Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

Chapter 756 Keep hitting! If you’re capable, kick me to death!
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Chapter 756 Keep hitting! If you're capable, kick me to death!

Could Amy really not see the situation they were in?

It was clear they were outmatched!

"Run!" Amy quickly chanted a spell, her body shimmering with starlight as she activated the Sanctuary Pendant given to her by Zeus, effectively vanishing into thin air.

The Sanctuary Pendant was a protective artifact specifically crafted by Zeus for Amy. If Amy hadn't been assigned to him as a disciple by William, Zeus would never have given her such a powerful item.

Amy could only use the most basic function of the Sanctuary Pendant, but even this invisibility was enough to hide her from almost anyone on Earth, except perhaps a few major deities.

Walker felt this most acutely.

He was worried about Amy's safety, but then she just shouted and disappeared.

With Walker's abilities, he couldn't see through the secret technique Amy used.

She was gone!!

Walker realized he had been wrong!

He had actually been worried about Amy's safety.

Damn it, a disciple of the sea god Poseidon and the king of gods, Zeus, she had so many powerful artifacts it was unimaginable.

And how many unseen secret techniques could she use?

Even though Walker's master was the deity of witchcraft, Moros, he couldn't compare.

From the shadows, William saw Amy use her invisibility magic and couldn't help but laugh.

If it weren't for him controlling the robot, Amy's invisibility technique would indeed have made her undetectable.

However, William decided to pretend he couldn't see Amy, directing the robot to chase after Walker instead!

"Damn it, why are you following me?" Walker was incredibly frustrated. After Amy disappeared on the spot, the robot started chasing him, wielding its sword in a way that seemed too skilled for a mere robot.

Walker's skill with his three throwing knives was impeccable, but each attack failed to harm the robot in the slightest.

Instead, the robot's speed was astonishing, and Walker found himself unable to keep up. In just a short time, he had accumulated more wounds.

Three days!

Walker didn't think he could last three days.

Just then, William changed into a white robe, donned a bronze mask, and wielded a Grosse Messer. With a swift motion of the Grosse Messer, he blocked the robot's sword strike that was aimed at Walker.

William's swordplay was incredibly fast, pushed to the extreme.

"Who are you?" Walker stared at the figure in front of him, his mind flashing back to a similar figure he had seen in a mysterious space. He asked loudly, somewhat dazed, "Are you my dad?"

"My good son!" William said, "Watch closely and learn well!"

This makeshift son of his was not too bad.

Walker had been studying witchcraft under Moros and was physically strong. His Celestial Blade Art was effective at long range, but in close combat, Walker was somewhat lacking.

Just by that call of 'dad', William decided to teach him a set of sword techniques.

"Damn it, old man, if you dare, take off that mask and let me see what you really look like!"

"..." At this moment, William was glad he wasn't actually Walker's father, otherwise he might have struck down this disrespectful son with a single blow.

William said coldly, "Pay attention and learn!"

Walker finally got a chance to catch his breath and stood aside, using his witchcraft to heal his wounds.

At the same time, he watched intently as William fought the robot.

The Grosse Messer in William's hands moved like a storm, weaving a tight web of steel, while the robot's samurai sword strikes were sharp and aimed at vital points.

"Is this really a robot?" Walker could see the finesse in William's swordplay, but the robot's swordsmanship was also fiercely precise.

A man and a robot, locked in combat that was hard to separate, looked perilous but resembled two knights teaching him the art of swordplay.

Previously, when Walker was being chased by the robot, he just felt that it was troublesome. Now, standing to the side, he began to see some tricks to it.

In ordinary combat, who has the time to learn someone else's sword techniques?

The robot's swordplay was too sharp and fierce,in a real battle, even S-tier fighters, or even Demi-God level fighters, would likely perish by its hand.

William didn't care how well Walker was learning,he was engaged in a sophisticated exchange of blows with the robot. How much Walker could learn from it was up to him.

Walker strained to find any flaws in the robot's sword technique but realized that with his current level of skill, he couldn't spot any weaknesses.


Absolutely incredible!

Damn it!

Walker glanced at the robot, then back at William.

Both wielded their swords, their blades flickering rapidly around them, each strike laden with lethal intent.

Walker was mesmerized by the sight. Such a display of power between strong fighters was rarely seen on ordinary days.

The exchange between William and the robot grew faster, to the point where only sparks of starlight could be seen in the air.

"It looks like my damned dad is really strong!" Walker squinted slightly, and in his mind, he began to visualize the sword techniques of both fighters.

William moved like a shadow, his aura of energy overwhelming, his unmatched power tearing through space with a single slash, engulfing the robot in a spatial rift.

"Holy shit!" Walker exclaimed, channeling all his energy into his blade, a space-tearing strike that seemed tailor-made for him.

Walker didn't dare claim expertise in many areas, but he was still a virgin, his vital essence intact, further enhanced by witchcraft to maximize his soul energy. This move, he could execute perfectly.

Unfortunately, he didn't have a quality sword in hand!

He would have to speak to Moros later to see if he had any fine weapons.

Although Moros might not compare to the two high-ranking god-kings, as the deity of witchcraft, he surely had a few magical artifacts at his disposal.


Just as Walker was pondering these thoughts, William casually tossed his Grosse Messer, which landed right beside Walker's foot.

"This sword is yours now! Train well with it!"

Over the years, William had accumulated numerous top-tier artifacts, so parting with a single sword was no big deal to him.

Now, with no Cosmic Entity interfering in the thirteen universes, William could give away items as he pleased, and Walker wouldn't face any repercussions from the Law of Cause and Effect for accepting William's sword. 𝗳r𝐞ew𝚎bn𝚘ve𝚕.c𝗼𝗺

"Hah! You expect me to learn just because you say so? If you're really my dad, then take off that mask and let me see your face!" Walker looked at the sword by his feet, swallowed hard, but still stiffened his neck, acting as if he wouldn't accept it.

William suddenly appeared right in front of Walker, his eyes cold beneath the bronze mask.

"What are you staring at? You want to fight me?" Walker scoffed. "Even if you are my dad, you never raised me. Do you expect me to be grateful?"

"A mere broken sword? I am a disciple of Moros, the deity of witchcraft! What treasures don't I have?"

William didn't waste words. He kicked out swiftly.

Walker tried to dodge.

But when William made a move, was there any chance for him to evade?

The kick landed solidly. Although it wasn't very painful, it knocked him to the ground.

"You old fool! You really dare to hit me!" Walker exclaimed as he was flipped over, his soul energy sealed, making him no different from an ordinary person at that moment.

William followed up with several more kicks, leaving Walker with a bruised face.

"Keep hitting! If you're capable, kick me to death!" Walker lay on the ground, protecting his head, his face still flushed, stubbornly refusing to submit.

William kicked him a couple more times, then pulled the sword from the ground and aimed it at Walker's head, bringing it down in a swift chop...

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