My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

Chapter 123 - 123 Herbs for Killing Enemies
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123 Herbs for Killing Enemies

“Live-in son-in-law?”

Despite the question, Qin Huai’s expression was calm. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯

“Why me? It can’t be as simple as Miss Shaoxiang seeing me get first place in the grand martial competition, right? Lingjiang county is filled with outstanding talents. There should be some who are not inferior to me.”

Since he knew that the long breath technique was the blood refining section of the Nine Dragons sect’s nine dragons true ai technique, the Nine Dragons sect would definitely be his next target if nothing unexpected happened.


The many advantages of the long breath technique, whether it was the forbidden technique that provided Qin Huai with the power to cross realms and kill enemies, were all very useful. It was still the good compatibility of the cultivation technique itself that could produce changes with many other cultivation techniques.

All of these made Qin Huai very fond of the long breath technique. And the most important point was, although he didn’t need to care about the impact of a secondary cultivation method on breaking through the realm and having a damaged qi and blood, re-cultivating a new method would still take up a lot of Qin Huai’s time.

Once the progress was slowed down, many things that could have been easily solved would become extremely troublesome. Especially in this turbulent world, no one knew what would happen the next day. Therefore, it was inevitable for Qin Huai to have dealings with the people of the Nine Dragons sect.

Furthermore, his master had mentioned that Miss Shaoxiang was from the Li family, one of the two families of the Nine Dragons sect. That was why Qin Huai had to be patient. He wanted to see what the other party’s intentions were.

“I believe in fate. That day, a fortune-teller told me that you were the ideal husband in my life.” Miss Shaoxiang’s tone was somewhat melancholic.

“If I refuse, Miss Shaoxiang wouldn’t use the Nine Dragons sect’s power to secretly obstruct me, right?” Qin Huai smiled. He couldn’t find any useful information from these few words.

“It’s hard to say. A little girl like me is very narrow-minded… I’m just joking. If Young Master Qin is not willing, then forget it.” Shaoxiang smiled charmingly. “It’s just that Young Master Qin’s straightforward rejection made me feel a little uncomfortable. Does Young Master think that Shaoxiang is not beautiful enough?”

“No one can match Miss Shaoxiang’s beauty. It’s just that I’m currently focused on martial arts and don’t want to talk about love.” Qin Huai shirked again.

He couldn’t understand why this Miss Shaoxiang had chosen him and what she was plotting against him.

He would be the son-in-law of the Li family of the Nine Dragons sect. Background, women, power… Everything was available. Of course, it sounded like a good thing with no harm, but there was no free lunch in the world. Such a good thing was bound to come with unimaginable risks.

That was why Qin Huai didn’t dare to agree easily.

“Qing’er,” Miss Shaoxiang called out softly.

Outside the door, Miss Qingshui, dressed in a green robe, came in with a red incense wood tray. There was also a white jade pill bottle on the tray.

Miss Shaoxiang stood up and slowly walked forward to take the white jade pill bottle.

“This is a dragon raising pill especially refined by the Nine Dragons sect. It can condense the white dragon qi, and it’s very beneficial for both offense and defense.”

Without waiting for Qin Huai to speak, Miss Shaoxiang continued, “Just treat it as my congratulatory and meeting gift to Young Master Qin. Young Master Qin can’t possibly be unwilling to befriend Shaoxiang, right?”

Miss Shaoxiang’s eyes were full of affection as they moved.

Qin Huai hurriedly cupped his fists. “Then I’ll shamelessly accept it! If Miss Shaoxiang needs my help in the future, I will definitely do my best.”

After Qin Huai left, only then did Qing’er walk to Miss Shaoxiang’s side with small, quick steps. “Miss, does this mean he has agreed? ”

“No, he didn’t.” Shaoxiang’s eyes were calm as she looked out the window at the figure that was leaving.

“What? Is he even a man? Even Qing’er would love to marry a woman like Young Miss.” Miss Qingshui pouted indignantly.

“Some men in this world are like this.” Shaoxiang’s lips curled into a smile, but she no longer had her previous charm. “I’m starting to believe it now. This person might really be the person that the Daoist mentioned.”

“Why?” Miss Qingshui’s eyes were filled with doubt.

“The twists and turns are fate,” Shaoxiang muttered to herself. “Qin Huai already has the intention to enter the Nine Dragons sect, so there will be many more opportunities in the future.”

As soon as Qin Huai left the city, he saw the mighty black-armored army outside the city gate. They raised a black flag with the word “wolf” embroidered on it, swaying in the wind and snow.

“Greetings, General Qin!” The leader dismounted from his horse and quickly walked to Qin Huai.

It was a familiar face. He’s the commander of the city lord’s mansion, Sun Tong.

He was once the temporary commander of the tiger battalion and was stationed at the Changshan Dojo on White Flow Mountain, protecting Hu Jinghai.

“If Commander Sun is here, then what about the tiger battalion at the foot of the mountain?”

“The tiger battalion is still at the foot of the mountain. The city lord has considered that I am familiar with you, so he has let me temporarily represent the wolf battalion. They’re all my old subordinates…”

Sun Tong’s position as the city lord’s mansion’s commander was something he had climbed up step by step from the army. Among the three thousand soldiers, he was one of the most experienced.

“Then let’s station our troops at the foot of the mountain.” Qin Huai pondered for a moment, then said, “Take the wolf battalion with you every day and walk fifty miles west. At the foot of Yazi mountain, there are many tiger skin grass and chili vines, which are all superior medicinal herbs.”

This was something he had discovered when he was traveling for the past two months. He also found two wild herb fields in that mountain.

However, it was a little far away, so he didn’t tell him.

“Go to Yazi mountain every day to pick herbs. Bring them back, and I’ll teach you how to make some simple herbs.”

“Forgive this subordinate for being presumptuous, but what do you mean by superior medicinal herbs?”

“Naturally, they’re the herbs for killing enemies.” Qin Huai’s face was calm. “When the time comes, I’ll teach you some ways to release it against the enemy. It’ll definitely be very effective on the battlefield.”

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