My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 428 A Good Place
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Chapter 428 A Good Place

After?successfully?collecting all of the spiritual herbs from the cave, Yuan smiled at his women and said, "Now that we've completed our business here, let us return to where the others are."

Yuan hurled his sword into the air, snatched Valeria up, and leaped on the flying sword, soaring into the sky at high speeds. Grace and Xi Meili soared into the sky, following him closely behind.

Meanwhile, Anna and the girls?are speaking?cheerfully?as they walk forward without pausing, and King Richard approaches them.

"Mrs. Yuan, could you please tell me where Mr. Yuan abruptly went with General Valeria and two other ladies? Did they spot any powerful monsters nearby that we are unaware of?"

"Don't be concerned, King Richard. It's not like that." Anna said with a convincing smile on her face. "General Valeria wanted to know how it feels to fly in the sky, so Yuan is simply fulfilling her wishes, while Grace and Xi Meili are merely accompanying them."

"I see…Thank god it isn't another powerful monster; I am relieved." King Richard sighed in relief, ignorant?to the fact?that Anna had lied to him with a straight face?and?he hadn't noticed.

'It's too easy to feel the mortals, and because I'm a cultivator, I can manage my demeanor very well, which comes in useful in situations like these.' Anna thought, beaming inside.

Then King Richard abruptly inquired again, "By the way,?they appear to have gone too far.?Will they have a problem finding us if we keep moving like this?"

"No! They will not. They can easily find us even if we are tens of kilometers away." Anna responded. "I see… I seem to be concerned about nothing." King Richard sighed and turned to?depart,?but?then?heard the General's voice from behind.

"Your Majesty, there you are; we had been looking for you."

*cough* King Richard cleared his throat?before saying, "Now, tell me what the situation is.?Did you discover a suitable location?for us?to set up our camps?"

"Your Majesty, I'm delighted to inform you that we've discovered an excellent location near a decent water source," the General said. "The location of this site is over two kilometers from here, and we did not spot any powerful monsters roaming nearby, but we can't be sure."

"Very good. Then please guide us to the site as soon as possible; the sun will set in about three hours, and we cannot afford to waste our time." King Richard directed the General to bring everyone to the designated location to set up their camps.

"Please follow my lead, Your Majesty." The General nodded immediately and began bringing everyone to?the location?where they had decided to set up camp two km away.

Yuan, Valeria, Xi Meili, and Grace materialized in front of them and?fell to the ground in an instant, stunning everyone.

"Oh! Yuan, General Valeria, and Mrs. Yuan, you're back."?King Richard spoke,?attempting?to hide his surprise at seeing Grace and Yuan?both?soaring on the flying sword.

'Mrs. Yuan's ability to fly in the sky surprised me...Does that mean everyone in his family can fly like that?' He was curious about the possibilities.

General Valeria slips down from Yuan's arm, a?little embarrassed, and asks, "By the way, King Richard, what's your plan? Did you discover a nice area for us to set up camp tonight?"

"According to the scouts I sent out to scout the region, we have discovered a nice site to set up our camps,?which is two kilometers distant?from here."?King Richard promptly responded with a smile.

Then he went on, "The scouts claimed there is a vast water source near the campsite, which is very important to us because it would offer not only drinkable water but also food."

"Is that true? Then we'll have to be extra careful because many monsters will come there to drink water." General Valeria responded before turning to Yuan and asking, "What are your thoughts, my dear?"

Yuan paused for a time before responding, "Well, since we have the monster-repelling devices, we don't have to worry about being attacked by a monster."

"But to be?on the safe side, we have to set up our camps a little further away from the water source, as we can't afford to take chances."

"Moreover, if the water supply is doop and has a concealed water monster, we must also be concerned about those; as far as I'm aware, most water creatures normally attack at night."

"So our tranquil night can be rather dangerous if you think about it. Is it better for us to think about the dangers ahead and?come up with?a solution?" Yuan remarked calmly and?easily?as if he had already prepared the entire issue.

"I am surprised... Why hadn't I thought of this sooner? After all, here is the center of the?Forest?of Never Return. We can't take anything lightly?in?here, especially in this godforsaken jungle." King Rochard's expression became serious as he realized the potential risks.

Theforestis home toa variety ofodd critters, and there is no doubting the presence of powerful aquatic creatures. Furthermore, there are several monsters in theforestthat kids have only heard about in stories.

And except for Yuan and his wives, everyone else doesn't want to confront such unique animals, as they don't have much knowledge about them, itwould be exceedinglytoughto deal with monsters that they don't know about.

"Dear, how did things go? Did you collect all of the spiritual herbs?" Anna asked him with a smile as soon as he approached her, but knowing the smile on his face, she knew he would refuse, but she asked nonetheless.

"Indeed.We collected everysingleherd we could locate inside the cave," Yuanremarked, smiling."More than that, we obtain something that will make you all stronger soon simply by consuming it."

"Oh! "And what would that be?" Before Anna could say anything, Lilyapproached and inquired aboutwhat Yuan had discovered to boost their abilities.

"It's the meat of the spiritual beast," Yuan responded, explaining. "The flesh of the spiritual beast carries a great quantity of spiritual energy in it, which isratheruseful for cultivators like us, as it strengthens our bodies after consumption."

"Really?! I'm quite thrilled to try it!"Lily screams excitedly, eager to testifconsuming the meat wouldactuallystrengthen her body.

Xi Meili chimed in. "I am also excited! It must be delicious!"

Hearing this, Valeria, Mireya, and Sylvia become intrigued by the spiritual beast's flesh, as they, too, want to become strong. Who doesn't want a quick way to gain strength?

"Um, Yuan, might we also try? After all, we want to get stronger." Valeria tapped on his shoulder and inquired, her tone uneasy because she wasn't sure if it was a good idea to question him.

"Sorry, but the meat of a spiritual beast is toxic toyou;not just you, but everyone with mana in their body." Yuan shook his head and elaborated.

Even if they consumed a small bite of the spiritual beast's meat, the Qi in the meat would clash with the mana in their body, which their body would be unable to handle, causing catastrophic harm to their internal organs.

In the worst-case situation, their bodies may begin to crack after devouring the meat of a spiritual beast, and this will continue until theyare utterly destroyed.

"It's unfortunate that we won't be able to consume it; Iwas wondering abouthow it would taste." Mireya sighed with disappointment at hearing this.

Yuan pulled Mireya closer and said, "Don't worry, we have plenty of meatwith us. You can taste the flesh after you become a cultivator, which will only happen once we leave theforest."

'Become a cultivator, like Yuan and his wives? I want to be a cultivator...He seems to be planning to make me a cultivator as well.' Mireya smiled inside, delighted to hear this.

She then glanced at him with concern. "But won't the meat have rotted by then? However, if we dry them, that is a different story.

Yuan chuckled."Don'tworry,the meat inside my spatial ring will stay fresh indefinitely, and you can eat it."

"I see…" Mireya smiled warmly at him.

They eventually arrived at the place revealed by King Richard's scouts to set up camps for the night, and the area looked pretty goodin comparisonto the dark, dismalforest. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

It was an open place with a high ground, and beneath it was a beautiful lake; the water appeared pure and drinkable, and people began forcing the horses to drink directly from the lake.

The others collaborated to put up campgrounds for everyone, and some people placed monster-repelling devices in the surrounding area, creating a magical barrier that kept the monsters away from the encampment.

Meanwhile, Yuan and his ladies began to set up their tent, which wasfairlylarge and could comfortably accommodate more than twenty people at once, and it only took them ten minutes to complete the setup.

A few minutes later, the sun began to setanddarkness fell; as soon as the sun went down, the jungle came alive, and they could hear the loud roaring of powerful monsters in the distance.

Everyone panics after hearing the roars of the fierce beasts, and King Richard and Crown Prince Daniel rush forward.

"Don't worry, the monsters will not approach our campsite; we've already erected monster-repelling devices." King Richard spoke calmly, telling everyonethat thecamp was the safest place in theforest.

"Now, everyone, please return to what you're doing; men should be tough and not afraid of the monster, after all," Daniel continued with a smile, hoping to lift people's spirits.

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