I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 268 - 178: Golden Core Pursuit s
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Chapter 268: Chapter 178: Golden Core Pursuit s

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The brand of the Immortal Pavilion is top-notch in Daqian.

Although it costs twice as much as other inns of the same level, Han Yi still rented a room here, and for a duration of two months.

After all, even Golden Core Stage cultivators wouldn’t dare to seek death in the Immortal Pavilion.

It’s expensive, but Han Yi accepts the reason behind it.

After closing the room door and activating the defensive formation of the inn’s quiet room, he also set up his own Seven-Star Mysterious Origin Formation. Only after covering the 30-square-foot room did he fully relax.

Thinking of something, Han Yi tried to cast the Yi Yao Secret Skill again, but this time, the heavenly secrets were vague and the cause and effect were not revealed.

“That’s right, this is Shu Du, just like Jia Shan City, with the luck of Daqian Country suppressing it. Here, the techniques for predicting heavenly secrets and deducing cause and effect don’t work.”

Han Yi’s eyebrows furrowed and then relaxed, having no choice but to give up. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, filling the quiet room with a muffled thunderous sound that lasted for a long time before fading.


He cleared his mind from the constant thoughts that emerged, took out some mid-grade Spirit Stones, and began to cultivate.

At first, his mind wasn’t calm, but after slowly adjusting it through mental suggestions, he gradually settled down. He attracted the Spirit Energy and refined it into his body’s mana following the operation of the Great Sun God Method.

Seven days later.

Han Yi opened his eyes, and beside the spot where he was sitting, there were already dozens of Spirit Stone waste pieces. A golden light burst from his eyes, illuminating the room, gradually fading, and the room returned to normal.

In these seven days, he had completely recovered, with his Spirit Sea full of mana and his Sea of Consciousness steady with Divine Soul.

“Fragrance Sect.”

Han Yi muttered the three words, his face full of solemnity.

He started to review the battle of seven days ago.

“From the cultivator who practiced dual cultivation with the spirit body, it can be inferred that they had chased after me once in Jia Shan City, but did not catch up.”

“That’s right, at that time, I carried Zheng Hai on my Immortal Boat, which was not at normal speed but full speed. Plus, I was fully focused on my divine sense. They could not catch up if their Immortal Boat wasn’t as advanced as mine.”

“In this case, it can also explain this point.”

“After that, they borrowed a more powerful Immortal Boat from a certain hall master of the Fragrance Sect. This time, they caught up with me after I left Shu Du.”

“So, there’s the biggest question.”

“How did they know my whereabouts?”

Thinking about this, Han Yi’s face showed a trace of confusion. He went from Mengshan City to Shu Du with a normal speed Immortal Boat and they didn’t chase him along the way, meaning that the Fragrance Sect didn’t know his whereabouts when he left Mengshan City.

But after he left Shu Du, the Fragrance Sect definitely knew his whereabouts in order to catch up. This revealed a significant problem.

Han Yi’s whereabouts were exposed to some people of the Fragrance Sect in Shu Du.

“The Profound Immortal Pill Shop, the twenty-seven branches of the Fu family, the official cultivators of Daqian, and Fei Xian Tower. These are the forces I’ve been in contact with since entering Shu Du. One of them must have a problem.”

“As one of the biggest evil cults in Daqian, the Fragrance Sect might have intelligence tentacles extending into these forces I’ve encountered.”

“No matter what, I should avoid contact with these people as much as possible.”

“Wait for a while, and after going out, I’ll leave Shu Du and travel at full speed.”

After making a plan, Han Yi began to review the battle once more.

This battle, to tell the truth, was not simple, especially the two special Foundation Building Middle Level cultivators.

The Black-Robed Evil Witch and the cultivator who practiced dual cultivation with the spirit body.

At the beginning, the Black-Robed Evil Witch used a strange witchcraft against the Divine Soul. If it were not for Han Yi, any other Foundation Building Middle Level, or even Foundation Building Late Stage cultivator would have been affected. Stupefied, they would have taken the Soul Breaking Pill and fainted from their Divine Soul being fragmented, allowing themselves to be easily captured.

Furthermore, Han Yi managed to block the bizarre fluctuations targeting his Divine Soul using the Ninefold Soul Tower, and he had to kill the black-robed evil witch three times before finally defeating him.

The little stone man and the little wooden man were all just forms of the Substitute Death Skill.

To create such a Substitute Death Skill, the materials required are extremely evil, involving living souls. Moreover, a single stone man might require killing thousands of ordinary people or dozens of same-level cultivators for its creation.

Of course, the black-robed evil witch’s witchcraft was not limited to the Substitute Death Skill. Had Han Yi not been decisive and used his Black Light Sword to slay the witch, who knows what other bizarre witchcraft might have come down upon him.

As for the goatee man, who possessed a dual cultivated spirit body, he was not simple either. Han Yi was slightly astonished by his blade technique of trapping the enemy, having encountered it for the first time.

If he were to fight with him normally, Han Yi even suspected that his Fire Mist Sword would be directly shattered by the goatee man’s thick saber.

Adding to the uncertainty of the situation, Han Yi feared that if the fight dragged on, other preachers or the mysterious hall master might appear, which is why he directly took out the Seven-Star Kunwu Sword to bomb and kill the goatee man.

Dying under the Seven-Star Kunwu Sword, he had no grievances, for it was already Han Yi’s strongest weapon.

As for the Yin Jiu youth that he had killed first, he was merely an ordinary Foundation Building middle-level cultivator, no different than killing the Li family’s second elder. To Han Yi, it took minimal effort to kill him.

In short, this battle, because of the black-robed evil witch and the dual cultivated spirit body cultivator, was not easy for Han Yi, making it intense and thrilling.

“And that evil witch actually didn’t have a soul.”

Han Yi thought of another issue. At the time of the battle, he hadn’t had time to think things through entirely. But upon recalling at this moment, he spotted this strange issue.

“Could it be another Substitute Death Skill?”

“But that corpse indeed was terrifying, even 1 feel shocked.”

“Evil witch of the Southern Border.”

Han Yi was very wary of these four words.

In the Scripture Collection Pavilion of Xuandan Sect, there were Qi refining disciples or Foundation Building elders who had accidentally stepped into the Southern Border.

The Southern Border, located outside the southwestern border of Daqian, was in the form of a long and narrow mountain range. Although the area was not large, less than one-tenth the size of Daqian, it was complicated. Inside were ancient trees towering into the sky, ancient evils roaming around, and even evil witch tribes who worshiped some evil immortals or evil gods. The cultivators entering the Southern Border faced life and death situations.

According to legend, the Southern Border also hid some ancient secrets.

However, within the Southern Border, there were numerous spiritual plants and spiritual objects, making it a mysterious area with an ancient heritage that had not yet been explored.

“Lastly, there’s the cultivator who chased me down the same path.”

“That person is highly likely to be a Gold Core cultivator and the original owner of that Treasure Immortal Boat.”

Han Yi recalled the sliver of blood light in his previous Yi Yao Skill. If his guess was correct, that blood light should have landed on the person chasing him.

Of course, the other party was also decisive, abandoning the immortal boat.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to destroy the immortal boat, but that it was a treasure, and his magic power was almost depleted, so he couldn’t destroy it even if he wanted to.

He had no choice but to abandon it, which would at least lead the pursuer away.

“Enough, thinking too much is useless.”

Han Yi shook his head and put aside the matter of the black-robed evil witch not having a soul.


He analyzed his own strength during that battle.

“Not enough, still not enough. The Sword Control Skill needs to go to the next level.”

Han Yi looked at the Sword Control Skill in the Proficiency Panel.

[Sword Control Skill (Peak Mastery 95/100)]..

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