I Received System to Become Dragonborn

Chapter 351 Splitting The Wave
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After Erend came out of the portal, what greeted him was a shocking scene.

"What the hell is going on?"

Erend's eyes widened seeing a huge tsunami in front of his eyes. The waves stood twenty meters high and seemed to fill the horizon.


Erend called Tut in a hurried voice. Fortunately, Tut's reply came shortly after.

[ "You have to stop that tsunami before it reaches land and sweeps away the villages below." ]

[ Urgent Quest: Stop a gigantic tsunami threatening the human villages on the coast. ]

[ Rewards: 500 Exp. ]

When he finished hearing the answer from Tut, Erend's eyes went down the hill where several villages were located. From here Erend could also see the panicked villagers fleeing in despair.

"How can I stop a tsunami wave that big?!" Erend shouted desperately. Now he feels the same panic.

What he saw was the biggest wave he had ever seen in his life. Erend swallowed hard as if his saliva had frozen.

["You already have water elemental power, right?" ]

When he heard it, Erend blinked rapidly. He had just recovered from his mind-clouding panic. Until he did not realize that he now has the power of water.

"Can I use it to stop waves that big?" However, Erend is still unsure. Seeing the size of the wave made Erend doubt his Dragon's power which had always made him confident.

[ "Of course that's enough. You are a Dragonborn and your MP amount is also a lot now. You can do it. And do it fast!" ]

Upon hearing Tut's tone that sounded very rushed, Erend swallowed his saliva, again. He shook off his fear when he saw the villagers running in fear and galloping forward.

[ Skill activated: Dragon Wings (Lv.1) ]

A pair of Dragon wings appeared from behind Erend's back. He jumped and flapped his wings. Erend shot at an incredible speed toward the twenty meter high tsunami waves.

Erend gritted his teeth and grimaced with anxiety. Now he looks like an insect approaching the jaws of a predator instead of running away from it.

But then Erend remembered about the power he had. The anxiety and fear stemmed from his perception of the size of the tsunami waves. Even though he already has enough power to fight monsters before.

Now all he has to fight is water which is not a living thing. Of course, he shouldn't be afraid of it because there's no good reason to be afraid of water which is technically unable to offer resistance.

As he moved closer, Erend activated his Skill.

[ Skill activated: All Water-based power (Lv.1) ]

Erend stopped mid-air then stretched his arms out in front. He used all of his wills to stop all the tsunami waves that stretched to fill the horizon.

Erend immediately felt tremendous pressure hit him from the front.


He let out a groan which was full of struggles. However, when he gathered his senses again and managed to calm himself down, it turned out that the pressure he was feeling was not as great as he had imagined.

The gigantic tsunami had indeed given him significant pressure. However, Erend felt that he was getting into even greater trouble against Steve at that time.

So he now feels much better. Erend could concentrate more on dispelling these waves after the feeling of anxiety was gone.

The tsunami waves stopped completely like hitting an immovable wall. All the villagers who had been running and overcome with despair now stopped when they looked back.

"W-What is that?" one of the villagers pointed up. Those around him immediately turned their heads in the direction he was pointing.

In the end, some of the villagers who had been busy running away stopped and turned their heads. They saw a mysterious figure floating in front of the enormous waves.

"Is that... a human?"

"No. It can't be a human. Have you ever seen a human have wings and can fly like that?"

"That's not the important thing right now! Can't you guys see he stopped that wave?! That's the most important thing right now!"

The debate between the three residents represented the noise of other conversations around them. The villagers were grateful in their hearts for not being swept away by the giant waves.

Meanwhile, Erend continued to struggle to push the wave. Until finally the tsunami waves were really pushed back.

Erend then flapped his wings and flew forward. He willed the waves to return to the sea.

Then, the waves that looked like giant walls began to break apart because they lost their power. Erend pushed the wave back until he finally arrived at a place far from the coast.

After that, Erend controlled the waves so that they split in all directions. The water that was originally ferocious and made up a twenty-meter-high tsunami now split into small splashes that resemble rainwater.

The water splits around and creates rain. The spectacle when the tsunami waves suddenly split into the rain was so amazing that it made the villagers become astonished.

The waves that originally almost killed them now turned into a small rain on a sunny day. The water bathed them with joy because they had escaped death.

[ Urgent Quest Completed! ]

[Rewards: 500 Exp. ]

Erend exhaled as soon as he saw the notification. He turned to the villagers who seemed to be cheering happily because he had saved them. A smile appeared on Erend's lips.

But then he realized that something was wrong. Erend turned towards the ocean.

"Tut, what causes waves this big?"

[ "There is a conflict in the underwater world, Erend." ]

"Underwater world?" Erend frowned. He was hearing this for the first time, but that didn't mean he wasn't oblivious to the fact that there were creatures under this ocean. After all, he had fought them before.

What he didn't understand was what kind of conflict was under there to cause such a big disaster on the surface.

"Tut, is there any way I can investigate about this?" Erend asked while looking at the seawater that was still roaring below him.

["Not now. For now, I got information from Systema that the situation down there is still very tense. Your sudden arrival will only trigger new problems." ]

"Ah, you're right." Erend nodded.

Erend looked towards the shore where he heard the screams and cheers of the people he had saved. That sight brought a smile to Erend's lips.

"Alright, then. It's time to go back now, right?"

["Yes." ]

As soon as Tut said that, a portal opened in front of Erend who was floating in the air. So Erend immediately got into it and disappeared from that place.

The sight of their savior suddenly disappearing before they could meet them made the people below amazed.

"He just...gone."

"He? You sure that's a man?"

"I can recognize the shape of his body. He is a male and has a human body."

It was a conversation between a young man and a much older man. Of course, younger men could see Erend's form better.

"But who exactly is he?" a question came out of a woman nearby who was still looking up at the sky.

"I don't know. He looks like a big man. But there are a pair of strange wings growing on his back," said the young man.

"Wings?!" the older man turned and asked with wide-open eyes.

The younger man nodded confidently. "Yes. He has wings!"

The villagers that Erend had saved then started talking about what they had seen. A mysterious savior who doesn't even expect gratitude from them and only disappears after his job is done.

For them, the figure of Erend is like a savior god. And will be enshrined in their memory for a long time, maybe even forever.


When he reappeared from the portal after a few minutes in another world, Erend got surprised looks from Aurdis and Saeldir.

Of course, Erend had expected this kind of reaction when they saw him drenched in liquid. Especially when there is still a pair of Dragon wings behind his back.

Erend immediately deactivated his Skill and the two Dragon wings disappeared. But his drenched appearance remained.

"Where are you from?" Saeldir asked with a wrinkled forehead in surprise.

"Uhh..." Erend scratched his head. "Can you guys dry my clothes first?"

Saeldir immediately did that without saying anything. In an instant, the water on Erend's clothes disappeared of his Magic.

"Ah, now I can answer your questions."

So Erend started his story.

It was a quite simple story actually. Erend only needs to tell about how he often goes to other worlds to solve many problems there.

When Aurdis and Saeldir asked which world he meant, Erend simply answered by saying that he was going to their world. Hearing that, of course, they both felt shocked.

"You went to our world, killed monsters and all kinds of dangerous things?" Saeldir asked.

"Yeah. Your world is so expansive that you probably won't even notice the problems on the other side of the world," Erend said.


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