Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 905 Elara (Part 1)
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Chapter 905 Elara (Part 1)

After emerging from the fire pit, Evan was momentarily stunned when he saw the little girl because she looked just like a normal person.

If not for the heavy aura emanating from her body, he might have mistaken her for an ordinary human child who somehow entered the first layer of the Tomb.

Although she appeared to be a normal little girl and her heavy aura wasn't affecting him, Evan was still ready to blast her using the red fireball if he noticed anything suspicious.

When their eyes met and she suddenly started to run towards him, Evan almost shot the red fireball at her, but...


When he heard what the little girl called him...


The red fireball he was holding disappeared into a puff of smoke and his mind went blank.

The little girl excitedly ran towards him and jumped at him. Because of what the little girl called him, Evan didn't even notice when she jumped towards him.

Only when the girl attached herself to him like a koala did he come back to his senses and look down.

"Hehehe." Upon looking down, he saw the girl was smiling stupidly while rubbing her cheeks on his chest.

'Wha-what is this cute creature?' Evan wanted to pull away from the little girl, but when he saw her smiling and acting like a cat, he felt as if his heart was struck by an invisible arrow.

Slowly, the blackish-red aura emanating from the little girl started to decrease and in just a few seconds, she returned to normal.

Even the pillar of the half-golden and half-black light located in the middle of the first layer stopped shaking, and the first layer of the Tomb finally returned to its previous calm state.

Evan raised an eyebrow when he saw this because, without the heavy aura, the little girl really looked like a normal person.

There was no hint of world essence or conceptual energy inside her, and even her body looked very weak, just like a normal ten-year-old kid.

"Father, I miss you," Evan snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing the little girl's voice and noticed she was looking at him with tear-filled eyes.

Seeing her tear-filled eyes, he didn't know what to say. He felt if he said something like 'Who are you?' or 'Do I know you?', something bad would happen.

Moreover, for some reason, he felt a deep connection with her and didn't want to hurt her. Seeing her expectant eyes, he sighed inwardly and shook his head.

'Let's go with the flow for now and I will slowly ask for more information after making her more comfortable,' Evan thought and decided to act as if he were really her father.

"I also miss you," He said while patting her head. Evan was actually a little surprised when he spoke those words because they came out naturally as if he really wanted to say that.

Hearing Evan, the little girl looked at him with a blank expression on her face.

Seeing her expression, Evan felt uncomfortable and thought she had realized he was lying to her.

"What?" Although he was sweating inwardly, thinking that she knew he was lying to her, he still asked in a calm voice.

"If you miss me, then why didn't you come to meet me for so many days?" The little girl asked with tear-filled eyes.

When Evan heard her, for some reason, he felt a great sense of guilt and wasn't able to utter anything.

"I-I looked for you everywhere, but I couldn't find you. I thought you left me and went somewhere..." The little girl said in a choked voice and started to cry. "I was very lonely. I wanted to meet you, but I wasn't able to find you anywhere."

The pillar of light in the centre of the first layer once again started to shake, and the tremors generated by it were far stronger than before. Although the entire first layer was shaking because of the anomaly of the pillar, Evan didn't care about it and looked at the little girl who was crying in his arms.

'What is this feeling?' He thought, feeling as if someone was crushing his heart when he saw her crying. But seeing the way she was crying, he stopped thinking about everything and said the words that came to his mind.

"I am sorry..."

Hearing Evan, the girl started to cry even louder. Her cry was filled with loneliness as if she was trying to vent out all of her emotions.

Evan closed his eyes when he heard her crying getting louder and tried his best to remain calm.

"I am sorry for not coming to see you earlier, but I promise I won't leave you alone anymore," He said in a gentle voice while patting her back.

Hearing him, the little girl lifted her head and looked at him with her crystal-like green eyes.

"Really?" Seeing her hopeful eyes, Evan nodded his head and wiped away her tears with his fingers.

"Really, now even if you want, I won't let you live here alone."

"I also don't want to live here," The little girl said and hugged him tighter.

As her emotions calmed down, the pillar of light that was shaking heavily also returned to normal once again.

Evan looked towards the pillar and the little girl in his arms with a thoughtful look on his face. It was impossible for him not to see the connection between the pillar of light and the little girl, but he didn't care about it for now.

After a few minutes, the little girl finally calmed down, but she still clung to him like a koala.

Seeing the little girl was finally not crying, Evan sighed in relief and smiled a little. He walked towards Biscuit, who finally stood up from the ground after the heavy aura coming out of the girl disappeared, and sat down on the ground some distance away from it.

After sitting down, he looked at the girl and after a moment, opened his mouth.

"Can I ask you something?"

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