Mrs. and Mr. Smith

Chapter 36 - 36: Returning this Slap to You 1
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Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Returning this Slap to You 1

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Everyone suddenly burst into laughter.

Exaggerated laughter filled more than half of the villa.

Benjamin Hill seemed very satisfied with all of this.

He looked at Ethan Smith provocatively and said, “Oh my, it’s hard to imagine that a man could live such a humiliating life!”

“Yeah, wearing a green hat for three years and having to swallow his pride, that’s really pitiful.”

“What a spineless life, utterly lacking backbone.”

Everyone talked and mocked, their voices incessant.

Sylvia Johnson looked at Ethan Smith, and her heart felt a surge of pleasure!

Ethan’s face was cold, and he couldn’t help but shake his head: “Sylvia, you don’t feel shame, but instead feel proud. How do you manage to have such thick skin?”

Sylvia Johnson snorted and said, “The one who’s disgraced is you, not me. What do I have to be afraid of?”

Ethan didn’t bother to talk nonsense with such a person.

He closed his eyes and ignored everyone.

The surrounding noise was relentless, undoubtedly disturbing Ethan’s state of mind.

But who would have thought that Ethan was actually cultivating at this moment.

He wanted to take this opportunity to train his mindset.

Under such mocking words, it was not only difficult to cultivate, but even maintaining calm was extremely difficult.

As a result, the qi around Ethan condensed and dispersed many times, then condensed and dispersed again, causing sweat to drip down his forehead.

Obviously, it was very difficult for the current Ethan Smith.

“What, pretending not to hear it means nothing happened?” Benjamin Hill’s mockery continued. Not only him, but almost everyone also showed the same attitude, some even took out their phones to capture the scene and prepared to post them online.

Ethan forced himself to stay calm, opening his pores and breathing in the surrounding qi.

A few minutes later, Ethan’s state of mind finally began to calm down.

It was as if he couldn’t hear any sound around him, and he submerged himself in his own world.

Strands of qi slowly entered his body as he breathed.

“Is this fool closing his eyes to pretend he can’t hear?” Benjamin Hill saw this and couldn’t help snorting.

The white-haired young man beside him frowned slightly, for he always felt that there was something wrong with Ethan’s breathing, but he couldn’t figure it out for a while.

“Mr. Hill, Mr. Smith isn’t saying anything anymore, so why don’t you just let it go?” Ray Walters stood up and tried to smooth things over.

Benjamin Hill glanced at Ray and frowned, “Who are you?”

Ray Walters quickly said, “My name is Ray Walters, I am the boss of Concordia


“Ray Walters?” Benjamin Hill pondered for a moment, then suddenly realized,

“Ah, I remember now, the famous old rascal from River City, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Ray Walters’ heart was overjoyed, and he chuckled, “I didn’t expect Mr. Hill to have heard of me. Please give me some face and let them go.”

Benjamin Hill looked at Ray Walters with a seemingly amused smile and said, “Give you face?”

As soon as the words fell, Benjamin Hill suddenly slapped Ray on the face!

With a crisp “pop” sound, it almost reached everyone’s ears!

“Who do you think you are, asking for face from me? You’re nothing but a lowly scoundrel, pretending to be important?” Benjamin Hill scoffed.

Ray Walters’ face flushed, looking extremely embarrassed.

On the other hand, Gary Brown had a delighted smile on his face.

Last time he asked Ray Walters to deal with Ethan Smith, but he never expected that Ray would take the money and not do anything.

For this, Gary Brown had always held a grudge.

Today, seeing Ray Walters being humiliated, he was naturally happy.

Benjamin Hill stretched out his hand and patted Ray Walters’ face twice, saying coldly, “A dog dares to forcefully demand face. You want face, huh? Fine, kneel down and kowtow three times to me, and I’ll give you that face!”

After saying that, Benjamin Hill stepped back two steps, motioning Ray to kneel down.

Ray Walters’ face turned extremely ugly, and he was naturally unwilling to kneel in front of so many people.

But if he didn’t kneel, Benjamin Hill would definitely not let him go!

“I’m giving you ten seconds. If you don’t kneel down, I’ll break your legs.” Benjamin said coldly.

“Kneel, kneel, kneel!” The surrounding people also began to make a fuss, the scene becoming extremely noisy.

Ray Walters’ face turned red, and he clenched his fists.

He gritted his teeth, wishing he could slap Benjamin Hill to death!

“Will you kneel?” Seeing Ray’s lack of response, Benjamin’s expression grew colder.

Ray Walters took a deep breath, and with a tough face, he said, “Mr. Hill, I… I’ll kneel.”

“That’s more like it.” Benjamin Hill laughed with satisfaction.

He waved his hand, signaling Ray to kneel down.

Ray Walters bit his teeth hard and tried to suppress the anger in his heart as he slowly knelt down on both knees.

Just as his Imees were about to touch the ground, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed his arms.

“You deserve someone to kneel down to you?” Ethan Smith supported Ray with one hand and with the other “whoosh,” he slapped Benjamin Hill!

With a crisp “pop” sound, Benjamin Hill’s lips split, and blood stained his lips.

“This slap is on behalf of Ray Walters.” Ethan Smith coldly looked at Benjamin Hill and said..

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