Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 907 Uncle?
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Chapter 907 Uncle?

Evan sat on the ground, looking at the campfire in front of him with a speechless look on his face. Beside the campfire, Biscuit stood on its two thin stick-like legs and was roasting a big chunk of meat with a serious look on its bird-like face.

From time to time, it changed the position of the meat using its wings to cook it from all directions and looked at Evan, or more specifically, at the little girl who was sitting on his lap with a flattering smile on its face.

'Look, I am cooking delicious meat of a Peak Rank Two monster for you, so forget about eating me, okay?'

This is what its expressions were saying when it looked at the little girl from time to time.

Evan's mouth couldn't help but twitch uncontrollably when he saw this scene and he didn't know what to say.

Seeing a Rank Three monster act like a meek chicken and cooking for a little girl with a scared look on its face was really a strange scene.

'I hope it won't act like a coward while facing other monsters...' Evan sighed inwardly and looked towards the pillar of light.

Because of its powerful flames, it took Biscuit only a few minutes to cook the meat of a peak Rank Two monster to perfection.

Once the meat was cooked, it immediately brought it in front of the little devil, whose mouth had already turned into a waterfall.

Evan looked at the perfectly cooked golden brown piece of meat in front of him with a neutral look on his face. Although the meat looked delicious and its smell was very nice, he still didn't feel like eating it.

'After seeing that event, I feel like I lost my appetite for food...' Evan thought with a complicated look on his face as he remembered a few things that he saw earlier.

'After leaving the Tomb, I will go to the Demon Empire to see if they are still alive, and if they are still alive...' He said to himself and for a moment, his eyes turned completely ice cold as if he was under the effect of The Cursed One Title.


Although Elora's mouth turned into a waterfall because of the delicious smell of the food, she still looked at him as if asking for his permission.

Hearing Elora, Evan stopped thinking about other things and nodded his head.

"Go on, your uncle Biscuit cooked it for you with a lot of love. Don't forget to thank him for the food."

"Uncle Biscuit?" Hearing him, Elora looked at him in confusion.

"Ummm," Evan nodded his head and explained. "This bird here is your Uncle Biscuit. He is father's companion, so don't think about eating him, alright?"

Evan didn't know how old Elora was, but he could tell that her mind wasn't developed enough. She might be thousands of years old, and her body may look like a ten-year-old kid, but her mind was similar to that of a four or five-year-old kid.

From her earlier look, he could tell that she was looking at Biscuit as if it was food. It wasn't a big deal for now, but it could turn into a big problem in the future.

What if in the future she encountered a high-level monster and instead of running away from it, she thought it was food and decided to bite or cook it, even though she was weaker than it.

He wanted to change her mentality, so he decided to start by changing her behaviour towards Biscuit, who was flattering her as if his life depended on it.

"Oh!.." Elora nodded her head, hearing Evan, and looked at Biscuit. "Thank you, Uncle Biscuit."

She thanked the black bird as Evan told her, then took a bite of meat cooked by it.

On the other hand, Biscuit was stunned to hear Evan. If someone looked closely, they would see black veins appearing on its forehead.

'Uncle? Who are you calling Uncle, you bastard?'

'Can't you see I am a female? I am Aunty, not Uncle.'

Biscuit was beyond angry being called Uncle by Evan and wanted to burn him in her black flames.

'First, you gave me a fu*ked up name like Biscuit, and now you even want to change my gender. What kind of sins did I commit to receive this kind of treatment?'

Biscuit was full of resentment and wanted to find a corner to cry silently.

Evan noticed Biscuit was looking at him with tear-filled eyes, so he raised an eyebrow.

'Is he moved that I called him my companion and saved him from Elora's predatory gaze that he is crying because of happiness?' Evan thought inwardly and waved his hand in the bird's direction as if telling her 'No need to thank me, it wasn't a big deal.'

It was a good thing that Biscuit wasn't someone from the cultivation world and was missing a special organ that people of cultivation novels use to spit out blood when they become angry; otherwise, she would have definitely spat out almost all of her blood in anger after seeing Evan waving his hand.

'Damn it, why am I so weak?' Biscuit wanted to beat down Evan, but her Soul Essence was under his control so she couldn't do anything.

Evan didn't care about Biscuit after waving his hand as he was thinking about his next course of action.

'According to Elora, there will be many powerful monsters around the pillar of light...' He thought as he gazed at the half-golden and half-black pillar of light. 'I don't know what kind of monsters I will encounter, but I will have to prepare thoroughly before going there.'

Evan waited for Elora to finish her food, and even though the meat she was eating was of a peak Rank Two monster, she easily ate it as if it were normal food.

'She is really not normal...' Evan thought and shook his head because he knew it was impossible for normal people to eat the meat of a peak Rank Two monster.

"Do you want more?" Evan asked while wiping her mouth once she finished her food.

Hearing Evan, Elora shook her head and petted her belly with a satisfied look on her face. "Full."

Evan smiled when he heard her and stood up from the ground.

"Since you are full, then let's go. We still need to do many things."

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