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177 The Immortal Tree

“Mother, do you still want some of these six immortal seeds? Actually, I only need two or three immortal seeds. If I’m lucky, I might not even need one!”

Qing Fu looked as if she was planning something.

Qing Fu probably didn’t want to “‘redeem” her virtual body, but to use the immortal seed as bait to snatch all of her virtual body back!

After knowing Qing Fu for so long, Fang Jinyu had long realized that the little girl wasn’t obedient at all. After thinking for a while, he said, “Leave two, so that I can give one to Qianqian.”

Qing Fu waved her hand, and the two immortal seeds were sealed before falling into Fang Jinyu’s hands.


“Goodbye, Mother.”

This time, when Fang Jinyu saw the little girl’s figure turn illusory, he couldn’t help but say, “Qing Fu, be careful.”

“I know. Mother, you’re so long-winded.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

For some reason, Fang Jinyu suddenly felt like he was an old father looking at his daughter.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu quickly suppressed his strange thought and began to think about the possibility of something, “I wonder if it’ll work if I add something to the immortal seed?”

It was naturally related to the strange changes in the extraordinary book.

The extraordinary book forced Fang Jinyu to complete the mission, which naturally aroused his rebellion. Therefore, while completing the mission, he also wanted to disgust the other party.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t know who was behind the book. Even if he knew, he couldn’t fight back, so he could only give up.

As for Shi Wushuang, Fang Jinyu had watched her grow up, so it was fine for him to help her form a first-grade core.

Hence, no matter how Fang Jinyu thought about it, he could only let “Lin Xianer” be unlucky!

After all, one of them had to take the blame!

Fang Jinyu returned to his cultivation place and handed an immortal seed to Xin Qianqian.

No matter what, to Xin Qianqian, having the combat strength of a cultivator who had an immortal seed was more beneficial than harmful.

At least from now on, unless it was another Core Formation stage cultivator who had an immortal seed that attacked, ordinary Core Formation stage cultivators, even those who ranked 9 in the Core Formation stage, couldn’t do anything to Xin Qianqian, who was only an early-stage Core Formation cultivator!

The immortal seed was a kind of cage, but it was also the most unbreakable weapon.

Any Core Formation cultivator who obtained it could immediately improve his combat strength!

“The immortal seed…” The “gourd” in Xin Qianqian’s arms was instantly stunned by Fang Jinyu’s gift of an immortal seed. If it were in the Nine Desolations, she wouldn’t care much about immortal seeds. After all, as long as one broke through the Core Formation stage, even if they formed a grade 9 core, they could still get an immortal seed. However, they were now in the upper realm where immortal seeds were rare!

Once the immortal seed entered Xin Qianqian’s body, perhaps because it had almost been “devoured” by Fang Jinyu, it was especially easy to fuse. In just a moment, the embryonic form of the magic domain appeared on Xin Qianqian’s body.

It was an illusory figure of a beautiful woman.

Her face couldn’t be seen clearly, but one could feel that the figure had a pure lotus-like temperament. Around her, there were also lotus phantoms.

It surprised Fang Jinyu.

It was because the figure wasn’t Xin Qianqian.

Fortunately, An Ruyin explained, “This is the founder of the Cihang Sect, Fairy Qing! Back then, it was because I was the Grandmaster’s in-name disciple that I obtained the mysterious cultivation technique that was between the top-tier spell and the heavenly-merit immortal scripture! It was created by the Grandmaster and was called the tranquil lotus scripture.”

Xin Qianqian couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Grandmother, before you died, didn’t you leave behind the last words that you created yourself?”

An Ruyin said, “That’s your mother’s nonsense.”

An Ruyin had an impression of Xin Qianqian’s mother because she was the most mischievous goddaughter she had ever taken in. However, she was also the only one who had successfully fused the drop of blood essence she had left behind into her bloodline and allowed her descendants to inherit it.

Xin Qianqian was instantly stunned.

Fang Jinyu was also surprised. He didn’t expect it to happen.

Fang Jinyu thought, “No wonder the part I’ve seen before about cultivating in the Foundation Establishment stage was so shocking. It turns out that it was created by an Incarnation stage lord cultivator.”

The Incarnation stage was different from the Nascent Soul stage. One could break through the Nascent Soul stage with external help, but the Incarnation stage… One could only rely on himself!

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be only dozens of Incarnation stage cultivators in the Cave Lake Realm while there were more than ten thousand Nascent Soul stage cultivators. In addition, it was because the Incarnation stage cultivators had long lifespans and had accumulated over time, allowing them to have dozens of Incarnation stage cultivators!

Therefore, not all Incarnation stage lord cultivators had the chance of cultivation validation. However, there was no doubt that every Incarnation stage lord cultivator had unique traits!

After that, Fang Jinyu began to cultivate the dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique.

The dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique wouldn’t take a long time to cultivate. It only took one night to enter the cycle of reincarnation, but during that night, one would use up 100 years of their lifespan!

The secret technique could be said to be something that only Incarnation stage lord cultivators were qualified to cultivate.

However, Nascent Soul stage cultivators with longer lifespans were qualified to barely give it a try.

Although Fang Jinyu wasn’t a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, he could obtain gains from the system. In terms of longevity, he had the right to claim that he had more.

However, what surprised Fang Jinyu was that even so, it still took him five days to cultivate the “dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique” to the beginner level.

It was also on this night that Fang Jinyu fell asleep after a long time.

In the quiet hall, because the array formation had been activated long ago when a black light ran out from Fang Jinyu’s head, there was no sign of anything unusual. Naturally, no one noticed it.

In this dream, Fang Jinyu saw corpses on the ground the moment he opened his eyes.

It was a piece of land from an unknown place. It was barren and devoid of any signs of life. The blood-brown soil seemed to be soaked in blood, and a grayish-white stone was exposed. It seemed to be condensed from the aura of death. Just a glance at it filled one’s heart with fear. At this moment, the world was filled with wisps of blood-colored fog, and it inexplicably became more oppressive.

Since there was some light here, it wasn’t completely dark. However, it would be better if there was no light around because the light would only make people feel afraid.

Fortunately, Fang Jinyu realized that he had a body of flesh and blood, but it was relatively dry.

There was also bad news.

It was because the “Fang Jinyu” who had entered the cycle of reincarnation was an old dragon whose four claws had been locked and whose mobility was constrained, rather than a human.

The old dragon’s lifespan was already at its end. However, when Fang Jinyu entered the dream, he helped the old dragon regain its vitality.

“I have to do something…”

Fang Jinyu had such a thought, so he began to try to break free. Unfortunately, the chains that locked him down were still extremely strong, even though they were rusted.

It was because there were many strange symbols on it.

The symbols looked a little similar to immortal symbols, but they were different from the three immortal symbols, “Fang,” “Jin,” and “Yu.”

The symbols gave off a dull sense of destruction.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t give up. He continued to struggle. After all, he didn’t know what else he could do other than struggle. He could only sigh at how incredible the “dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique” was. It was impossible to tell whether it was real or fake.

After struggling for a while, Fang Jinyu finally heard a voice.

“It’s so noisy! You old dragon, can’t you be more peaceful!”

It was a woman’s voice. It was dry and hoarse. Then, from the blood-colored fog in front of them, a figure staggered over.

She was indeed a woman, but not entirely.

It was because half of it was flesh and blood, and the other half was completely white bones. Even the part without flesh and blood was missing some bones, so she couldn’t walk normally.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu saw the familiar iron chain on her still-intact foot.

The woman couldn’t help but take a few steps back when she knew she was being stared at by Fang Jinyu. Fang Jinyu didn’t know what she looked like, but the woman could “see” Fang Jinyu clearly. Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu was an old but extremely ferocious black dragon!

Besides the fact that its four claws were chained up, it proved that the old dragon wasn’t to be trifled with.

It was because, in this place, even an Incarnation stage lord cultivator might not be qualified to be locked up by four iron chains.

Fang Jinyu wanted to greet the woman, but the moment he opened his mouth, he said, “Roar!”

Fang Jinyu’s voice was also hoarse and dry, but it was loud and extremely earth-shattering. As he spoke, thunder rumbled, and the wind changed its direction.

An unprecedented level of pressure descended.

The woman was stunned for a moment, then said sarcastically, “Alright, the old dragon, stop fooling around. You can’t break free. Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving.”

At this time, Fang Jinyu had already adapted to the dragon body and knew how to speak human language, so he asked, “Why? Where is this place?”

The woman complained again, “Are you muddled from sleep?”

However, after complaining, the woman said, “This is the Wang family’s land of punishment. They want to use our essence, souls, magical power, and cultivation fruits to feed their Immortal Tree.”

“The Wang family?”

Fang Jinyu was naturally at a loss. He knew about the Wang family, but it wasn’t the Wang family that the woman was talking about, because there were too many Wang families in the world.

“It seems that you’ve muddled from sleep. Although you were born after dying and gained some lifespan, it’s useless. In the end, you still have to die. However, you should be the one who has lasted the longest in this place. If you count carefully, it has been almost ten thousand years…”

The woman muttered to herself before sitting on the ground and staring blankly at the sky.

Fang Jinyu asked, “What are you looking at?”

“I don’t know, because I can’t see it.” As she spoke, the woman pulled out her remaining eyeball, exposing the flesh that had been eaten by maggots for a long time.

Fang Jinyu didn’t believe her.

Although she couldn’t see things with her naked eyes, who among cultivators only used the naked eye to see things?

Thus, Fang Jinyu also looked toward the sky.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu saw a few people.

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