I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 349 - 349 Squirrel and Wolf (3)
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349 Squirrel and Wolf (3)

Although its speed was slightly slower, it was still a level four mutant, so it was not left behind.

“What’s going on?”

Wang Bo, who was pulled by Wei Zhou, looked at Wei Jianbin in fear, his face filled with confusion.

Wei Jianbin looked at the Black Wind Wolf that was still emitting black smoke and whispered,

“The skill of the Black Wind Wolf.”


“It can sniff out the number of malicious enemies in the range.

“Every time there’s an enemy, a wisp of black smoke will emit from its body.

Hearing Wei Jianbin’s words, Wu San’er counted the black smoke on the Black Wind Wolf’s body.

“1, 2, 3…”


“There must be twenty to thirty of them?!”

As soon as Wu San’er finished speaking, the four of them had just run to the edge of the square when they saw a few mutants with auras of level four and level five appear on the way here.

“Everyone, why are you so anxious? Where are you going?”

“Could it be that you want to breach the contract?”

“You have to know that the penalty for breach of contract is very expensive ~”

Behind Wei Zhou and the others, the man who had already crawled into the ruins previously walked out again.

However, at this moment, five more silent men appeared beside him.

Moreover, unlike those blocking the way,

The auras of these five men were all above level five.

As for Liu Jie, he was already tied up by a man with a rope.

However, his beast was nowhere to be seen.

Wei Zhou looked at the man and directly summoned the Big-legged Rhinoceros.

Wu San’er and Wang Bo also took out their Beast Taming Cards and summoned their beasts to their sides.

Pa, pa, pa ~

Seeing Wei Zhou and the others’ actions, the man clapped and even had a smile on his face.

“Not bad ~”

“I was originally thinking about how to get you to summon your beasts!”

“Looks like everyone is quite cooperative ~”

Hearing the man’s words, Wei Zhou knew without thinking that he was here for his beasts.

However, it was impossible for them to take back their beasts now.

After all, after taking it back, the difference in numbers between the two sides was a little too huge.

“What do you want?”

The man shrugged.

Looking at the beasts beside Wei Zhou and the others, their eyes flickered with greed.

“Of course I want to borrow your beasts ~”

“We don’t have to fight and kill.”

“If the few of you cooperate, our reward can still be counted. How about that?”

Hearing the man’s words, before Wei Zhou and the others could speak, Liu Jie, who was tied up by the rope, suddenly struggled and shouted,

“Commander Wei, don’t listen to him!”

“These people are using mutated beasts for experiments!”

“There’s no precious metal in that building at all! It’s all locked-up mutated beasts!”



Before he could finish, the dagger in the man’s hand stabbed into his throat.

The vitality in his eyes was continuously draining. At the last moment, he looked at a certain place in the ruins.

There, a gaze filled with sorrow was staring fixedly at him.

“There are footprints here! Let’s go in and take a look!” fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

Hearing the sound coming from outside, his squirrel beast wiped its eyes with its claws and began to dig crazily into the ground.

In front of the squirrel beast’s sharp claws, the reinforced concrete was easily dug open like tofu.

When the people outside found this place, they only saw the thigh-thick hole on the ground.

“They dug a hole and left?!”

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