Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

Chapter 755 Slightly increase the difficulty a bit
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Chapter 755 Slightly increase the difficulty a bit

"Amy, do you feel uncomfortable at all?" Walker could sense an invisible force trying to affect his body.

This force must be the radiation Wes mentioned.

His body, strengthened through witchcraft, was robust and naturally resistant to such radiation, but Amy was different.

No matter how powerful Amy was, she was still just a child, and Walker felt a need to keep an eye on her.

"I don't feel uncomfortable at all!" Amy continued walking forward, her Energy Vortex Barrier still invincible.

The robots charged at her like moths to a flame, all being shredded upon contact with the Energy Vortex Barrier without exception.

Walker didn't even get a chance to act.

"Amy, who exactly is your master?" Walker finally couldn't help but voice his inner doubts.

He had heard rumors that Amy's master was one of the high-ranking god-kings, but it had never been confirmed.

"One of my masters is Zeus, and the other is Poseidon."

"My god..." Walker's facial muscles tensed as he said, "Are you serious?"

"Why would I lie?"

Amy didn't quite understand Walker's reaction, and similarly, she didn't realize how renowned her two masters were!

"How can you possibly be a disciple of two high-ranking god-kings at the same time?" Walker thought his own background was deep, but Amy's was simply outrageous.

Both high-ranking god-kings were her masters!

"I am their disciple," Amy stated, not mentioning that it was William who had arranged for these two masters.

Walker's question had implied she was boasting, and she didn't see anything boast-worthy about this fact.

"What's the name of your sword?" Walker stared at the sword in Amy's hand, suddenly realizing that it must have an extraordinary origin.

"Poseidon said this sword is called the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian."

"Burp!" Walker was genuinely startled.

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian!

During his time studying with Bryant, he had heard about various powerful artifacts, and the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian was indeed the weapon of the sea god Poseidon!

And now it was given to Amy.

Well then!

Now he understood that his worries about Amy were completely unnecessary.

This child's background was terrifyingly significant,if Poseidon had given her the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, how could she possibly be in any danger?

The two continued walking, having covered a mile already.

By now, no more robots were charging at them.

After all, at least a thousand robots had been destroyed earlier.

"Warning! Warning! Do not proceed further, or you will bear the consequences!"

Suddenly, a mechanical synthesized voice rang out.

Walker heard the warning but didn't take it to heart. With Amy wielding the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, nearly invincible, what warning needed to be taken seriously?

Amy simply said, "We're just going to find our companions!"

Just then, a robot coated in black emerged from the ground.

This robot was recently created by William, and its actions were controlled by his mind. It was made of highly durable material and was agile.

The all-black robot, wielding a samurai sword, moved swiftly and charged at Amy in the next moment.

Amy didn't care much,her master's Energy Vortex Barrier was still active around her, and in her view, the robot couldn't penetrate it.


The black robot thrust its sword, and it actually managed to break through Amy's Energy Vortex Barrier.

It broke through with a single strike!

Walker was shocked!

"What the hell is this thing?"

Logically, Amy's Energy Vortex Barrier should have been invincible, yet it was breached by a single strike.

With the Energy Vortex Barrier broken, Amy's face turned pale. She drew the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian and engaged in combat with the black robot.

The swordsmanship taught to Amy by the sea god Poseidon was formidable, but the robot was controlled by William.

The moment the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian thrust forward, the black robot's samurai sword followed the motion of Amy's sword to slice downward and then swiftly flicked upward, its movements quick as it aimed a strike at Amy's throat.

Amy gripped her sword with both hands, and a sudden burst of energy erupted from her, forcefully repelling the robot's samurai sword and causing her to slide back several feet.

After the robot's samurai sword was deflected, it clawed towards Walker's heart.

"Damn it, trying to take on two at once?" Walker punched out, colliding with the robot's claw.


"Kill!" The robot's eyes emitted a red light, it retreated six feet, then immediately charged forward again.

"It's still fine?" Walker frowned. Was this thing made of some exceptionally high-quality material?

Its samurai sword clashed hard against the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian. π˜§π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π”€β„―π˜£π“ƒπ“Έπ“Ώβ„―π˜­.𝑐𝓸𝓂

Its mechanical claw clashed against his punch and showed no signs of damage. What the hell was this robot made of?

Three throwing knives hovered around Walker, their blades casting cold light as they struck at the robot's head.

But the robot seemed indestructible,even Walker's throwing knives couldn't leave a mark on its head.

William stood in the shadows, smiling as he watched the two youngsters.

They thought they were so strong, didn't they?

Both Amy and Walker were actually quite weak,if they were in the Divine Realm, they would be at the very bottom...

No matter how excellent or powerful a person is, there is always someone who can surpass them, someone stronger!

William intended to teach them a lesson.

Otherwise, Amy might still think that just relying on her Energy Vortex Barrier would allow her to dominate the world!

"Fight!" William watched from the shadows. The material of the robot was obtained from the battle with the Cosmic Entity's guardians, and in terms of quality, it was definitely not inferior to the material of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

Even the throwing knives in Walker's hands couldn't possibly shatter this robot.

"If you two can last three days without dying, the robot is yours."

A mechanical synthesized voice rang in Amy and Walker's ears.

William continued to control the robot from the shadows, which meant that Amy and Walker were essentially fighting against William himself.

How could they possibly win?

Even with Amy's exquisite swordsmanship, it wasn't long before she sustained several wounds.

Walker was no exception,his throwing knives did no damage to the robot, and he had already been struck three times.

These wounds were non-lethal, but highly insulting.

For instance, Amy's superbly executed god-slaying sword strike was dodged by a robot with a slight sidestep. The samurai sword then performed a flourish, leaving a scar on her arm.

And Walker, trying to destroy the robot with brute force, was punched in the chest and stabbed in the stomach with the samurai sword.

In the outside world, they might be considered S-tier fighters, but in front of this robot, they were like children, constantly being manipulated and only able to defend without any ability to counterattack.

"Amy! Just run, don't fight it anymore, there's something off with this robot!" Walker said, "Split up and run!"

He couldn't care less now,Amy should be able to protect herself, and he could sense the wonder of Amy's swordsmanship, but in front of this robot, it amounted to nothing.

Damn it, if this robot had a power level, it would definitely be crushing them. If they couldn't beat it, their only option was to run.

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