Madam's Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2837 - 2837: Sister Nian Slaps His Face
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Chapter 2837: Sister Nian Slaps His Face

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Jingyan could not answer her. Embarrassed and disheveled, he begged her, “Nian Nian, your Grandma Wei is old. Can you bear to send her to jail at her age?”

Qiao Nian’s eyes narrowed.

She did not understand why Shen Jingyan had the cheek to ask her this.

Could she bear to?

Why did they not think of the consequences when they did bad things?

“… Nian Nian.” Shen Jingyan thought that her attitude had softened, so he continued, “I’m not asking you to forgive her. As long as you withdraw the lawsuit and don’t pursue your Grandma Wei’s criminal responsibility.”

“You mean that as long as I don’t pursue your criminal responsibility, you will ‘forgive’ me?” Qiao Nian asked him.

Shen Jingyan was stunned. He hesitated and then said, “Our family isn’t in the position to forgive. It’s just that your Grandma Wei is old and her body can’t withstand this…

Qiao Nian did not expect him to have the cheek to reply. She chuckled. “You’re wrong.”

Shen Jingyan subconsciously stopped talking and looked at her. He unconsciously frowned before realizing his situation. “Nian Nian…”

To put it bluntly, he still wanted to pretend to be pitiful and try to use the relationship he formed with Qiao Nian in Rao City. 𝘧𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀ℯ𝘣𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓂

However, Qiao Nian did not buy it. She stared at him. “l might have been too tolerant of you previously, so you feel that you still have an edge over me. But in the end, you didn’t help me much in Rao City. Don’t tell me you think you can make use of your fake concern for me until now?” Shen Jingyan was speechless.

Qiao Nian took out her cell phone and looked at the time.

Five minutes left.

However, she had already lost the desire to continue chatting with Shen Jingyan. “l won’t withdraw the lawsuit. Moreover, if you’re also involved in this matter, you’ll also go to jail.”

Shen Jingyan panicked. He took a step forward and tried to grab her. “Nian

Nian, I know my mistake.”

“Too late.’

Qiao Nian took a step back and dodged his hand. She flicked the creases in her clothes and turned her baseball cap back. Then, she lowered the brim to cover her eyes and turned to walk into Lan Pavilion.

Shen Jingyan watched as the girl’s figure gradually disappeared into the distance. Fear enveloped him, and he instinctively wanted to chase after her.

“Sir, I’m sorry.” The waiter at the door immediately stopped him. “You can’t go

“You don’t know who I am?!” Shen Jingyan watched as Qiao Nian’s back disappeared around the corner.

Anxious, he tried to push the waiter aside. “Move!”

However, not only did the waiter not make way, but he also used a pager to call for security. Soon, security personnel had him surrounded.

Shen Jingyan had never received such treatment before. His face and neck instantly turned red as he glared at the waiter. “What do you mean?”

However, the waiter was not anxious. “Sir, please stop causing trouble!”

Shen Jingyan did not take him seriously. He pulled the arm of the security officer and tried to barge in.

“Young Master Ye said that if you insist on causing trouble, he will personally come out to see you.” The waiter spoke loudly upon seeing that he was still causing trouble.

Shen Jingyan immediately deflated. ‘Young Master Ye…?”

He did not dare to provoke Ye Wangchuan!

Seeing the waiter’s wary gaze, Shen Jingyan took a deep breath and unwillingly turned around…

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