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Chapter 178.1

What a foolish thing to do, Hero Kanon. (Avos)

Even though her body was fading away with each passing moment, Avos Dilhevia still retained her graceful smile.

Can you truly bring yourself to thrust that holy sword of yours into my chest? Can you truly bear to stand by and watch me disappear? (Avos)

Avos Dilhevia slowly pointed her slender fingertips at Misa.

Even if you used the Sword of Three Races to sever our fate and separate us into a spirit and a demon, we still only have one source. And as you stated, no one with only half a source can live long. And this applies to Misa as well. (Avos)

This was the same problem as with Sasha and Misha.

Now that those two had lost half of their source, they were doomed to eventually disappear.

Kanon. The pitiful Hero who kept sacrificing himself to save the world. Would you be willing to sacrifice even the one you love for the sake of the world this time around? (Avos)

Lay didnt respond to that question, and simply stared back at Avos Dilhevia.

Misa, I suggest you come back to me. You understand what I mean, dont you? I am you, and you are me. If you dont, you will perish along with me. (Avos)

Misa turned her strong gaze towards the false Demon King and spoke clearly.

So what if I die? (Misa)

Avos Dilhevias expression turned grim, as if she wasnt expecting that answer.

Misa followed up on that.

You should understand me as well. Ive lived my life until today, dreaming of the day when demonkind would be united, so that mixed-bloods and royals can work hand in hand. Which is why I will never forgive you. (Misa)

Misa strongly condemned Avos Dilhevia.

Thats nothing but an ephemeral life. As a spirit, you were born into this world to live according to the lore of the Demon King of Tyranny. Compared to the desires it has been sparking up for the past two thousand years, your beliefs are merely fifteen years old. Theyre much too feeble to matter. (Avos)

Theres nothing ephemeral about my life. And my beliefs arent feeble. Misa replied with strong conviction.

I have friends in the Unitarian faction whom Ive pledged my commitment to our beliefs with. The belief that the true Demon King would never yield to such cruelty and chaos. And that surely (Misa)

Misa averted her gaze slightly and looked at the back of Shin, who was fighting to the death in the distance.

My father is waiting for the day we can finally meet. Also Misa continued.

Ive found someone I love. (Misa)

Think about it, you silly goose. Do you really think that someone who loves you would be willing to destroy you? Would he make a choice that could possibly lead to your destruction, even if only slightly? Avos Dilhevia asked, as if trying to get Misa upset.

No. If he loved you, he could never. Kanon is the same Hero he was two thousand years ago, only thinking about saving the world. Just as he doesnt love me, he will never love you. (Avos)

But Misa didnt waver at all, and replied with another question.

That love youre talking about is just puppy love, isnt it? (Misa)

Avos Dilhevia glared at Misa, as if to express her irritation.

Ive never once thought that all I wanted from him was that he saves my life. Being alive means being able to live as I am. (Misa)

While clinging to Lay, Misa announced to her counterpart.

Thats why Lay-san saved me. He couldnt stand to see me oppressing all the other mixed-bloods, even if only for a little while. He was against harming others more than anyone else, but he made the effort of harming me for my sake. (Misa)

Misa declared out loud, as if to reject her.

If you cant even understand the simplest of Lays feelings, then youre not me! Not in the slightest! (Misa)

As if in a coordinated motion, Lay and Misa kicked off the ground at the same time.

Avos Dilhevia held up her palm and aimed her <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> at Lay. However, her gaze turned grim the next moment.

Misa stood in front of Lay, as if to shield him. Her magic power was low. If she took a spell powerful enough to injure Lay, she would die.

And if Misa died, Avos Dilhevia would die as well.

Without letting this moment of hesitation in Avos Dilhevia go to waste, Lay closed in on the false Demon King.

Blood trickled down his sword.

He had impaled her with Evansmana.

Argh (Avos)

A faint cry leaked out of her mouth, along with her blood.

The false Demon Kings body was engulfed in the light emitted by the Sword of Three Races.

And then she vanished completely.

Lay-san!? (Misa)

Misa screamed his name.

The jet-black sun was fired from right behind him.

Hmph! (Lay)

As he cut down the <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> fireball in a single strike of his Sword of Three Races, he gazed into the distance.

Did you think I would die just because you destroyed my source? (Avos)

Avos Dilhevia was standing there.

Since her lore stated that she had already been slain by the Sword of Three Races once, I guess it stood to reason that she could resurrect by casting <Source Regeneration Agronemt>.

I figured as much. Thats why I split your source in half. (Lay)

Oh? Then Im sorry to disappoint you. (Avos)

She smiled smugly.

At that moment, the number of magic letters floating on the surrounding walls suddenly increased.

Now its under my control. (Avos)

Black particles of light rose up and filled the room.

Come to me, Venuzdonoa. (Avos)

In response to her call, countless black particles filled the room, all of them concentrated at her feet.

What emerged from there was the shadow of a sword.

There was no object projecting it, only a shadow.

The shadow sword slowly rose from the ground, and towards Avos Dilhevias hand.

Then she grabbed the hilt.

As soon as she did, a dark longsword appeared in her hand, as if the shadow was turned inside out.

All logic before my eyes shall be destroyed. Did you think this body of mine would perish just because Im left with only half my source? (Avos)

I wonder. But if anything, doesnt your survival only last as long as you have the Abolisher of Reason in your hands? (Lay)

Lay readied his Sword of Three Races, and joined hands with Misa.

The light of love overflowed from both of them.

Thanks to the <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske> spell.

Their love was channeled to the utmost limit, and that light enhanced Lays abilities all the way.

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