I'll Surpass The MC

Chapter 637 Let Me Out~
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Chapter 637 Let Me Out~

Minor Treasure—Orakha's Checkpoint!

It was created out of Brandal Brimgan's body and its form literally was a miniature version of his appearance. Moreover, it had been created through the Golden Giant's influence, which Orakha had taken advantage of to influence his body to form a Secondary Nature of Minor Treasure, which ended up being the Minor Treasure of Orakha's Checkpoint.

As its creation was the same source, Boul Brimgan was able to feel his father's presence from Orakha. Moreover, he had already gathered traces of Orakha's presence from the tunnel where the Golden Giant was situated.

'I have been searching for you all along!' He glared at his target, uttering coldly, "You have anything to say?"

"There's a lot, so give me a piece of Rutham. I'll tell you everything through an Information Slip." His mind whirred rapidly as Orakha hurriedly formulated a plan. He had to live through this situation, no matter what.

Not just to survive, but he had to scout Brangara's actions and plan for countermeasures accordingly. Otherwise, if they were to lose the information war, they'd no longer be able to keep him in check, which would mean they were all fucked during the Fourth Major Disaster.

If Brangara were to grow to his full potential, no one on Sumatra would be his opponent. This became especially apparent once he became the Celestial Boar, a Pranic Beast that hadn't hit its evolutionary limit despite becoming an Expert Mystic Grade Pranic Beast.

'He's volunteering to provide information?' He had his suspicions, but Boul Brimgan intended to check the provided information first before making his decision. He could always torture the target later. With that in mind, he took out a small portion of Rutham from his Human Avatar, removed his influence on it, and threw it to Orakha, "Here you go."

"Thank you," Orakha tried his best to remain respectful and made some changes to his Human Avatar, following which he used Gold Kinesis Art to infuse some data. Thanks to the changes done to his Human Avatar, he only lost two units of Prana permanently upon using Gold Kinesis Art, which could be recovered within a day.

"It's done," Saying so, Orakha threw the Information Slip to Boul Brimgan and stared at the latter nervously.

'I see, so that is what had happened.' Boul Brimgan thought as he absorbed all the data within the Information Slip, which showed Brandal Brimgan's state when Orakha discovered the Golden Giant. 'This Loot guy…he's popping up once again.'

'This information perfectly matches with all our investigation records. So, it should be the truth.' Boul Brimgan sighed softly and stared at Orakha, "You had a lot of opportunities to fuse with my Empire's Major Treasure. Why didn't you do it?"

"I was aiming for the Attribute, honestly." Orakha smiled wryly, "In terms of power gain with respect to my power system, I calculated Attribute to be vastly superior. So, I was aiming for that."

"That's a valid point," Boul Brimgan nodded and asked, "I assume you're the one who added eight Minor Treasures in the Golden Giant and synchronised it perfectly with the generated influence?"

"Yes, that was me." Orakha nodded, "By the time I found the Golden Giant, the previous Brimgan Emperor was already a vegetable. The Influenced Region's influence extracted the entirety of his mind into a tangible data form. I can guarantee Loot had consumed it all."

"Since I was taking advantage of the Brimgan Emperor's body for personal gains, I improved the functioning of the Golden Giant in response. That way, it's a fair trade-off." Orakha hurriedly waved his hand in apology upon seeing Boul Brimgan grow angry over time, "Listen to me, Sir. I have the Iron Empyrean Tentacle's power. I can revive once every day and this is just one of my bodies."

"I can kill myself faster than your capacity to capture me." Orakha spoke in a flurry, "The only reason I'm explaining myself is to head to the Dralh Sea and witness the Celestial Boar's actions in order to plan for the future."

[Control yourself, Mother. We'll never know the truth if you kill him now. There's more to gain from keeping him alive than killing him.]

Boul Brimgan sent a message to his mother through an Information Slip in her possession, maintaining a poker face while trying his best to calm her down.

"Your name?" Boul Brimgan asked, his stare stoic.

"Orakha," Orakha said, feeling nervous as the entire situation was being led at Boul Brimgan's pace.

"Your identity?" He asked next.

"Mammoth Clansman." Orakha said, gritting his teeth to speak upon seeing Boul Brimgan loot unsatisfied, "Loot and Inala were once Mammoth Clansmen too. I grew up with them."

"Proof?" Boul Brimgan extended his hand, asking for the relevant data as he three Orakha the Information Slip, "I won't force your hand. It's your choice."

'Fuck!' Orakha grumbled. His other body was at the Mammoth Clan. His only option for reviving it was either next to him or next to the Raikk at the Brimgan Sea, both of which were horrible options.

The former option would completely place him under Boul Brimgan's mercy while the latter option would delay him by another three days just to arrive at the Brimgan Trade Wall. It would take him even longer to get to the spot in the Dralh Sea where Brangara was camping at the moment.

There was a possibility everything would be over by the time he manages to get there. However, if he manages to hitch a ride with the two Brimgan Royals, he'd be able to arrive at the scene way faster and save plenty of time.

So, he had no other choice but to relent, grunting as he handed over an Information Slip with trembling hands, 'I ended up revealing everything that doesn't compromise our security.'

'This only has interactions between them during the mundane phase of their lives.' Boul Brimgan thought as he observed Orakha weighing his options, 'Indeed, he revived right above Loot right as the latter neared the Major Treasure of Attribute. Only the Iron Empyrean Tentacle's power allows such teleportation means.'

He knew that Orakha had the power of the Iron Empyrean Tentacle, 'If I force him to cough up any more sensitive information, he might weigh the odds and choose to escape by death.'

The Brimgan Empire had irreconcilable hatred toward the Celestial Boar, and so did the Mammoth Clan. So, he weighed his options, understanding that Orakha acted as the Mammoth Clan's scout. Without him, the Mammoth Clan wouldn't know what had happened and would be unable to make the necessary plans.

'For our eventual objective, I'll benefit by bringing him to the scene.' Thinking as such, Boul Brimgan maintained his poker face and asked, "I was to know how you managed to insert eight Minor Treasures in the Golden Giant. And,"

He revealed his presence, intending to intimidate Orakha, "Why the heck do you have a Human Avatar despite being a Mammoth Clansman?"

"Why should I tell you that?" Orakha's face hardened as he unleashed his presence, able to withstand Boul Brimgan's, "Look, we can trade information. I'll abide by the merchant's creed to engage in an equal transaction. Otherwise, I'll proceed through other means, even if I end up wasting valuable time."

"Displaying your strength to get a better initiative in a negotiation," Boul Brimgan uttered, "It seems you speak the same language as me. Then, let me make you an offer."

"I'll tell you everything that is happening at the Dralh Sea and even give you a ride to the location." He stared at Orakha, "In return, you tell me the method you used on both the Golden Giant and my father's body."

"Your information of the Dralh Sea, plus a ride to the location, plus Mystic Kinesis Art." Orakha said, continuing to speak when a chakram hovered at his neck, threatening to sever his head, "In return, I'll reveal all of Loot's secrets, which is of significantly greater benefit to you than knowing about my power."

"How the fuck do you know about Mystic Kinesis Art?" Harla Brimgan glared in anger.

"Same process, boss!" Orakha scratched his neck, "Whether it's your Minor Treasure or mine, it's achieved through the same method. I accelerated the process using the Golden Giant's influence. And I know you cannot handle the Influenced Region's influence with your current capability. But since you have reached the same point, the only answer is that you had Mystic Kinesis Art."

"Alright, you have a deal." Boul Brimgan didn't seem to mind the terms. Instead, it seemed he had profited from the transaction, able to piece together a larger picture from the information fragments he had received until now, whether through Orakha or his investigation for the past three years.

After all, he was aware of the existence of the Minor Treasure of Orakha's Checkpoint in the body of the Raikk at the Brimgan Sea. He could feel his father's presence in it. Hence, he had been secretly investigating it all along, which was also one of the reasons he caused the Pranic Beast to submit to the Brimgan Empire's rule and also offered protection to its race.

'Mystic Human? So, that is the identity of the child birthed by Yarsha Zahara when the Major Treasure of Attribute Revealed itself.' Boul Brimgan thought as he accessed the Information Slip provided by Orakha. He had long since accessed Information Slips provided by the Raid Team, hence aware of everything that had happened.

It wasn't just that. Boul Brimgan asked for Information Slips from every single survivor from the affected regions of the Second Major Disaster, going through their entire experience of the moments. This reserve of knowledge was what aided him to have a clear understanding of the full picture.

'A Mystic Human is free from influence and can freely transform into bodies of two Pranic Beasts.' Boul Brimgan was shocked by the information, 'Loot can transform into the Empyrean Boar King and the Mystic Ewworm. His daughter, Ruvva, can transform into an Empyrean Tusk and the Apogee Bludder. That makes two whole new Mystic Grade Pranic Beasts.'

"Unfortunately, I have no idea of his cultivation technique." Orakha shook his head readily upon sensing Boul Brimgan's intentions. Internally, he was giddy, for he now had Mystic Kinesis Art, whose value needn't be said.

"Where is Ruvva currently?" Harla Brimgan asked, clearly expressing her desire, "It's only natural for the pinnacle of Free Humans to live in the Brimgan Empire."

"That…" Orakha smiled wryly, shocking the duo with his answer, "She's chilling at the Zahara Kingdom."

At the same time, in the Zahara Kingdom, a girl in her twenties clutched her stomach in pain, sweating buckets, 'Again? This fucking brat! I'll kill her!'

The one in pain was Gannala, and the cause was none other than a three-year-old girl spinning merrily all across her stomach biome.

"Let me out! Let mee outtt! I…hate…itt…hereee!" A dozen Eddy Blades jutted out of her body as Ruvva spun like a beyblade, moving all across the place while deftly evading attacks from the Mammoth Clansmen.

Her figure flashed past them before accurately severing their arms alone. And whenever a stronger Mammoth Clansmen with Silver Grade strength intended to attack her, she transformed into a cute little Empyrean Tusk, instantly snuffing out their killing intent.

Her figure rolled across the ground, forming long gashes along the walls of the Biome Bomb, which hurt Gannala's stomach, giving her a stomach ache, "Let me out!"

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