My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1141 - 1141 My Hairstyle, My Image
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1141 My Hairstyle, My Image

At Master Yan’s house.

Only the direct descendants of the Yan family could live in the Yan family, so it wasn’t as lively as the other families. Instead, it seemed a bit too deserted.

Master Yan brought the two of them to the living room. After instructing the maids to bring tea and snacks, he said to Lu Zijia and the others politely, “Masters, have a cup of tea and some snacks first. Wait a moment. I’ll bring my eldest son here now.”

Lu Zijia nodded slightly. “There’s no hurry.”


Even though Lu Zijia said so, Master Yan and Madam Yan still left the living room in a hurry.

Yan Yunze, who was left behind to entertain them, sat opposite the two of them very naturally.

He said enthusiastically, “Masters, try these snacks. The snacks our family makes are even better than a six-star chef. You must like them too.”

Lu Zijia was a foodie to begin with. Even without Yan Yunze’s enthusiastic hospitality, she would still try it.

However, before she reached out to take it, the golden pagoda, which was originally on the ground, rushed to the coffee table with a whoosh. It grabbed a piece of pastry before Lu Zijia and ate it with relish.

Lu Zijia: “…” The golden pagoda, this little bastard, was really getting more and more impudent. It even snatched its master’s food. It was simply too much!

However, because she still had to maintain the demeanor of a master, she resisted the urge to give the little bastard, the golden pagoda, a knock on the head.

As if sensing its master’s resentful gaze, the golden pagoda realized belatedly that it had actually snatched its master’s food. Boohoo… Was it going to be silenced?

In order not to be silenced, the golden pagoda hurriedly handed the half-eaten pastry to its master solicitously.

Looking at the half-eaten pastry with obvious traces of suspicious saliva, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching fiercely.

Not only did the golden pagoda snatch her food, but it also gave her what it ate. It was simply despicable!


Seeing the black cat that suddenly rushed to the coffee table, Yan Yunze was first shocked, then he looked surprised.

“Master, your little black cat is so intelligent. How are you, kitty?”

Yan Yunze said as he reached out tentatively, wanting to touch the golden pagoda’s shiny black fur.

However, it wasn’t a real cat. How could the golden pagoda possibly let him touch its noble and cold body?


The moment Yan Yunze was about to touch the golden pagoda, it suddenly let out a sharp cry and even bared its teeth at Yan Yunze fiercely. It was simply too fierce! f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

Yan Yunze was shocked by the golden pagoda’s sudden reaction and almost knocked over the teacup beside him.

“Sorry, I’ve spoiled it too much usually, making its temper worse.”

Lu Zijia smiled apologetically at the frightened Yan Yunze and then slapped the head of the golden pagoda’s cat. She ravaged it a few times fiercely and rubbed the golden pagoda’s head until it became an afro.

“Oh, oh, oh! Master, stop! My hairstyle, my image!” The golden pagoda, which couldn’t escape its master’s five fingers, shouted anxiously.

It didn’t even notice that the pastry in its claws had fallen.

Lu Zijia ignored its wails and patted its head twice again. “Be good. Go and apologize to Uncle.”

“Meow, meow, meow…” Why do I have to apologize to this big fool? Master, don’t you love me anymore?

“Because you scared the uncle here. Of course you have to apologize. Hurry up, or I won’t feed you anymore.”

Lu Zijia slapped the back of its head mercilessly again.

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