I Received System to Become Dragonborn

Chapter 349 Magic Training (1)
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The two men in front of Erend - Erend decided to call them Guy B and Guy C while the guy he had hit earlier was Guy A - decided to act as soon as possible after Erend knocked their friend back.

It was a strange action considering they should have run away when they saw how powerful Erend was. Instead, they took out their pistols and emptied the bullets at Erend.





A series of shots hit all parts of Erend's body. Yet he remained standing without showing any sign of being hurt.

Bullets fell on the ground with a clatter indicating that none of the bullets had penetrated his body.

Guy A who was thrown earlier stood up and immediately fired his gun at Erend. But the result is the same as his two friends. The bullet only hit Erend's body and fell to the ground.

They kept shooting until a few seconds later their bullets ran out. The 'click' sound repeatedly sounded so loud after the gunshots disappeared.

"Hhhh..." Erend sighed. "I don't know who you are. I could just let you go if you choose to leave. But I guess that won't happen, huh."

Erend shot forward and grabbed both of their faces simultaneously. Then slam them both to the ground. After that, he released the two of them and lunged at guy A who was staring at him.

Erend's speed was extraordinary and in the blink of an eye, he was already in front of guy A and strangled his neck. He realized that what made them do this was because of the madness caused by the awakening of the Magic within them.

So, Erend knew that he couldn't just kill them and he had to ask Aurdis and Saeldir for help. So they can get rid of the influence of Magic that makes them go mad like this.

Erend strangled the guy A long enough for the man's hand to fall limp beside his body. His eyes also began to close a sign that he had lost consciousness.

Erend dropped the man on the ground. He looked back and saw two other men who were also lying unconscious on their stomachs.

A long sigh left Erend's mouth. He looked around, scanning the vicinity to see if perhaps someone had seen what had just happened.

Even though it was highly unlikely because this location was in such a remote place, Erend felt that he still had to confirm it. So he activated his [Dragon's Eyes] to see if anyone was hiding. But it turns out there's nobody around.

After making sure that no one was around, Erend brought the three men into the dojo.

As expected, this made Aurdis and Saeldir widen their eyes in shock.

"Who did you bring?!" Aurdis asked in a muffled screaming voice.

While Saeldir just stared with a calm face. He felt there was no need to ask because the question had already been represented by Aurdis. Saeldir had also guessed what was going on after hearing a loud noise from outside.

Those loud sounds would not wake Billy, Adrien, and Arty who were in a very deep meditation stage. They will not wake up unless they are subjected to strong external pressure.

"They seem to be infected with madness because of this Magic awakening," said Erend.

Aurdis and Saeldir did sense the existence of bad Magic within the three men's bodies. But Aurdis was too surprised because they attacked in the middle of the day where there might be people who would find out about their actions. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

"No one saw you, right?" Aurdis asked in a worried tone.

"Don't worry. No one saw me," Erend answered while placing the three men on the floor. "You guys can cure them, right?"

Aurdis nodded and then walked closer to the three men. Saeldir knew that he didn't need to act just to dispel the Magic abilities that had just awakened from the three of them.


Several hours passed in the dojo. Now the sun has set and a brilliant full moon replaces its duty.

Inside the dojo, the three men were still unconscious even after Aurdis finished dispelling their Magic abilities. Because they were still new to the side effects of Magic and Aurdis had just removed the ability, their souls were still in shock.

Aurdis said that they would need until sunrise tomorrow to come to be awake. After that, they won't remember what happens and it will just feel like a blurry nightmare.

Billy, Adrien, and Arty had opened their eyes almost simultaneously. Once they came to their senses, they feel that there was something different inside them.

The three of them looked all over their bodies individually. They felt a new power coursing through their bodies. Making their bodies seem to be reassembled with that new power.

"Am I already able to use Magic like you guys?" Billy asked with sparkling eyes. Seemed impatient to do the amazing things he saw Aurdis and Saeldir do.

"No," Saeldir answered firmly without hesitation. As if it is a certain thing and it is very clear.

"Oh." Billy looks disappointed. "Right. I've only been studying it for a day and already imagining things."

Aurdis chuckled seeing the sad look on Billy's face. She said. "Don't be so sad. You'll be able to do those amazing things after a while."

Billy just nodded. The smile returned to his face.

"Now, we can go home and end today's training," Saeldir said. "Tomorrow. We're going to do something even harder than today."

Hearing Saeldir's words Billy, Adrien, and Arty widened their eyes almost simultaneously.

"H-Harder? What do you mean?" Arty asked.

But Saeldir let out a mysterious grin. It made chills spread throughout Arty's body who was looking directly at him.

They turned to Aurdis. But she - who was usually gentle and always saying something reassuring to them - was now silent. She looked at them with an undecipherable expression.

That only added to their anxiety. What exactly will happen tomorrow?


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