My Wife is A Sword God

Chapter 355: You’re in for a treat
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Chapter 355: You're in for a treat

Qin Feng came to the Liu residence for official business, so he only brought Ningshuang as his bodyguard, but he did not expect Liu Jianli to follow him.

In his wifes words, she came to learn more from that influential mother-in-law.

As for what she was learning, his wife didnt mention.

Guided by the servants, Qin Feng and his group arrived at the main hall of the Liu residence.

The solemn father-in-law, Liu Tianluo, and the influential mother-in-law, Houfei Qing, were both present.

Logically speaking, as the most famous commander of the Divine Marquis Army in Great Qian, this father-in-law should be very busy fighting everywhere.

However, for some reason, Qin Feng had successfully met him twice during his visits.

Could it be that Great Qian has been too peaceful lately, so the Divine Marquis Armys expeditions have been reduced? Qin Feng speculated.

Why do you have time to come here today? Arent you supposed to go to the Grand Literature Academy? Liu Tianluo asked curiously.

Qin Feng truthfully replied, I dont agree with the philosophy of the Grand Literature Academy, so I declined their invitation.

Declined? Liu Tianluo was a bit surprised. Do you know what the Grand Literature Academy means to those who follow the Dao of the Literary Saint? If you want to reach higher realms, its the best place to go. Its also the best way for scholars to enter the court. Why

Before he finished speaking, Houfei Qing, the influential mother-in-law, immediately interjected, My son-in-law is coming to visit the residence, and if you dont want to welcome him, thats fine. Why are you still wearing a sour face and interrogating him?

If he doesnt like the Grand Literary Academy, he doesnt have to go. Whats the point of serving in the court?

Its just a bunch of corrupt officials, and ordinary people cant live a good life there. Im afraid my son-in-law will learn bad things from those people after he enters.

Liu Tianluo turned his head and frowned, Dont criticize the court, and when did I say I didnt welcome him?

Are you saying that I falsely accused you? Are you being harsh because you are fed up with me? Houfie Qing, the influential mother-in-law, pulled out a white handkerchief and pretended to cry.

I Liu Tianluo shook his head and finally sighed, giving up.

Qin Feng was stunned by this scene. This mother-in-law was indeed formidable, and she had the military god father-in-law firmly in her grip.

However, ordinary people might not be able to stand such a woman. Fortunately, Jianli was not like her mother, and Qin Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Actually, I came here this time to ask for Fathers help.

Go on. Liu Tianluo gestured for Qin Feng and the others to sit down and had the maid bring tea.

Then Qin Feng explained the purpose of his visit.

You can unleash the power of gunpowder comparable to magic weapons without the guidance of literary qi, martial qi, or yin qi? Liu Tianluos eyes widened.

Thats right.

The father-in-law exhaled lightly. Since he was worshipped as a military god by the people of Imperial City, he immediately understood the importance of gunpowder.

If gunpowder could be used properly, even ordinary soldiers could wield unimaginable power!

Did you develop the gunpowder yourself?


Do you have a sample?

It has been entrusted to Master Yuan Zhai at the Divine Workshop for production and testing. I believe it wont be long before we see tangible results.

Okay, then. When you have the real thing, come find me again. If the gunpowder is truly as miraculous as you say, you will be a military hero, no, a meritorious figure for Great Qian!

Liu Tianlu seemed to be in a good mood, smiling as he said, The Great Literature Academy doesnt need you. With your intelligence, joining the army as a staff officer is more than enough, but these matters can wait; lets discuss them later.

Its almost noon; stay and have a meal together.

Thats exactly what I had in mind. Qin Feng replied with a smile.

Apart from winning a battle, Houfie Qing had never seen Liu Tianlu smile so happily. It seemed that the thing called gunpowder was much more powerful than she understood.

Although the Qin family has been in decline, it seems that they might rise in this generation, she thought, becoming more and more satisfied as she looked at her son-in-law.

At that moment, Liu Jianli said, Mother, my husband liked the recipe you gave me that day. Do you have any more recipes? I want to learn more.

As soon as these words came out, both Liu Tianlu and Qin Feng stopped drinking tea.

It turned out that the dark dish was my mother-in-laws masterpiece. Qin Fengs face was extremely ugly.

His mother-in-law laughed and said, I told you before, to win a mans heart, you must first win his stomach. Your father used to praise my cooking endlessly.

Originally, I wanted to continue cooking for him, but he said the oil fumes in the kitchen were too heavy, and he was afraid that getting used to my cooking would make him picky and unable to stomach military rations, so he wouldnt let me cook.

Liu Jianli blushed and said with a smile, My husband told me those things as well.

Qin Feng and the father-in-law exchanged glances; even though they didnt say anything, their thoughts were communicated at that moment.

It was a feeling of mutual understanding.

Men naturally understood men the best.

I am really happy today. You want to learn how to cook from your mother again. Then lets go to the kitchen.

Ningshuang, come too. You are Jianlis personal sword attendant, and in the future, you will also serve my son-in-law. Cooking is also essential. .

Upon hearing this, Lan Ningshuang looked at Qin Feng, felt a flutter in her heart, and replied, Understood, Madam.

Liu Tianlu and Qin Fengs eyelids immediately twitched.

The father-in-law immediately solemnly said, There are so many servants in the kitchen, and you taking charge is beneath your status.

Qin Feng hastily added, Yes, Mother, theres no need to bother. Have the servants prepare the food.

Its just a moments effort. Theres nothing to worry about. You two will have a delicious lunch today. The mother-in-law said and led Liu Jianli and Lan Ningshuang to the kitchen.

After the three women left, Liu Tianlu suddenly said, The gunpowder issue is very important. Its best to discuss it with the old master. What do you think?

Qin Feng nodded in agreement, What Father said makes sense. There are some things I havent explained clearly just now.

Then lets go. What are we still doing here? Liu Tianlu stood up first.

But they are preparing lunch. Is it okay for us to leave right now? Although Qin Feng said this, he had already left his seat.

Wait, let someone inform them first.

That makes sense.

The two hurriedly left.

Where are they? The three women returned to the hall with the prepared meals, but Qin Feng and Liu Tianlu were nowhere to be seen. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

At that moment, a maid said, Reporting to the lady, the master and young master have urgent matters to discuss with the old master and have left ahead.

The mother-in-laws eyebrows furrowed slightly, What kind of business do they have to discuss during lunch? Well, since they have no appetite, its their loss. Jianli, Ningshuang, both of you sit down and try my cooking!

Yes, Mother, they both replied in unison.

Soon after, the entire hall fell silent.

The taste of the food on that table was truly hard to describe in words.

All three of them silently put down their chopsticks.

The mother-in-law defended herself without changing her expression, It seems that I havent cooked for a long time, and my hands are not used to it. The dishes were not up to standard.

Lan Ningshuang didnt know how to respond; the meal was more than just not up to standard.

Not understanding social subtleties, Liu Jianli thought of Qin Fengs wolfing down of the food last night and said with some guilt, Husband actually finished such a bad meal.

Mother-in-law .

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