My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2519 - 2519 The Fiery Red Young Crown Prince Consort
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2519 The Fiery Red Young Crown Prince Consort

Caiqi felt uneasy seeing her expressionless face. She braced herself and asked, “Crown Prince Consort, do, do you want me to do it over again?”

“Hm? No need to! It’s very good.” The young crown prince consort deadpanned.

Caiqi let out a big sigh of relief. Afterwards, she walked over to ten or so chests in the corner of the room and said, “Crown Prince Consort, these clothes and jewelry were just delivered from the clothing department and the jewelry department last night, so we have not yet put them away. Additionally, the furniture department will also be delivering some furniture and ornaments in the coming days.”

“Crown Prince Consort, take a look. What do you want to wear today?” Caiqi probed.

The young crown prince consort waved her hand. “Whatever is fine. Just something simple.”


Caiqi thoroughly understood now.

It looked like this young crown prince consort liked everything to be simple. In the future, they would not need to deal with overly ornate styles.

Qiao Mu contemplated a bit and then said, “I want to wear red today.”

She wanted to wear fiery red for her battle gear. Humph, she would crush anyone who dared to make trouble!

“Okay, Crown Prince Consort.” It was best that the crown prince consort had something in mind. Caiqi quickly found a dress made from red ostrich feathers from the chests. She complemented it with a white rabbit fur cape.

The red was akin to fire, and the white was nearly transparent. Just a glance dazzled the two palace maids.

Heavens, wh-who could not like such a spirited and lovely young crown prince consort after seeing her?

“Crown Prince Consort, food has already been prepared. Please come this way.”

Qiaoqiao followed the two palace maids out from the bedchamber and went into the side chamber to take her meal.

The palace maids and eunuchs she met along the way all saluted respectfully with lowered heads. They dared not look about carelessly.

Qiaoqiao was quite satisfied.

It seemed like the management of this Eastern Palace was fine on the whole.

At least that Palace Lady Jing and Eunuch Zhao commanded quite the prestige and could keep these people in check.

As long as they didn’t annoy Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao wouldn’t interfere with them too much.

“Greetings to the crown prince consort.”

“Greetings to the crown prince consort.”

There were people bowing in salute the whole way. Qiao Mu merely glanced over them and entered the side chamber under Caiqi and Caixiu’s lead.

Qiao Mu found a seat to sit in. She loooked at the several dozen dishes on the table and creased her brows again and again.

“Who sent this over?” The young crown prince consort was expressionless as she asked in an even tone.

If Fang Su and Eunuch Hu were here, their hearts would definitely sink in alarm!

The calmer this young crown prince consort seemed, the more expressionless she became, the more it meant that she was feeling even more agitated on the inside.

Caiqi did not understand and answered while bowing slightly. “Junior Eunuch Li from the imperial kitchen delivered this with several junior palace maids.

The crown prince consort nodded. “Call them all over.”

Caixiu’s heart skipped a beat. She sensed something off.

Before Caiqi could speak, Caixiu hastily curtsied and said, “Understood!”

Afterwards, she quickly walked out and instructed the two junior palace maids standing outside the door in a low voice.

By the time she walked into the side chamber again, she saw the young crown prince consort still sitting in front of the table without having picked up her chopsticks at all. Even though the young crown prince consort was still expressionless, it seemed like the atmospheric pressure around her had gotten even lower.

The two palace maids looked down submissively. They dared not speak carelessly and just stood like this behind the young crown prince consort.

Fifteen minutes later, the palace maid outside the door entered and announced that Junior Eunuch Li from the imperial kitchen had come.

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