I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 661 - 661 The Formation Of The Three Realms (Part 1)
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661 The Formation Of The Three Realms (Part 1)

Qin looked at the experts of the various races and continued, “Those who have not reached the Daoyuan realm will naturally be in the mortal world after entering. There’s no possibility of them being slaves.”

“This is a kind of balance.”

“I’m a divine being of the Heavenly Dao, and I maintain the order of the Heavenly Dao. It’s my responsibility to ensure the prosperity of all living beings under the Heavenly Dao. This includes the other races as well.”

“In any case, the human race is already strong. There’s no need for me to be biased.”

Despite him saying that, the leaders of the various races were still a little worried.

Who knew if Qin was lying in order to kill their talented descendants, or hold them hostage to threaten them.

Perhaps he wanted to completely destroy the future of the various races.

The human heart was sinister!

At least to them, the human race was the most cunning, shameless, sinister, and despicable.

As they thought about it, they subconsciously looked at Chu.

In terms of cunning, shamelessness, treachery, and despicableness, he was the best example.

If even an ancestor of the human race was so cunning and shameless, how could the younger generations of the human race not be?

Chu saw this, and said innocently, if not mockingly, “If it weren’t for the fact that all of you joined forces to suppress the human race, why would I need to plot and scheme all day long?”

“It’s all your fault!”

The human race was weak. If they wanted to protect themselves, they could only rely on their intelligence and various schemes and plots. There were no two ways about it.

Chu felt that these people had misunderstood him. Had he possessed his current strength, he would not have been bothered to do things that way.

Qin also knew that the other races had their own concerns.

He did not say much.

It was not time for the races to enter yet anyway.

When the Heavenly Dao became known to the rest of the chaos, the various races would definitely agree to send some of their juniors into the world.

At the very least, the turmoil and fighting had now subsided.

Chu Xuan looked at the three realms that were about to be perfected. The nine zones would become history, and would be replaced by the Divine World.

The chaos was bound to change because of this.

Some existences hidden in the chaos would all appear, and the Divine World would become the focal point of experts from all four corners of the chaos.

Even chaos supreme realm experts would make their appearance.

Chu Xuan knew what to do.

Somewhere in the chaos, a powerful Ancient Chaos God was sitting in an unknown space.

Behind him, an expert who had transcended the World Creator realm was respectfully reporting something.

After hearing the report, the Ancient Chaos God muttered, “Chaos supreme realm expert?”

This scene was repeated in many other places as well, as the news of a chaos supreme realm expert taking action began to spread throughout the chaos.

An extraordinary person flew over toward a place shrouded in demonic power.

“More than one of your disciples died.”

The demon ancestor’s figure appeared.

His eyes were calm and did not show any anger.

It was as if the ones who had died were not his disciples, but insignificant people.

The celestial ancestor sighed. The demon ancestor was truly becoming more and more cold-blooded.

“What do you think of the rumor regarding the chaos supreme realm expert?”

His disciples, Ting and Xi, had already sent him messages about this.

Demon ancestor said calmly, “So what?” Neither you nor I are chaos supreme realm experts. Are you trying to get me to do something?”

The celestial ancestor replied, “I’m afraid that there will be great changes in the nine zones. Those guys will probably all head to the nine zones.”

“So what? Strength is the only thing that matters. Without it, there’s no way to monopolize the nine zones, or drive the outsiders away.”

The demon ancestor remained extremely calm.

The celestial ancestor fell silent.

“What if there’s an opportunity to break through to the chaos supreme realm?”

“Then we’ll take it. We’ll take it with our own strength.”

“Your heart seems to have wavered,” the demon ancestor said coldly, “You’ve become less confident.”

The celestial ancestor was silent.

Was this the case?

Perhaps not having improved his strength for a long time did have an effect on him.

Was he being impatient now?

“Even the immortal ancestor is not anxious, so what are you anxious about? When it’s time to go back, we’ll naturally go back.”

The demon ancestor’s figure disappeared from his original spot.

The celestial ancestor was silent for a moment before turning around and leaving. He instantly disappeared into the chaos.

On the other side, the celestial ancestor looked toward the nine zones.


He did not speak for a long time, as if he was thinking about something.

Many of the experts of the chaos were paying close attention to the nine zones.

Two Ancient Chaos Gods had fallen there.

Even a legendary chaos supreme realm had taken action.

All of these changes seem to stem from the nine zones.

On this day, the three realms were completed.

In an instant, all the living beings in the Divine World received a revelation about the three realms and the reincarnation cycle.

Even Dao realm experts who were working hard to open up their Dao path suddenly realized at this moment that they were cultivating under the Heavenly Dao.


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