Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

Chapter 651: Bei Clan of Drifting Sand City
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Chapter 651: Bei Clan of Drifting Sand City

Ten Thousand Flower Valley had three official branch sects so far. They were the House of Paradise, the Zhou Clan, and the Bei Clan. Out of the three, the Bei Clan was the smallest and the one with the least power or influence.

Bei Yingluo was the official clan head given her position as a disciple of Ten Thousand Flower Valley. Her mother, Bei Rongyin, was the deputy clan head and handled most matters while she was busy training. Next was her sister named Bei Mingyu and finally ten aunts of various ages.

They all had been saved by Chen Wentian and were now residing in Dragon River Town. Over the past year, the various women were all trying their best to increase their clans size. And their method of choice was sex, lots of sex.

Mother! You are pregnant, you cant marry another man while you are pregnant! Bei Yingluo admonished.

Bei Rongyin, who was laying on a large sofa like a wealthy madam, still had enough self-awareness to look slightly bashful. Her stomach was quite large and she was close to her due date. She also seemed to have gained some weight from living in luxury these past months.

She raised her arms to summon a servant who came and helped her upright. She let out a sigh and wagged a finger at Bei Yingluo. Yingluo, youre doing the worst out of all of us. Even your ninth aunt has finally found a man. It wont be long until she has a child.

Bei Yingluo stomped her feet in annoyance, Mother, I am an immortals disciple. My sole purpose is to cultivate. Not to make babies!

Bei Rongyin waved her hand disarmingly, I know, I know. I was just making a little joke. You are our most important person. Your aunts and I will all listen to you. Anyway, did you hear back from your master about that matter?

Bei Yingluo nodded. She flicked her fingers and withdrew a bamboo scroll from inside her spatial bag. She unfurled it and showed it to her mother.

Master has agreed to our proposal. He appreciates that we are taking the initiative on this matter and he will fully support our expedition to the south to reestablish our ancestral home.

Thats great! Really great!

The pair shared a happy hug and spread the news to the others.

Apart from finding husbands and having children, the one remaining desire of the Bei Clan women was to return to their hometown to the south. Although they resided in Dragon Flower Province, it was a different environment from their upbringing. The food, the climate, and certain cultural norms were all different. They tried their best but some of the aunts still couldnt get used to it.

Bei Yingluo also knew that Dragon River Town could not be their permanent home. It was too close to the sect. Everyone knew of the immortal lords dislike for men. And the Bei Clan was the biggest culprit in inviting random men from all over the province to marry. There were already rumors floating around about this matter and she worried about it constantly.

There was also the fact that the province was solidly controlled by the Zhou Clan and the House of Paradise by proxy through the Bright Moon Kingdom. It was best to avoid competing with them and instead, reestablish their clan in the south. That way, she wouldnt have to compete with her senior sisters.

The plan had been decided and agreed to by all members of the Bei Clan. Now, they had the immortal lords concurrence and they could finally set things in motion.


The teleportation array flashed several times and deposited a large group of people in the middle of a dusty city square. The sky was clear and blue with only a few wispy clouds. The air was hot and the occasional breeze offered no respite.

Were here!

Finally, home!

Of the group, there were thirteen women and a larger number of men. The men carried a variety of weapons and each carried themselves with confidence and martial might.

The women were a mixed affair. Some cradled their bulging stomachs while crying joyfully. Two of the women even carried babies in their arms, covered by several layers of cloth.

These were the members of the Bei Clan. After many teleportation hops through half the subcontinent, they finally returned to Drifting Sand City.

Bei Yingluo was at the front, wearing a flowing gown of dusty-brown-colored silk that covered her from head to toe. There was a slit in front of her eyes that allowed her to see out. The outfit was customary in the region and protected her from the blazing sun as well as the sand. The others wore it as well in various styles.

She looked around the sparsely populated surroundings. Drifting Sand City was not a very large city but it used to be much busier. It was the largest human settlement on the northern edge of the Great Hui Desert. It was a nexus for human activity in the region and saw people from all directions come through here for trade and travel.

However, the monster invasion had hit the region hard and a lot of people had lost their lives. The city needed time to recover. The Bei Clan had also suffered and they would also need time to build back their numbers. It was poetic in a sense, various humans striving to survive in an otherwise inhospitable place.

What are you thinking about. A familiar voice asked from beside Bei Yingluo.

She turned to look at the taller figure. He was wearing a dark hood that hid his face in shadow. She guessed that even if the sunlight was shining directly on his face, it would still not be visible.

Elder Mo. She said, Im just glad like the others. Its been a while since Ive seen this place. I just hope that our home might still be intact.

Chen Wentian nodded and took in the sights. He was accompanying Bei Yingluo under the guise of the mysterious Elder Mo. Nobody really knew who he was or what he did for the sect. It was just a convenient persona that allowed him to move around without too many questions.

After returning from the metropolis, Bei Yingluo was now his priority. He had neglected his eleventh disciple for too long and he needed to make it up to her.

He also had another purpose for the trip. He wanted to try and find out more about the Bei Clans background and maybe unearth some clues as to who her father could be, anything to further understand and tap into her realm-hopping power.

Lets go then. Lead the way. I will remain in the shadows for now. He said.

Without waiting for a response, he stepped away and hid within the group of husbands and fiances.

Bei Yingluo nodded resolutely. She turned and addressed her people, Everyone. We have finally returned to our old home. Weve been through many struggles and also experienced many fortunes. With my masters blessing, let us revive the Bei Clan of Drifting Sand City!


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