My Villain's System

Chapter 134 134: Who Is She?
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[Smart Analysis!]

[The poison that comes from the blood of the Earth Worm is a parasite that will reproduce at breakneck Speed within 0.01 seconds. Has a short life expectancy without a host. However, if it enters the body of a living being, it might be able to multiply beyond countless numbers]

[Capable of killing all Earth Realm Stage Seventh Stage Cultivators and below because the power of the parasitic poison depends on the Earth Worm Spiritual Beast]

[The most powerful Earth worms can grow to the Third Stage of the Earth Realm Stage, which makes them less dangerous in the cultivator world. That is why the Earth Worm has never caused a disaster]

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows slightly. If any Earth Worm reached the Fifth Stage of the Earth Realm, it could kill all cultivators that entered the place. But he is aware that there are limits to every living being, none of which is perfect because it is as if it has been arranged by nature.

"System, create poison using all the Earth Worm blood in the storage slot!" Lin Xian ordered.


[Requires 5,000 system points to make the strongest poison using Earthworm's blood]

[Does the Host want to use 5,000 points to make the poison?]

[Yes /No?]

Lin Xian glanced at his System's total points totaling 666,680 points.

"Yes." Lin Xian replied and looked at the System points reduced to 661,680 points.


[Succeeded in creating a poison of mass destruction that kills any being at the Lower Seventh Stage of Earth Realm. The time for the parasite poison to live is doubled, and will stay in the air for 5 seconds. When poison is used, the initial scope is 40 square meters]

Lin Xian was dumbfounded because he had created a poison of mass destruction. Of course, it wasn't a disadvantage as being able to kill hundreds of Earth Realm Seventh Stage cultivators if cultivators gathered in a certain area within a 40 square meter range.

That said, such a thing was too cheap to make a poison that would kill a strong cultivator.

"Hahaha! It seems I have one item that will help me when I can't fight many strong cultivators in the future." Lin Xian laughed evilly at this time because he was very happy to get a new trump card.

"System, will I be affected by that poison of mass destruction?" Lin Xian asked in his mind.


[Host cannot be affected as poison only lives in the air for 5 seconds while Host has a passive defense against the poison of that level for 5 seconds]

The System's answer made Lin Xian even happier at this moment. Using his own body as bait, Lin Xian could trap multiple cultivators at once in the future. This was a very underhanded way to fight multiple cultivators at once.

Thus, Lin Xian wanted to hunt down a few more Earth Worms but felt that there was no need because he suspected he would not use them too much when some cultivators saw him use poison.

It was certain that the other cultivators would keep their distance from him in the future. Therefore, he only needed to use it once to prevent the cultivator from getting close to him again.

Throwing away his thoughts of hunting the Earth Worms again, Lin Xian continued to move toward the end of the cave.

After moving for nearly 5 minutes, Lin Xian got another system notification.


[3 Km away, a cultivator is moving straight. She is a cultivator who was injured from fighting the Earth Worm, which is very difficult to find if it goes underground]

Hearing that, Lin Xian thought for a moment as he continued to move.

"Analysis of the presentation of the victory against her one on one in her injured state!" Lin Xian ordered.


[Host has a 40% chance of winning because Host is not skilled in stealth moves like Earth Worm]

The System's reply made Lin Xian twitch slightly. But thinking He has the poison of mass destruction, He is unafraid. Usually, he will shy away if the System says that the chance of winning doesn't even reach 50%.

At his full Speed, Lin Xian continued to move toward the cultivator. If that cultivator was not from the Yin Kingdom, he would not care much and have no intention of fighting.

In the distance, the injured cultivator also wore a serious face as she felt a faint aura of Qi approaching, but the Speed was extremely fast.

"Who's that?" The cultivator's mind felt it must not be an Earth Worm because she had previously been unable to trace where it moved or appeared. That made her lose; the poison the Earth Worm had plastered all over the cave's surface slowed her movements.

Even now, that cultivator still felt dizzy and nauseous, making her slow down occasionally. If she knew what kind of poison the blood of the Earth Worm produced, she would not want to fight against a Spiritual Beast like that. ๐‘“๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐”€๐“ฎ๐’ท๐˜ฏ๐“ธ๐“‹๐“ฎ๐˜ญ.๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐˜ฎ

Plaque! Plaque

The cultivator heard a flapping sound like wings that stunned her. She immediately turned around and held the sword with both hands to fight if it was true that the approaching was a bat-type Spiritual Beast that liked to live in dark caves.

When the figure came into view, the cultivator was stunned to see a young boy flying with pitch-black wings on his back.

"Human? Mixed Spiritual Beast? Wasn't that youngster previously the one with all the women from the Blossoming Flower Sect?" She asked, a little confused because she was in that place when Wei Lan and Xiao Wu messed up.


Lin Xian passed through the cultivator in an instant. He just glanced at it and then ignored it.

The cultivator was dumbfounded because even Lin Xian didn't care about her.

"Wait!" shouted the cultivator, immediately chasing after Lin Xian with all her might. Of course, she felt it would be better to go with someone because her previous partner had been bitten by the mouth of the Earth Worm, which looked so disgusting. After all, it was shaped like a chicken's butt.

"Hmm?" Lin Xian glanced behind him and then moved back as he was too lazy to talk to strangers.

Seeing Lin Xian ignoring her, the cultivator was extremely irritated. She mobilized her Qi to move faster than before to match Lin Xian's Speed.

Lin Xian felt he was chasing the cultivator he had just passed; he sighed in annoyance.

"Tch! Why does it seem like she's following me? What does she want?" Lin Xian thought as he continued to increase his flying Speed in the air.

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