My Wife is A Sword God

Chapter 353: The Idea of Promoting Gunpowder
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Chapter 353: The Idea of Promoting Gunpowder

What was that just now? Qin Feng muttered to himself as he looked in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

Even though the golden dragon had disappeared, he still seemed to be able to hear the terrifying dragons roar in his ears and see the fierce posture hovering in the sky.

He also had a faint illusion that the moment the golden dragon turned its head, his own figure was reflected in its huge dragon eyes.

The old man seemed to have guessed something and looked at Qin Feng thoughtfully.

Although the others were also shocked by the golden dragon, they were still more interested in the gunpowder than the golden dragon!

Old man, was what you just made the gunpowder that Master Qin mentioned?

I dont understand. Why do these materials unleash such tremendous power when combined? Is that also the secret of physics?

At this moment, everyones gaze converged on one person, their eyes filled with intense curiosity.

Qin Feng cleared his throat and replied, Its a bit different from physics, but even if I explain it to you, its still difficult for you to understand the principles with your current level of knowledge. All I can tell you is that its called chemistry, or you can call it alchemy.

Despite his words, the fact was that he couldnt fully explain the principles himself.

Chemistry, alchemy? Everyones eyes lit up, as if they had discovered a new door.

Such wondrous things that can turn decay into magic, perhaps only Master Qin can achieve that!

Master Qin, can you teach us this alchemy?

If you could teach us the principles of gunpowder production, we would be extremely grateful!

Qin Feng looked pensive. After all, he needed to mass produce gunpowder, as it could help the human race better resist demons.

However, there were two sides to everything. Gunpowder had low requirements for users, which was both good and bad.

If used by someone with bad intentions, such as bandits, it could bring disaster to the human race.

While Qin Feng was contemplating whether or not to share the method of making gunpowder, the old man said, Todays events at the Divine Workshop should be treated as if they never happened. Gunpowder is of great importance, and if people with evil intentions find out about it, it could lead to disaster.

Elder Yuan, who had lived for a long time, naturally foresaw Qin Fengs concerns.

Upon hearing these words, the people in the Divine Workshop immediately understood the intricacies.

The power was astounding, but the gunpowder had minimal requirements for its users. If it fell into the wrong hands, it would no longer be a blessing to mankind, but rather the root of disaster!

We understand, the crowd said in unison, not mentioning the matter of gunpowder.

Kid, come with me. Elder Yuan said to Qin Feng, turning around and heading to the upper level of the attic.

Qin Feng hesitated for a moment, but followed.

On the fourth floor of the attic, Elder Yuan asked, What exactly is the alchemy you mentioned? When different types of materials are fused together, why do they undergo such strange changes that are completely different from their original properties?

In Elder Yuans ingrained mind, iron was iron, and gold was gold. No matter how it was hammered or forged, its essence would not change.

However, the birth of gunpowder shattered his understanding.

He wanted to explore and understand the secrets behind it.

At first, Qin Feng didnt want to answer because he himself only had a partial understanding. However, when he saw the old mans inquisitive gaze, he thought for a moment and roughly explained.

In reality, most substances in the world are not what they appear to be on the surface; they have a deeper and more subtle essence. In the field of alchemy, we call them elements.

Saltpeter, sulfur, charcoal, and other materials are combined together. The reason they can become powerful gunpowder is because of the reaction caused by the combination of the elements they contain. Do you understand what Im saying, Elder?

The old man raised his head, but remained silent.

However, from his confused eyes, Qin Feng could tell that Elder Yuan did not understand the principles.

It couldnt be helped, the concept of elements was too advanced for people of this era.

He couldnt recite the periodic table in front of the old man, could he?

Never mind, Elder Yuan sighed. Lets talk about gunpowder first. This substance has tremendous power, and it requires nothing from its users.

This is undoubtedly an additional guarantee for the human race against the demonic beings.

However, if Gunpowder is left unchecked and spreads among the common people, it will undoubtedly lead to extremely serious consequences.

Qin Feng nodded in agreement upon hearing this. What the elder said is something Ive been worried about all along. However, I have a solution.

What method? Yuanzhai inquired.

Cooperate with the court, the military, and the Demon Slayer Department. Allow them to control the raw materials for gunpowder, saltpeter, and sulfur, thus solving the problem of potential misuse of gunpowder.

This answer surprised the old man a bit, This method is indeed feasible, but it may be difficult to implement. The principle of the innocent should not be punished for the guilty is something you should understand. If they find out that the source of the gunpowder is with you, it wont be under your control alone.

Qin Feng smiled and replied, I am well aware of this principle, so I need Elder Yuans help to implement it. I have no connections within the court, so I hope you can provide some guidance in this regard.

Are you saying that you can handle the military and the Demon Slayer Department on your own? Yuanzhai asked.

Qin Feng raised an eyebrow and replied, To be honest, Elder, my wifes family name is Liu, and her name is Jianli.

I see, Yuan Zhai nodded.

The Liu family, in charge of the Divine Marquis Army, had considerable influence in the military.

As for the Demon Slayer Department, Qin Feng glanced at the green jade Demon Slayer token on his waist.

In other places, the green jade Demon Slayer token was a symbol of identity.

In Imperial City, however, it seemed somewhat inadequate.

Perhaps the only support he could rely on was his relationship with Senior Mad Blade and Senior Spear Immortal.

Moreover, when he left Jinyang City, Chief Zhou Kai gave him a letter of recommendation for the Demon Slayer Department, which made it easier for him to enter the Demon Slayer Department in Imperial City.

However, since he arrived in Imperial City, he had been busy with other matters and hadnt had time to visit the department.

I must find time to visit the Demon Slayer Department next. Not only to make connections, but also to promote the use of gunpowder. Qin Feng thought.

Then he explained to the old man how to properly use gunpowder, Elder Yuan, although gunpowder is powerful, it should not be ignited directly, as it is too dangerous. I have a design here that can store gunpowder and ignite it with a fuse.

This not only gives the user enough time to escape, but also allows the user to control the detonation time. Furthermore, by adjusting the amount of gunpowder, one can determine the explosive power.

Next, I need your help to make some of these things. It will also be convenient to show them to the court, the military, and the Demon Slayer Department in the near future.

The elder couldnt help but be intrigued by this brilliant idea. Interesting, I understand.𝘧𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀ℯ𝘣𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓂

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