I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1299 - 1299 I Want to Kill Someone
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1299 I Want to Kill Someone

It was not until an hour later that Chu Hongcai’s wounds finally stopped bleeding. The vitality in his body finally surpassed his death aura and gradually suppressed his injuries.

Chu Yunfan finally heaved a sigh of relief. With his strength, he naturally far surpassed Chu Hongcai. However, Chu Hongcai’s life was hanging by a thread. If he had been sent back a little later, Chu Hongcai would have died. When that happened, Chu Yunfan would not have been able to make a move.

During the treatment process, Chu Yunfan didn’t dare to treat his wounds as roughly as he did when he was healing himself. This was because his Imperial Physique was strong enough to withstand the treatment. Chu Hongcai couldn’t accept such a treatment method.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he finally managed to keep Chu Hongcai alive. As for the rest, he just needed to wait for Chu Hongcai to recover with his powerful recovery ability.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan had finally saved Chu Hongcai’s life, the upper echelons of the Chu clan finally heaved a sigh of relief. After all, it had been too inauspicious these years. It could be said that every heir had been killed. This position that everyone envied had actually become a death trap. Their clan would become a big joke in the eyes of others.


Chu Yunfan withdrew his power and asked someone to carefully carry Chu Hongcai away to rest. Then, he asked, “Who attacked Hongcai?”

He had been consolidating his power these few days, so he didn’t know much about the outside world. He only knew that something big had happened to the Chu clan.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan didn’t know, Chu Yaowei smiled bitterly and told Chu Yunfan the whole story.

“So it’s the Great Formless Sect. D*mn them!” Chu Yunfan sneered. “Since they no longer want to follow the rules, then they can’t blame me for not following the rules either.”

“Young Master Fan, are you planning to take revenge? But our clan is far inferior to the Great Formless Sect. It’d be impossible to kill their experts that come from all over the world,” an elder said with a bitter smile.

“Is there a need? Those were just the mud soldiers and clay generals of the Great Formless Sect. So what if they are all killed? Would it really make Mi Siyuan feel heartache?” Chu Yunfan sneered. “Didn’t he want to force me to come out and fight? I’ll fight him. But before that, I’ll let him understand what it means to be heartbroken!”

“I want to kill someone!”

At the same time, in Tiannan City, an important town in the south of Great Wei, a banquet was being held. In the city, and even the entire southern Great Wei, many prominent figures had gathered here.

In the southern part of Great Wei, although Conglong was the place where the Great Ancestor had started his career and could be considered to have an important status, in fact, the true economic center was Tiannan.

Tiannan had a resident population of more than ten million, which was enough to compete with the imperial capital in the north. All the wealthy merchants and nobles in the south of Great Wei had gathered together today.

This was because the host of this banquet was so influential that no one dared to refuse.

It was the Great Formless Sect’s chief disciple who was currently in the limelight, one of the top ten experts of Great Wei’s younger generation, Soul Hunter!

No matter who it was, they did not dare to reject this banquet. Although they were all bigshots in the southern part of Great Wei, they were simply insignificant compared to a colossus like the Great Formless Sect.

In fact, in the entire Great Wei, those who could be compared to the Great Formless Sect were rare.

“President Li, you’re here too!”

“How can I not? Previously, our clan cooperated with the Chu clan. And now, we were badly beaten up by the Great Formless Sect. Over a hundred people died. Fortunately, our losses were not many.”

Lord Jue sounded extremely depressed. Many of his men had been killed, but now, they were here to apologize. He was extremely depressed.

“Sigh, who isn’t? The Great Formless Sect doesn’t move easily, but once it does, it’s like the sky collapsing and the earth splitting. How many years has it been since we’ve seen such a scene?”

“It’s a fight between immortals now. Us mortals are in trouble. We can’t afford to offend the Great Formless Sect, but can we afford to offend Chu Yunfan either?”

“You are right. The Great Formless Sect is peerless and invincible in the south of Great Wei. However, how old is Chu Yunfan? Only in his twenties. His future prospects were simply limitless. Wasn’t it said that he had the possibility of becoming the number one in the world? How can we afford to offend that kind of person?”

In the hall, many guests whispered to each other, but they did not dare to speak too loudly. On the contrary, they even used secret martial arts techniques like telepathy to converse. This was because they were all disciples of the Chu clan or people from factions related to the Chu clan.

According to the completely unreasonable style that the Great Formless Sect had displayed, if they caught something, it would be over.

Other than that, many people from the factions related to the Great Formless Sect were much more unrestrained. During this period of time, they were the most awe-inspiring.

The Great Formless Sect attacked everywhere, forcing the Chu clan and the forces related to the Chu clan to retreat step by step. They also received quite a lot of benefits.

As for the revenge of the Chu clan, they did not even need to think about it because the Great Formless Sect’s sect master, Mi Siyuan, was a truly legendary figure.

He was stationed in the south of Great Wei and had experienced countless storms. Step by step, he had developed the Great Formless Sect to its current level. He could be said to be a legend and one of the five great experts of the empire.

Although he was the most inexperienced among the five great experts, he was still considered a veteran compared to Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was just a junior. Who knew how many years they would have to wait for him to rise up? At that time, the Great Formless Sect would have another Core guarding it. What was there to be afraid of?

And among the many Great Formless Sect disciples, the initiator of today’s banquet was one of the empire’s top ten young experts, Soul Hunter.

After a short while, the crowd heard footsteps. A young man in white robes walked into the hall, surrounded by a group of people with extraordinary auras.

Many people were secretly shocked. They knew those people who were surrounding that young man. They were all famous big shots in the south of Great Wei. But now, they were willingly surrounding that young man.

The young man’s identity was obvious. He was none other than the Great Formless Sect’s chief disciple, Soul Hunter.

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