not be the opponent of that old man.” While running to the depths, Jiang Chen talked with the Artifact Spirit of the Immortal Boat in his mind.

He knew that the old man’s strength was terrifying. But Gu Changge had too many means, and he didn’t know if the old man in feathered clothes could kill Gu Changge.

“I think it’s hard, but that old man in feather clothes should be able to delay Gu Changge for a while and buy you time to escape.” Good Fortune Immortal Boat Artifact Spirit didn’t think that the old man in feathered clothes could kill Gu Changge.

And compared to the old man in feathered clothes, Gu Changge seemed even more mysterious to it. Jiang Chen was silent, he sighed softly in his heart, and didn’t say anything more.

He felt that even after escaping from Mount Kun, he would be reduced to a street mouse and be the enemy of the whole Upper Realm. Gu Changge put the hat of the inheritor of demonic arts on his head.

When he obtained the inheritance, it didn’t feel like the cultivation of Dao, but he didn’t care so much. It was just that he had nothing to do with the so-called successor of demonic arts. But he would definitely be regarded as an inheritor of demonic arts today.

“For now, we can only take one step at a time, escape from this danger first, and then think of other ways.” Jiang Chen sighed in his heart, but his desire for revenge became more and more determined.

The underground palace was extremely vast and cold, and it was also extremely silent. Except for some rare treasures hanging on the four walls, which emitted a faint light. This place was more like an abyss buried at the end of the ground.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had the help of the Immortal Boat Artifact Spirit, so he avoided some dead ends, and then went deep without any danger.

His heart gradually calmed down, and he was no longer as panicked as when he came. After all, the strength of the old man in feathered clothes was extremely terrifying, and he should be able to delay Gu Changge and others for a long time.

It was even more likely for him to kill them all outside the cave!

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