My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 426 Xi Meili’s Discovery
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Chapter 426 Xi Meili's Discovery

?Ten days had passed since everyone entered the Forest Of Never Return and proceeded to the core of the forest, where the toughest and most dangerous beasts lived.

After ten days of travel, they arrived at the middle of the forest, which is located between the inner and core areas of the forest.

The environment became increasingly hard to navigate, even during the day, because the forest was always cloaked in darkness.

Up to this time, more than a hundred individuals have died fighting the creatures who attacked them the moment they laid eyes on them; the monsters are not only powerful but also highly ferocious.

Even a small bunny in this forest is powerful enough to easily defeat a C-rank Hunter, and each monster in this forest has unique skills that make killing them extremely difficult.

Although the forest is perilous, people benefit from it since defeating monsters not only provides them with rare and valuable materials but also allows them to grow stronger.

They've been fighting constantly for 10 days, and despite the fact that the majority of them faced low-ranking creatures, they've all gained valuable experience dealing with the forest's fearsome beasts.

After fighting many monsters, they've found their weaknesses, and it's now very easy for them to kill them, yet the risk remains.

"Your Majesty, I recommend that we rest before proceeding; everyone appears fatigued from the struggle with the gang of Mad Hounds." Archmage Eldrick pushed his horse closer to King Richard's and made a suggestion, looking at the fatigued crowd.

King Richard acknowledged everyone with a nod. "I believe a respite after fighting so hard is just what everyone needed. Let's put up our camps near a nice water source." He said.

Then he summoned his general, who approached the king as soon as he heard his name Bering shouted out.

"My King, what's your order?" The General in green armor inquired, modestly bending his head in reverence for the king.

"Scout the region with a few men, looking for a nice site to set up camp near a good water supply." The King spoke, his voice heavy with authority as a king.

"I understand, Your Majesty! I'll leave immediately!" The General responded before leaving to gather a few troops to investigate the region and find a safe place to put up their camps.

Meanwhile, Mireya, Sylvia, Valeria, and Leah were riding their horses, which went slowly, matching the speed of Yuan and his other wives who were walking.

Anna, Rose, Emma, and Lily cheerfully chatted with Mireya and the others as they continued to move forward; Julie and Ava also joined in and laughed pleasantly.

Xi Meili, on the other hand, was not interested in joining the conversation, instead looking at Yuan with a little but beautiful smile on her face, indicating her desire to spend time with her husband.

'She looks cute as she attempts to capture my attention, hehe!' Yuan grinned quietly as he noticed Xi Meili's lovely smile.

He then took her hand. drew her closer and continued to walk while holding hands intimately, and as Yuan's hand grabbed her hand, Xi Meili couldn't help but grin sweetly and feel immensely delighted.

As they stroll together holding hands, they draw a lot of attention, and most of them, especially the guys, are envious of them being lovey-dovey in such a setting.

The muttering of jealous males soon filled the air, and everyone, even the other women, focused on Yuan and Xi Meili.

The women are also jealous, but they believe Yuan and Xi Meili look great together when holding hands and walking together, so they control their jealousy.

Later, Xi Meili frowned, noting something with her senses, and she discovered something extraordinary that she had not expected.

"Hubby, I detect the existence of a Spiritual Herb in the distance; there are too many of them, maybe hundreds." Xi Meili instantly informed Yuan of her surprising discovery, despite the fact that she was also surprised.

Yuan quickly paused his feet upon hearing this, as he was completely taken aback. Xi Meili identified hundreds of Spiritual Herbs, despite the fact that they are already scarce and expensive. How could he not be shocked?

'Xi Meili has amazing control over her fire, and she also has a cauldron; if I give her the alchemy skill I have, she could make pills for us out of those herbs.' Yuan thought, realizing the whole significance of Xi Meili's discovery.

Not only that, but Rose possessed a very unusual and powerful physique that specialized in flames, and she was capable of becoming an alchemist; however, she had to produce her own alchemy flame in order to do so.

Because Xi Meili is skilled at refining weapons, forcing her to learn alchemy will be detrimental to her, therefore he decides on the best candidate to become an alchemist.

'Rose is best suited to become an alchemist; she is patient and can make sound decisions even when stressed.' Yuan smiled as he made the decision to teach Rose alchemy.

'It is final. I will teach Rose the alchemy process and make her an alchemist.' Yuan grinned inwardly and briefly glanced at Rose.

Then he turned at Xi Meili and inquired, "Where did you find Spiritual Herbs? How long will it take us to get there?"

"A kilometer from here, within a massive cave." Xi Meili responded swiftly and then shared the location of the Spiritual Herbs with him.

"Is there a spiritual creature guarding the herbs?After all, wherever a spiritual heart grows,there will be a spiritual beast guarding the plant tillit matures."

"A spiritual beast is guarding the cave—a scale viper!" Xi Meili responded with aserioustone. She swiftly continued, "The Viper has the cultivation of a peak Spirit Master, which is extremely deadly! However, with your cultivation level, you can easily defeat it."

"I see…In that case, let's go pick those herbs; they'rereally valuableto us." Yuan spoke in an enthusiastic tone, and he was also curious to see how a spiritual beast lookedin comparisonto a magical beast.

"I am also delighted to go on a small adventure with you, hubby!" Xi Meili responded excitedly, her joy palpable.

"Small adventure? We are merely going to collect herbs..." Yuan chuckled as he saw Xi Meili eager to accompany him.

"Darling~! Where do you think you're going with Xi Meili so secretly?"

Yuan was about to jump on his flying sword, carrying Xi Meili like a princess when he heard his Mom Grace's usual frigid voice behind him.

Yuan suddenly halted his strides, looked around with an awkward expressionon his face, and moaned. "Xi Meiki has just uncovered a collection of spiritual herbs in the distance. We're going there to get them."

"Spiritual herbs?! Are you telling the truth?" Grace was taken aback when she heard this and nearly yelled, but shemanaged to keepher voice down in time.

Hearing this, Anna and the others pausedtheir talk, turned around, and inquired, "Did you just mention Spiritual Herb?"

"That's correct." Yuannodded,andthen told everyone about Xi Meili's incredible discovery of a slew of spiritual medicines.

"I see you're going to pick the herb. How about I join you as well?" Grace inquired, expressing her interest in accompanying him to pick the plants. "After all, I can help you gather the plants if necessary."

"Sure, you can join me..." Yuan nodded with a smile, making Grace happy.

Then he turned to face his other wives and asked, "Isthere anyone else who wantsto join me?"

"If you don't mind, I'd want to tag along since I'm interested in learning more about spiritual herbs." General Valeria spoke, raising her hand, having never heard of spiritual herbs before.

"You can take Grace and Valeria with you; we will continue working with Mireya and the others." Anna then spoke to him in her pleasant, melodious voice, and he nodded.

Then he grabbed Valeira and jumped onto the flying sword, soaring into the sky with ahugegrinon his face, eager to collect the spiritual herbs.

Valeriawas taken abackto find herself in Yuan's arms, and she was soaring with him. She glanced at the horizon with a bewildered expressionon her face, and all she could see was a sea of trees that appeared to go on indefinitely.

"So beautiful…!" General Valeria gave Inna a dreamy look as she gazed into the horizon.

Grace and Xi Meili soon followed, flying close to him. Grace was using her own flying sword, while Xi Meili was flying without one.

They quickly arrived at the place where Xi Meili discovered the spiritual herbs and fell quietly to the earth.

Yuan carefully placed Valeria on her feet as she descended to theearth,while Xi Meili pointed her finger in the distance.

"That's the cave where spiritual herbs thrive." Xi Meili spoke in a calm voice.

When Grace followed Xi Meili's finger, she discovered a small opening in a cave, large enough for a person to entereasily.

"Let's hurry and collect the herbs!"Grace screams eagerly and is ready totake astep forward when Yuanabruptly stops them.

"Mom, hold your horses." He said. "A powerful spiritual beast is guarding the plants, and it will not allow us to collect them."

'A spiritual beast? What type of beast is that?' General Valeria was perplexed because she had never heard of this term before.

"Yuan, what is a spiritual beast? Is it similar to a mystical beast?" She asked him, perplexed.

"Well, it's fairly comparable to a magical beast," Yuan answered, and hebegan to explain aboutspiritual monsters to her.

"I'll entice the beast out of the cave and kill it outside the cave; fighting him within the cave will be extremely difficult," Yuan remarked before approaching the cave, calm and confident.𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

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