Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 877 877 Called
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Chapter 877 877 Called

?There was no need to call a meeting. As soon as they returned to the surface with the stack of papers, everyone knew that it was time to make the announcement, and the ones who were intending to join began to gather around the trio.

Wolfe stepped up on the dance stage that was used for all their festivals and began the announcement.

"Welcome everyone. As promised, we have the names of those selected for this month's time slots to head into the trial grounds.

First, I would like to say that putting in multiple applications does not help your chances. The process we go through sorts out all duplicate entries and places them aside, and then separates the ones that have missing or illegible information for us to manually check.

For the sake of the ones doing the checking, please do your best to fill in all the required information, but we won't hold poor handwriting against you as long as we can determine your names and Ranks.

So, without any further delays, I will post the successful applicants to the board.

If you see your application there, please see Alice, who has volunteered to be the head of security for the portal, and arrange a time slot. The applications will be up until the end of the month, when the next group is chosen, but we will only be sending a few teams a day at the most, so please book your preferred time in advance."

Ella created the poster board with Earth Magic, while Cassie posted the applications up and covered them with a simple barrier to keep them dry and protected from the wind or grabbing hands.

Not all the winners would be in town right now, and they didn't want them to miss out just because the application had been pulled down or damaged.

They would send a copy to the team that was working the portal, so they knew that the requests were legitimate, but that should be all that Wolfe needed to do this time.

Ella raised her voice above the noise.

"If there is anyone who is on more than one list, please let us know. Many of the applications were first names only, so we can't be certain that someone didn't get included twice." She informed them.

It was difficult to tell if they had paid any attention to her warnings at all over the excited noise of the team members celebrating their selections, while those not chosen either slowly left or remained to read the board one more time, in case they had missed their names.

It was made clear that if you were selected one month, you were ineligible the next month, which would cut down on the number of depressed applicants, but with the numbers they were seeing, there might still be a few that didn't get selected for quite some time.

The first of the teams were already finishing arranging their schedules for the outing, as they didn't know how long they would be gone, but might need more than a standard weekend to finish the trip and recovery.

It was short notice for their employers, but everyone was understanding of the situation, and willing to let them use vacation days to work on themselves. If the benefits were as good as everyone hoped, and from the results of the missions that the guard had been on, they should be, someone might move up a Rank, and that would be incredible for everyone they worked with.

The first of the Beastkin to reach Rank Two through the training would be a local celebrity, and their abilities would make their lives much easier at work. So much of what was done in the city was run on magic, so the more you had, the better.

It would also open up new possibilities for them, as some jobs that were currently restricted to more powerful witches would become open to them once they reached Rank Two.

That would change the whole power dynamic in the city, as the beastkin began to approach the weaker Fae and Demons who had been brought in as assistants to the protectors and guardians.

While some of them were quite popular with the Demons, the Fae considered some of the Beastkin to be their own. The Werewolves in particular, with their ability to shape-shift, were considered to be a form of Fae, though their bloodline was heavily mixed.

If they started getting powerful enough to replace assistants brought from Faerie and the Demon Realms, they would be in incredibly high demand, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the world, and the trust that they were given by others in If they started getting powerful enough to replace assistants brought from Faerie and the Demon Realms, they would be in Forest Grove.

As the excitement began to fade, Wolfe sensed another level of interest, but not coming from someone in the city. It was more of the feeling of being watched, and that whoever was watching liked what they saw.

At first, he thought that it might be the Seraphim keeping tabs on them, but this had a level of curiosity that didn't make sense if it was coming from someone who already knew the plan.

There was no reason for that King Rank being of the Upper Planes to be curious. He cast the spell.

As Wolfe was trying to determine the source of the sensation, he began to feel a disturbance in the mana flow of the world. It wasn't like any spell that he had ever felt before, as if it was an Element that he was entirely unfamiliar with. It had a dark and ominous feeling to it, and a sense of wrongness, as if it didn't belong to this world.

As the disruption increased, Wolfe felt the more familiar power of the Upper Planes. The two powers seemed to directly clash and contradict each other, which gave Wolfe a clue as to the origin of the disturbance.

It had to be something from the Lowest of Planes.

The power of the Upper Planes blanketed the area, but the disturbance focused in on Wolfe and those closest to him.

Then, with a twisting feeling as if he were being tossed through churning rapids, Wolfe's world briefly went black.

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