Immortal of the Ages

Chapter 481 - Sorry, But Youre Dead!
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Chapter 481 - Sorry, But You're Dead!

In a low growl, the Sky Source Immortal lost control, charging towards Yun Xiao like a golden mountain, his hands wielding his golden maces that stirred up a storm of golden sand.

The Sky Immortal Golden Fortress, combined with the Gilded Dragon Maces, transformed everything they touched to gold. Even the stone walls of the Immortal Asylum turned into impregnable metallic barriers, all converging on Yun Xiao with crushing force.

Within the heart of this golden tempest, Yun Xiao's cold laughter grew eerily louder. Cloaked in a robe that billowed with blood mist, he met the Sky Source Immortal's charge head-on without a word, his three-foot azure blade piercing forward in a swift thrust.

BOOM! His sword technique began with simplicity, but in the moment of the thrust, the Sword Aura and the momentum of the blade underwent a complex and dramatic transformation, birthing a celestial sword of azure light that stretched a thousand meters, dense with the brilliance of stars.

This sword, outshining even the brightest constellation, concentrated all the destructive power of the Sword Soul into a single line of unwavering will. It carved a path through the dark void of space, a river of stars that raced towards the golden storm unleashed by the Sky Source Immortal.

The clash that ensued was the loudest yet, the azure river of stars tearing through the golden storm with irresistible force. The Heaven Burial Sword Soul, like the scythe of the grim reaper, cut through the Gilded Dragon Maces and plunged into the Sky Source Immortal's abdomen.

KLANG! The sword struck against his metal-like body. But in an instant, the near-infinite Sword Aura, like a storm boring through, tore through the Sky Source Immortal's Sky Source Golden Fortress, puncturing his chest and leaving a golden bloodied cavity three inches in diameter.

"AGHHH!!" The Sky Source Immortal cried out in pain as he lashed out with his Gilded Dragon Maces, forcing Yun Xiao to roll away.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! He staggered back three steps, each one shaking the Immortal Asylum to its core.

Looking down, he realized his invincible body had suffered irreparable damage.

In this head-on confrontation, he was defeated in a single move, undeniably bested by Yun Xiao's sword technique.

"My heavens..." The human cultivators and the Dreamsea Abalones collectively held their breath, paralyzed by the spectacle.

The Dreamsea Abalones were numbed to their core. And the human cultivators, after their initial shock, were overwhelmed with joy to the point of tears, their voices lost in the moment.

Vanquishing the Three Immortals had always been their ultimate dream. Yet, it remained just that—a dream far too grand to dare hope for. They held faith, yes, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine they could witness one of their own overpower the trio in sheer martial prowess.

A single man, a single blade, sweeping through the Three Immortals.

"Thanks be to the heavens for blessing us with this son! Gratitude to our ancestors for their protection..." Dean Yu, her body marred with wounds, now sat softly upon the ground, tears of joy streaming down her face.

But the laugh from the Sky Source Immortal tightened everyone's hearts anew—a wild, deranged laughter that echoed amidst the tension. Clutching the gaping wound in his chest, he glared at Yun Xiao, his eyes crazed and bloodshot, embodying the desperation of a cornered beast.

"In all my time in the Celestial Court, I've never encountered a case like yours. You're an exception, an anomaly the world cannot contain!" the Sky Source Immortal declared.

"The world cannot contain me?" Yun Xiao glanced at him coldly. "No matter, for I am my own world. I have room for myself."

The Sky Source Immortal laughed scornfully, his expression twisted as he stared at Yun Xiao. "Do you really think you alone can destroy the foundation we brothers have built over centuries?"

"And why not?" Yun Xiao replied with a cold smirk. "You and the Mystic Earth Immortal are like weak bugs, easily crushed."

His words were a direct assault on the pride the Sky Source Immortal had held for centuries, breaking through his defenses completely. With a grotesque expression, he roared, "Die!"

As he roared, he pulled out a golden bottle from his robes, uncapped it, and swallowed the golden liquid inside in one gulp. SMASH! He shattered the bottle and gave Yun Xiao a meaningful smirk, taunting, "Sorry, but you're dead."

"Yun Xiao, be careful..."

The human cultivators shouted warnings upon seeing this, indicating the Sky Source Immortal's final move was truly fearsome.

"Could it be the legendary Golden Archemperor Beetle Essence?"

"Most likely!"

Yun Xiao caught bits of their conversation.

"To think the eldest brother of the Three Immortals would make a comeback. Winning too easily would have felt somewhat lacking," Yun Xiao said, not alarmed but rather pleased, with a smile.

The Sky Source Immortal's eyes bulged, nearly popping out, his tongue trembling violently.

Without responding to Yun Xiao, his body underwent a drastic transformation. The originally golden body of celestial metal regressed to its aged form, but in the next instant, his body began to sprout golden armor!

With a series of cracking sounds, he screamed as his ribcage suddenly tore open, sprouting several long, sharp insect legs. His face contorted, eyes morphing into dense compound eyes, and from his skull, a golden horn erupted amidst the rending flesh.

His cries filled the air as he writhed on the ground, his body undergoing a horrific transformation. The armor on his body shifted wildly, and a fierce, terrifying aura swept out as the Sky Source Immortal almost became a hybrid of man and insect. Though retaining some human features, before Yun Xiao, he was nothing but a golden beetle.

Undoubtedly healed and no longer frail, he appeared much more formidable and ruthless than in his original form. Confidently, he stowed away the Golden Dragon Maces, ready to rely solely on his newfound beetle form to battle Yun Xiao.

"This truly suits you." Yun Xiao chuckled.

The Golden Archemperor Beetle hissed, a creature neither demon nor human, its large compound eyes reflecting the Sky Source Immortal's anger and ferocity. Upon completing its transformation, it screeched and charged at Yun Xiao. Its body had enlarged significantly, and its movements suggested a power that could split mountains and crack the earth, shaking the Immortal Asylum more violently than even the Nian.

Its insectoid-like legs, akin to long spears, were deadly weapons. It was in a complete frenzy.

Yun Xiao, however, remained calm and detached throughout, like a demon lord atop a high mountain, looking down on the desperate insect below.

"Use the Projection Orb to ensure all beings remember the appearance of the Sky Source Immortal they once worshiped at this moment," Yun Xiao said indifferently.

"Right!" Dean Yu and the others responded in unison.

"And let them see how magnificent my next sword move is!"

With those words, Yun Xiao transformed the Heaven Burial Sword Soul into a six-foot Sovereign Sword. He took to the air, sword underfoot, and with a gesture to the space between his brows, the Soulfire Eye unfurled, the over 9,000,000 Runes transforming into nine dragons that enveloped his body, assuming the Dao Dragon form!

BOOM! Yun Xiao soared upwards, his white robe fluttering as if he were an Immortal riding the winds. He charged towards the Golden Archemperor Beetle, a streak of azure light tracing his path.

With a thunderous roar, he pressed his hands together, and a massive violet chessboard descended from the sky!

This appeared to be the Primordial Academy's Polar Yin-Yang Chess, but in an instant, the board expanded into 99 layers. Instead of chess pieces, it bore countless shining stars, numbering in the thousands!

With a thunderous crash, the cosmic chessboard, bearing a myriad of stars, slammed down upon the Golden Archemperor Beetle. It was as if 100,000 mountains had descended to pin it to the earth, its back armor shattered, golden blood spraying wildly as its eight legs were crushed, either snapped or broken. Before it could even rise, Yun Xiao had completely overwhelmed it.

This technique was undoubtedly a creation of his own, drawing from the wisdom of numerous schools within the Primordial Ruins. With a single Life Sigil enhanced daoist spell, he subdued the transformed Sky Source Immortal.

Then, Yun Xiao, riding his Sovereign Sword, approached. Along the way, he took a swig of wine, spraying it over his sword, his laughter boisterous as he recited, “Through the heavens, with my sword and wine, to slay bugs and serpents, it won’t take much time!”

This verse, crude as it was, silenced many who were poised to praise it as good poetry. The poetry might have been rough, but the swordsmanship displayed in that instant dazzled all who witnessed it. He soared, the stars around him twinkling like an Immortal traversing the Milky Way, eternal as the heavens and earth, as radiant as the sun and moon! That sword, its azure light a dream within the projection, showcased a brilliance and magnificence in swordplay unseen in myriad worlds before or after.

This was the ultimate art of the sword!

In the eyes of those watching, Yun Xiao was no longer merely wielding a sword; he was playing with it. The Sword Soul beneath his feet seemed to have its own spirit, like a pet clinging to his legs, baring its fangs at the suppressed Golden Archemperor Beetle.

The Sky Source Immortal had just lifted his head when Yun Xiao, riding the six-foot Sovereign Sword, crashed into his face.

With a slash, the sword swept across, like a galaxy passing through, carving a bloody furrow across the face and back of the Sky Source Immortal.

With another slash, the fierce and brutal Golden Archemperor Beetle was cleaved into two halves, collapsing thunderously. Throughout the ordeal, the Sky Source Immortal didn't utter a sound before he parted ways with this world completely.

His bisected body leaked golden fluid, reverting back to that of a withered old man. But now, faceless and spineless, even these two halves were riddled with holes, shattered beyond recognition.

This moment was swift and graceful, captured within the Projection Orbs and etched in the hearts of the human cultivators and the Dreamsea Abalones. The Immortal Asylum was plunged into an extended period of dead silence.

It wasn't until Yun Xiao stood beside the shattered body of the Sky Source Immortal and laughed that the silence was broken.

"I finally understand why I was pleased when you brought out that Golden Archemperor Beetle form."

Yun Xiao crouched down, gathering the treasures of the Sky Source Immortal, including the Gilded Dragon Maces, and added with a smile, "Because life without a worthy opponent is lonely."

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