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38 Chapter 38: Planned Infiltration

"I must be really crazy to select this method. But now that I have... I can only see it to the end."

Eren entered the Core Region that he wasn't allowed to enter. It was a place where the strongest beings inside the Sect were residing.

It was also the place where the Main Palace of the Sect was situated. It was the place where the Sect Master resided.

As soon as he entered the region, all the Guards were alerted about someone unauthorized entering the place.

"If I survive, I will see you in the future." Eren patted the Phoenix lightly before jumping down from the great height.

The majestic Phoenix let out a cry of farewell as Eren leaped into the Core Region.

The wind rushed past him as he descended. With each passing second, the ground came closer.

With the speed at which he fell, he was certain that he was going to die if he actually hit the ground.

"Not yet..."

"Not yet..."

He kept muttering as he continued falling.

It was only when there was only a few meters of distance between him and the floor, he called out, "Now!"

Warm winds surrounded his body, lifting him gently upwards.

Slowly and gracefully, Eren landed on the floor.


Many powerful Guards came out of the shadows, looking for the Intruder.

The Leader of the Guards wasn't an Elder, but he was stronger than an ordinary Elder.

It was his sole responsibility to protect the core region and make sure to maintain the peace within so the Great Elders or the Sect Master wasn't disturbed.

They soon located the intruder.

"Isn't that the Phoenix of Elder Ren?" One of the Guards asked, noticing a majestic beast flying in the sky.

"I don't see the Elder on it. Could it be that the Phoenix accidentally entered this place?" Another guard asked.

Another guard slightly hesitated as he stated, "Should we... Kill it?"

As per the rules, the intruders were to be killed if they couldn't prove that they had a good enough reason to enter this place.

"Argh, but I heard that Elder Ren is stronger than demoness Zhang Wei. If we killed his beast just because it accidentally entered this place... Would he let it go?"

It would have been different if Elder Ren was with the Phoenix. But that wasn't the case. It meant the Phoenix had accidentally entered this place and wasn't being commanded.

A Phoenix was a majestic beast of the sky. They had heard that the Phoenix could often be seen flying above the skies of the Sect when Elder Ren was sleeping or busy.

They all thought that it was a time like that.

The Leader of the Guards also felt a headache coming.

"Since it's an accident, we can't kill it. Let's think of it as doing Elder Ren a favor. We can just capture it and return it with a warning if it doesn't stop."

He was about to command his men to capture the Phoenix which was going deeper into the Core Region.

Fortunately, before he could give command, the Phoenix turned around and started returning.

"Hmm?" The Guards looked at each other's faces as the Phoenix left the Core Region again.

"Should we... Still capture it?" A Guard asked, looking at the leader.

The Leader of the group let out a sigh. "Since it's left, let it be. If there's a next time, we will capture it."

All the Guards dispersed, returning to shadows around the border of the Core Region.

The core region had a barrier that informed them about intruders, but it had a flaw.

It didn't tell them the number of intruders if more than one entered from the same point at the same time.

They thought that the Phoenix was the only one that had entered, not realizing that the real intruder was already inside the Core Region while they lowered their guard.

While the guards dispersed, Eren was standing under a tree, looking at the sky.

"Looks like the plan worked for now."

He waited for a few more minutes before making a move.

Although he had entered the Core Region, there was still a problem left to solve.

He had to find the place where Great Elder Xiu Ying lived. In such a vast place, it was easier said than done.

There were many Great Elders in the sect. And similarly, all of them resided here. He couldn't just enter someone's house to check.

It was fine if he entered Xiu Ying's house since she wasn't going to kill him because of the love seed in her heart. It wasn't the same for the other Elders.

For the rest of the day, Eren carefully moved through the area, looking for Xiu Ying's Courtyard.

The only thing he knew about it was that her residence was farthest from every other Great Elder's residence.

With this one clue, he looked for her courtyard. And after a long time, he finally felt like he found two matches.

There were two courtyards that were far away from the rest. Both of them were on different sides of the Main Palace.

They were ones that were near the center of the Core Region while also being slightly far away from the Main Palace.

"Both of them could be a match. But isn't it more like a gamble now? I have a fifty percent chance of success, no matter which one I choose."

Eren didn't know which of the two belonged to Xiu Ying. All clues he had failed him when it came to these two courtyards.

For quite some time, he waited as he couldn't come to a decision. But after a long time, he finally made a move.

He understood that he couldn't do anything by just stressing his head. Even if it was a gamble, it was better than nothing. He was running out of time after all.

If he spent too much time here, the Main Character might get the opportunity that he wanted to steal.

He had to reach the destination before the Main Character. For that, he couldn't delay anymore.

Eren selected the Courtyard on the left, hoping that his luck wasn't going to fail him.

He carefully entered the Courtyard which wasn't guarded.

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