I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 1718 - 1718: You Might Even Lose Your Underwear
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Chapter 1718: You Might Even Lose Your Underwear

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation | Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wang Jia was stunned.

She had the same thought as Gu Yiran. This had nothing to do with the interrogation, right?

“Cough, cough, cough…” Gu Yiran coughed, “You are going off-topic.”

“Uh…” Lin Yi straightened his expression. “Let’s continue with our earlier conversation. What do you do in Yanjing?”



This surprised Lin Yi and Gu Yiran.

This was not a common job. At the very least, they did not know anyone in their circle doing such a thing.

“I wasn’t good at academics, so I ended up in a vocational college. After graduating, I couldn’t find a job, so I became an extra.”

“You haven’t studied this field at all, isn’t that a bit of a stretch?”

“In today’s entertainment industry, you don’t really need acting skills. Just widen your eyes, find a stand-in, then touch up the images a bit, and that’s it. As long as you look good and have a decent figure, that’s enough.”

The two of them remained silent. What she said made sense.

Lin Yi sized up Wang Jia for a while.

Among ordinary people, her looks and figure were definitely above-average.

However, she was still a little lacking if compared to the entertainment industry. The role of second female lead would be her ceiling.

After all, she did not have the heaven-defying looks and figure of Ji Qingyan and Liang Ruoxu.

“When you were an extra, how was your income?”

Wang Jia shook her head. “I was a little naive before. After I went to the set, I realized that there were many good-looking girls. My advantage was gone in an instant, so I didn’t earn much money. In a good period, I could earn three to four hundred yuan a day. In a bad period, I didn’t earn any money, so…”

“So you couldn’t survive in Yanjing and came to Zhonghai through your cousin?” Lin Yi asked.

“That’s right. Although the salary wasn’t high, I had food and accommodation, which covered a lot of my expenses. It’s much better than when I was in Yanjing.”

“How much have you been in contact with Du Juan in the past three months?”

“Not much. If there’s anything, we’d contact each other on WeChat. Sometimes, we’d come out to shop and eat together. Otherwise, there was no other contact.”

The two of them were silent for a few seconds. There was nothing eye-catching about Wang Jia’s testimony. There was nothing that could be used as evidence.

“Then do you know about the relationship between your cousin and Song Deyuan?”

“Maybe a little,” Wang Jia said.

“Because her salary wasn’t much higher than mine, but she always wore nice clothes and used good things, so she must have had some extra source of income.”

“So, you knew about her affair with Song Deyuan, right?”

“I knew.”

“Do you know how far their relationship went?” ๐˜ง๐‘Ÿ๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“Œ๐‘’๐˜ฃ๐˜ฏโ„ด๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐“ต.๐’ธโ„ด๐‘š

Wang Jia slightly frowned, “Just the usual stuff between a man and a woman, what else could there be?”

“Where were you from eight to eleven o’clock last night?”

“I was at the office in a meeting with colleagues, which my coworkers can verify.”

“It’s already so late, and you were still in a meeting?” Lin Yi looked at Wang Jia and said.

“Besides, Song Deyuan was already dead. Why were you still having a meeting?”

“The boss has died, but there’s still the boss’s son. He’s definitely going to take over in the future. Plus, the company has landed a big project that certainly can’t fall through, so of course, we have to keep working,” Wang Jia said.

“Moreover, on that day, Mr. Song even called us, saying that the company’s operations should continue as normal, and that he would return to the office in a few days, so we dare not slack off.”

“Alright, we’ll stop here for today.”

“Officer, you must find the murderer quickly. My aunt has already been hospitalized, and if the murderer isn’t found, she’s done for.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll do our best.”

After comforting her, Gu Yiran sent Wang Jia out and called the next person in.

Because both of them were in good condition, they interrogated the rest of the people until noon.

“Did you find anything?”

Li Xianghui, who was eating, asked.

“Nothing.” Gu Yiran said weakly, “It’s all useless.”

“We’ve already located Zhang Hao’s whereabouts. The receptionist was right. He has indeed left the country. We’ve traced his movements both in the airport in Zhonghai and the airport in Aomen. He couldn’t have been in Zhonghai on the night of Du Juan’s accident. We’re sure of that.”

Li Xianghui said,

“But I still plan to bring Zhang Hao back. Which one of you has the time to make a trip to Aomen to arrest him?”

“Two young comrades, I’ll give you guys this great opportunity for a funded trip,” Zhang Hui said with a smile.

“My daughter has caught a cold recently, and I’m not planning to go. You two should go, it’s a good chance to build some rapport.”

“What rapport do I have to build with her? Don’t insult my taste,” Lin Yi said.

“You were playing the victim first!”

“The main issue is that neither your hardware nor your software is up to par. Prove me wrong.”

“I admit I have abad temper, but no matter what, I’m not ugly, am I? How is my hardware not up to par!”

Zhang Hui and Gao Mingjun glanced at Gu Yiran and probed,

“The hardware Lin Yi mentioned might not be your face…”

“Brother Gao understands me.”

Gu Yiran,

“Alright, alright. Don’t discuss such useless things during working hours.” Li Xianghui said,

“The two of you have the afternoon off. Go back and prepare your things. We’ll set off for Aomen tomorrow.”

“Got it.”

After packing up briefly, the two of them left the police station.

Although they were here to arrest someone, they could still take some time to walk around.

However, how much time he could squeeze out would depend on their own ability.

That night, when he told Ji Qingyan that he was going to Aomen to make an arrest, the latter was overjoyed.

It felt like he was acting in a movie. It was quite exciting.

“Can you come back in a week? I’ll help you pack up.”

“It won’t take a week. I’ll probably be back in a day or two.”

The other party wasn’t a vicious criminal. In Lin Yi’s opinion, he wasn’t much of a threat.

Moreover, his whereabouts had already been traced. It would not be difficult to capture him.

“Pack a backpack, that should be enough.”

“Just throw in whatever.”


The next morning, Lin Yi and Gu Yiran arrived at the airport.

Lin Yi was quite curious about Gu Yiran’s makeup, which was obviously done up nicely.

She wore light gray sweatpants on the bottom and black sneakers on her feet.

Her upper body was covered with a white baseball shirt, complete with a hooded cap and sunglasses, making her makeup especially striking.

“We’re not going on a trip. Why are you dressed like this?”

“It’s my choice. You can’t control me.” Gu Yiran raised his head and said.

“You’re not going to gamble, are you?”

“If I do, I’ll be fired the next day.”

“That’s true. With your skills, if you really try to gamble, it won’t be as simple as being fired. You might even lose your underwear.”

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