My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 425 Dark Flame Wolf
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Chapter 425 Dark Flame Wolf

"Roaaarrrr!!!" The wolf let out a piercing roar, and the dark flame surrounding his body intensified, making the surroundings extremely hot, and causing the ground to melt.

Despite this, Yuan was uninjured and totally well in the scorching heat of the Dark Flame Wolf's unleashed black flames.

"So powerful! It even melted the ground in a second, but it didn't even come close to Xi Meili's flames." Yuan mumbled with a sneer on his lips, the area was becoming incredibly hot and burning the tree into ash in a matter of a minute.

"As expected, this monster is significantly stronger than any monster I've encountered...I'm going to enjoy this fight as much as possible!" Yuan strengthened his grip on the hilt of his sword, hoisted it into the air, and it vanished from his grasp.

"Using a sword against you won't be fun anymore, and I'm afraid of accidentally killing you…" Yuan grinned widely and clenched his fists.

'Becoming a Spirit Grandmaster transformed my body and increased my strength...' Yuan was thinking, and his eyes were filled with desire.

'It's a great opportunity to test my body's strength without using weapons. I'll utilize my body strength and fist alone...I'm pretty enthusiastic about this!'

The Wolf looked at Yuan with a malicious expression on his face, and then its eyes blazed red, and the world leaped high into the air, its jaws open wide, and its sharp claws wrapped in dense black flames.

"Oh, it opted to attack me first, I see..." Yuan smiled. "Unfortunately, its pace does not match mine...But, I must tell you, their claws are extremely sharp!"

BANG! Yuan suddenly vanished from where he was standing, and the wolf fell there, leaving a massive depression in the ground and cracking it into a spider web-like pattern.

When the wolf realized he hadn't been able to capture Yuan with his attack, he turned around to see Yuan standing behind him, and the wolf was intelligent enough to realize Yuan was mocking his failure.

Roar! The wolf let out a loud growl that sent the adjacent trees flying, and a strong killing intent emanated from its body.

The wolf then opened its gigantic jaw, and a ball of dark flame began to grow. It grew larger and larger, and in the flash of an eye, the fireball was nearly three meters in diameter.

"It can also produce soot fireballs... interesting. Well, I could not expect anything less from a top-tier SS monster!" Yuan's eyes shone with pleasure and eagerness as she saw the gigantic flame the wolf had generated.

Yuan was certain that if he did not eliminate this fireball, a big area of the forest would catch fire, and many of the expedition members would perish from the smoke.

Whoosh! Yuan leaped at the wolf with incredible speed and momentum, but the wolf detected his movement and fired a fireball at him.

"I wonder whether the fireball is more powerful than my body... let's test it!" Yuan's lips curved into a wide grin as he saw the flame approach him and clenched his hand hard.

Yuan gathered his spiritual force in his fists, and as the fireball approached him, he punched it with his Spirit Grandmaster cultivation.


As Yuan's fist struck the fireball, a great explosion occurred, causing massive shockwaves to rip through the region, uprooting trees and sending them flying.

The tremendous explosion, however, was not caused by the wolf's black flame; rather, it was caused by Yuan, whose punch had such force that everything in its path was destroyed.

The forest became damaged as the ground was uprooted by the huge force, resulting in a large distribution area with broken trees and deformed ground.

The wolf was stunned by the scene and stared at the wreckage created by Yuan in a stupor before turning its head to face Yuan.

Garrrrr! Despite his great terror of Yuan, the wolf did not back down or flee from there. It stood there with a furious expression on its face and an infinite amount of murderous intent emanating from its blood-red eyes.

Yuan vanished from where he was standing and appeared behind the wolf in an instant, throwing a hard punch at the wolf, and startling him.

However, Yuan's movement was swift and perfect, leaving little time for the wolf to evade the attack, as the punch had already come and was going to strike the wolf.

Bang! The punch landed directly in the wolf's face, sending it flying across the forest, where its massive body collided with scattered trees and wounded one of its legs.

Gahhhhh! The wolf yelled in anguish as the strike fractured his jaw and caused him to cough up blood. Furthermore, one of its legs was wounded when it fell from the broken trees after being pounded by Yuan.

Yuan was taken aback by the outcome, as he discovered that the force of his punch was excessive, as it broke the SS-rank monster's jaw with a single hit, even though he did not unleash his full power after watching the devastation he caused.

'Unbelievable! A single punch from me may wreak significant destruction. Holding back was a prudent decision; otherwise, the wolf's head would have smashed like a watermelon.'Yuan thought, glancing at the Dark Flame Wolf with an uneasy smile.

The wolf then rose from the ground, struggling to stand on its four legs, and looked at Yuan, as if it intended to shred him into small bits with its sharp claws.

To Yuan's surprise, the wound on the wolf's peg began to mend, and before he could blink, the wolf had fully recovered from its injuries.

However, his jaw remained fractured, and Yuan raised his eyes to observe it. "So it has the power to heal, but the jaw has yet to recover. Perhaps it takes time to repair major wounds." Yuan muttered to himself, noting how the wolf's jaw hadn't recovered.

Suddenly, the wolf's claws were enveloped in black flames, and it ran at Yuan, who disappeared and delivered a strong kick at the wolf.

Bang! The wolf did not have time to evade the strike and was sent flying by the tremendous kick, resulting in a powerful blast of wind.

Yuan emerged as the wolf was about to land on the earth and delivered another tremendous punch, sending the wolf high into the sky.

Whoosh! Yuan soared into the sky in an instant, and with a forceful kick, a great amount of blood flowed out of the wolf's mouth, and its body was hurled right onto the ground with lightning-fast speed.

Boom! A large explosion erupted when the wolf's body collided with the ground, causing the earth to shudder from the sheer intensity of the collision, and a violent gust of wind swept the region, covering the entire area in a thick cloud of dust.

'Is the wolf dead?' Yuan pondered why there was no movement in the cloud of dust and landed a meter away from it.

Whoosh! With a simple sweep of his hand, a huge blast of wind appeared, clearing the dust.

Once the dust had cleared, Yuan could see the wolf lying in the large crater with spider-web-like fissures all over the ground, blood flowing from its jaws, and just a small movement from it.

'Despite sustaining significant damage, it remains alive, as expected of an SS-rank monster.' Yuan glanced at the wolf with disbelief on his face, unable to believe the creature was still alive.

Yuan then exhaled. "I've already squandered enough time; I can't afford to waste any more of it. I should do this swiftly and go back as soon as feasible.

He took a step forward and was immediately in front of the beast. Then he glanced at the wolf with a chilly expression.

"I can't let you regenerate now; I need to end this soon," Yuan muttered before raising his fist to pound the Wolf, followed by a loud bang.

Yuan killed the wolf with a punch powerful enough to fracture a massive boulder into a fine powder, and after confirming the wolf's death, he stored the carcass in his system storage.

"Well, since I've finished my business here, let's go back now." He said with a smile before getting on his flying sword and soaring towards his wives.

It only took him a few seconds to return, and when he saw that everyone was nervous and shivering from fright, Yuan stared at the expedition group with a perplexed expression on his face.

He then landed near King Richard, shocking him with his unexpected presence, and Yuan inquired, "What's going on here? Why does everyone appear so anxious?"

"Oh! It's you, Yuan." When King Richard realized it was Yuan, he sighed with relief. "Just a moment ago, we detected the tremendous presence of a monster approaching from that direction. However…"

"What is this?" Yuan lifted his eyebrows.

King Richard swiftly added, "However, the presence vanished as if it had never existed, and we felt a huge earthquake."

"Don't worry about it. I have already taken care of it." Yuan replied a little later.

Everyone was taken aback by Yuan's remark, but he disregarded them and returned to his women, telling them about his fight against the big wolf, which astonished his wives because he described the beast in detail.

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