My Yandere Wives are Transcendents

Chapter 82 Blue-Balling
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82 Blue-Balling



Both of them still pleasuring each other, while both of them bit each other's neck.

Feeling her love juice being poured out, her inner trembling a lot,

'It's about time...' Eli thought as he pushed little his index finger and slightly rubbed her asshole.


Adriana moaned in pleasure as she clinched both front and back. Due to her inexperienced motion, Eli felt a different kind of pleasure.


Love juice started to leak out as it started to drench the floor. Eli slowly moved his face from her neck and then looked at her glittering red eyes with beet red face while breathing heavily. It was more than enough to make a man go wild on her.


Eli suddenly slightly inserted his finger in her asshole as her eyes turned teary.


Noticing her trembling body and the way she was trying to control herself...Eli smiled at it and went near her ear and whispered sweetly, "Cum for me, My cute little Vampire" and he suddenly bit her neck hard as slight blood flowed.

This broke her sense.


Adriana's legs curled as she pushed her crotch toward his finger and she moaned in ecstasy. Eli's pants were already drenched with her love juice and now his lower shirt was also drenched.

Eli slowly moved his head as he looked at her rolled eyes with a red face while panting heavily...though she stopped her hand, Eli didn't mind because Adriana was now in 9 clouds so he let her take her time to cool down a bit.



Adriana took a few minutes to cool down and then she finally came to her senses as she looked at Eli who had a smug look that turned her face red in embarrassment.


Adriana tried to say something but Eli's finger was still inside her waterfall as he rubbed her inner walls. She was already sensitive when he rubbed a little bit of love juice came and she moaned a little.

"I? What?" Eli then asked with a grin.

"..." Adriana didn't say anything as she turned her head to the side.

Eli then took his hand from her inside. Looking at his hand that was filled with love juice as he glanced at Adriana who was also glancing at him with a red face.


Eli then rubbed his fingers as he felt a little sticky and then he separated his fingers where a string was made.

Seeing this Adriana's body trembled in shame as she was about to shout for him to stop when,



Eli licked his finger one by one but his eyes were only looking at Adriana's eyes.

Adriana bit her lips as she saw Eli licking her body fluid with an excited expression and when he said,

"You taste like strawberry....'SLURP'" while slurping loudly.

Her face, neck, ears everything turned red as she wants to dig a hole to hide.

Then suddenly she felt something twitching on her hand and when she glanced at her hand which was still under his pants and tightly grabbing his hard and hot thing.

Her eyes widened in realization, she wasn't doing anything when Eli with embarrassment, she started to move her hand.


Feeling her hand movement, Eli groaned as he looked at Adriana's shy face.

He thought of teasing her but then he already teased her enough so he stopped for now but,

"Adriana, move slowly sometimes and fast sometimes...." Eli said as he grabbed her boobs and fondled them but he didn't tease her anymore.


Adriana was initially surprised when he said that, she was obligated to do but when he grabbed her boobs, her juice flowed a little as she moved her hand with a different rhythm, 'Just you wait, I will make him mine and....we will live our world just two of us...maybe my daughter also' Adriana dangerously thought as her eyes lost its colour while she looked at Eli's ecstasy face.

After a few minutes,

"~arr~I am...."


"You bitch!" Someone shouted as they opened the door and it was none other than Scylla.

"Tsk" Adriana clicked her tongue as her hands stopped, Eli clearly felt something wrong here, 'Why now of all time?' he thought with frustration.


Scylla didn't care anything as walked in while panting as if she had a marathon and locked the door...that's right Eli didn't lock it, 'I should have locked it before..' he inwardly mumbled as he looked at Scylla's furious expression.

Without care, She pulled Adriana, and Adriana carefreely stood up and looked at Scylla while she glared at Adriana.

Finally, something clicked on Eli's mind as he thought, 'Where did Scylla go or....did she really come with us home?'.

"Why did you leave me there, bitch?" without a single care Scylla shouted.

Adriana didn't take it to her heart as she nonchalantly said, "I thought you were fine on your own".

"...." Scylla's eyes turned murderous as said, "You just want some time alone with him, aren't you?"

"...." Adriana darted her eyes as if Scylla hit on the mark....yes that's right, after hearing 'I care for her' Adriana couldn't control herself as she immediately teleported Eli and wanted to do something but, 'who would have thought he also craving for me' Adriana thought as looked at Eli who had an amusing expression.

"...I knew it" Scylla shouted as she frowned as she asked, "Did you do it?" with a dark expression because, from Eli's face and their crumbled dress, Scylla guessed they have already done the deed.

"....N-No...I-I have work" Adriana flustered when she heard Scylla. If she stay here then she will bombard with questions so she ran away.

Eli and Scylla widened their eyes when Adriana disappeared. Scylla muttered something, "Wait you bitch I....", while Eli glanced at his lower half and sighed wearily.

Suddenly Scylla turned to look at Eli. Her eyes and lips twitched when she saw his drenched dress and floors, his red face but when she glanced at his bludging place, she blushed a little and said while clearing her throat,

"Ahem, go to the bathroom" ordered Eli.

Eli smiled awkwardly as he waited for her to move away but she didn't.

"Hurry up, Master" Scylla increased her voice seeing no moment.

"..Well, I will but you have to go first" Eli said awkwardly.

"...Why?" Scylla asked him while knowing what he meant....she just want to hear it from him.

"....." Eli didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But he said awkwardly, "I am....hard" as he pointed to his pants that showed thick long, and hard bludge.

"I have to help my Master then"

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