Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 4019 Seize The Crutch
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Chapter 4019 Seize The Crutch

Two figures, one grey and one black rose into the sky amidst the air currents. Their attacks were so fast they couldn't be seen clearly. After the two people exchanged a dozen moves, they separated under a heavy blow. The coercion and spirit energy below them slowly dissipated. The eyes of the entire Sect fell on the figure in black at this moment. There was curiosity and shock in their eyes. They hadn't expected the person who was lurking in their Sect to be the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, nor did they expect that a woman like herself would have the strength to fight against their Sect Master. However, she was still wearing the black cloth over her face, so no one could see her face. But the aura and coercion that was released from her body were extremely breathtaking. "So she is the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiuโ€ฆ"

"It is said that she Sovereign Ruler of other Heavenly regions and her strength has already reached the Divine King stage long ago. It was just because she was injured in that battle a year ago, so her strength plummeted. However, seeing as she can fight against our Sect Master, maybe her strength has already returned to normal?"

"Our Sect is a Reclusive Sect, how did she manage to sneak in?" A subordinate disciple who didn't understand asked the people around him. An older cultivator lowered his voice and said: "Don't you know? There has been a rumour going around the Sect in private that our Sect Master has a Relic and a Heart Sutra in his hands. These two things were obtained from the Myriad Buddha Sect, and it is said that those who practise the Buddhist Heart Sutra will improve their strength very quickly, and that no matter what you practise, your speed of improvement will be several times faster than usual."

"But what does this have to do with the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu?" Another person asked in confusion. "That's why I say that you are not well informed."

The person who spoke glanced at the people on the side and said: "I heard that the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu has already been to the Myriad Buddha Sect and she has already obtained the Ancient Golden Lotus from there. Because of this, the people from the Myriad Buddha Sect asked Feng Jiu to help them locate the Relic and Heart Sutra. That's why she's come to us." f๐š›๐—ฒ๐ž๐ฐe๐—ฏn๐—ผv๐—ฒ๐š•.๐šŒo๐ฆ

At this point, the person who had been speaking lowered his voice and said: "This is news that I heard from the people above me. The disciples in the Sect only know that someone has sneaked into our Sect a few days ago, but they don't know who that person is. Only the people above know that it was probably the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu who had sneaked in."

"Feng Jiu! Give me back my crutch!"

Suddenly, a fierce and angry shout came from midair. When everyone heard the furious shout, their hearts trembled and they looked up immediately. Only then did they realise that the dragon-headed crutch that belonged to their Sect Master was in the hands of the person dressed in black night clothes. Their Sect Master's expression changed drastically and he swooped forward to take back his crutch. "Why did Feng Jiu take the Sect Master's crutch?" A disciple asked in confusion. A disciple who had been watching the fight said: "I don't know, but it seems intentional. I saw that Feng Jiu's deadly moves forced the Sect Master to use his crutch as an attacking weapon. But who would have thought that Feng Jiu didn't avoid it and after receiving the blow, would forcibly take the Sect Master's crutch from his hand. I don't know what she wants to do either."

The other person thought deeply, then said: "If she hadn't received that blow forcefully, then the crutch would fly back to the Sect Master's hand. But she fought hard to snatch the crutch despite being injured, so there must be more to it than the eye meets."

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