Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 908 A Dragon?
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Chapter 908 A Dragon?

"Where are we going, Elora?" Evan asked the little red- haired girl who was guiding her Uncle Biscuit in a certain direction.

At first, Evan had planned to head to the location of the Time Liquid marked on the map, but halfway through, Elora told him she wanted to show him something and they changed their flying direction.

"Just wait for a bit, Father. We're about to reach there... Elora said in an excited voice as she pulled Biscuit's ears to the right side like a joystick, and the bird slowly changed its direction as if it were an aeroplane.

Evan couldn't help but smile when he saw she wasn't looking at Biscuit like food anymore and nodded his head in satisfaction.

He looked into the direction Elora was taking them and in the distance, he noticed the outline of a structure, but because of the distance between them, he couldn't properly discern what it was.

'Does she want us to go there?' Evan thought inwardly when he saw the outline of the structure.

He took out Carnage from his shadow storage, and his vision immediately improved due to its focus skill. But even with Carnage's focus skill, he couldn't see the structure properly.

Realizing the Focus skill wasn't sufficient, he activated the Hawk's Eye skill as well, further enhancing his vision.

Combining the Focus skill with Hawk's Eye, he was finally able to see the outer design of the structure.

'Is that... Is that a dragon?' Evan thought with narrowed eyes as he saw a golden-coloured structure resembling a Western Dragon.

Despite being far away and only observing through his skills, he sensed a majestic aura surrounding the structure.

'Is that dragon structure related to the Rank Six dragon who was killed inside the Tomb during its creation?'

From Cedar, Evan had heard many things about the Tomb Of The Ancient before he entered, so he knew that among the beings killed to create this realm, there was also a Rank Six dragon... And looking at the giant structure in the distance resembling a dragon, he felt it might be related to it.

'A Rank Six Dragon, huh, Thinking that the structure might be related to a powerful dragon, Evan's interest was piqued, and he put away Carnage.

After ceasing his use of skills, he calculated the distance and estimated that they would reach their destination in about one hour.

As Biscuit continued to move towards the structure, Evan opened his status window and looked at it.

---) Current Understanding Of The Conceptual Energy Of Void: 24.20%

It had been two days since Evan left the area of the lake where the hut was located. During these two days, he focused on increasing his understanding of Void Energy so that he could create his Domain.

However, as he approached the 25% mark, the difficulty of increasing his understanding greatly increased and in these two days, he had only managed to increase it by 0.20 percent.

'At this rate, I will need eight more days if I want to reach the 25% Mark... Evan thought and sighed inwardly because this speed was too slow.

'I can ask Octavius to create some potions for me that can help me in this regard, but in order to perform alchemy, he will have to use the energy of millions of high-level essence stones and that kind of abnormality will surely attract the attention of the monsters.'

If he were in the third or second layer, he wouldn't have cared about attracting the attention of monsters, but in the first layer, there were many mid-level and peak Rank Three monsters and he didn't want to attract their attention for no reason.

'Even with Elora, it wouldn't be easy to stop a swarm of high-level monsters, Evan thought as he looked at the little girl sitting on top of Biscuit's head.

Even though Elora told him that she often fought against monsters and stopped them from entering inside the pillar of light, he did not know why, but he had a feeling that this matter wasn't as simple as she said, so he didn't want to use her to fight against the monsters.

As Biscuit flew towards the structure, Evan continued to try to increase his understanding of Void Energy.

While going towards the structure, they encountered many monsters.

Most of the time, they ignored the monsters and tried their best to avoid them. But sometimes, some monsters just couldn't leave them alone, so they needed to fight against them.

Luckily, under Elora's guidance, they didn't encounter any monster higher rank than a beginner-level Rank Three, so their journey was quite smooth.

Around one hour later, they were very close to the golden dragon-like structure and even without any skill, Evan could easily see it.

"This thing is amazing..." Evan couldn't help but say as he looked at the golden-coloured dragon's structure.

The structure was nearly eight hundred meters tall and was occupying an area of around fifty kilometres. The mouth of the dragon was wide open, and golden-colored rock stairs were connected to it as if inviting people to enter inside its mouth.

Although the structure was made from rocks, for some reason, it was covered in a majestic aura and Evan felt as if he were looking at a real Dragon.

After a few minutes, Biscuit landed in front of the rock stairs that were connected to the Dragon's mouth and Elora quickly jumped down from the bird's head.

Evan also jumped down from Biscuit's back and looked around the structure, only to see some broken rocks and weeds as if no one had come here for ages.

"It seems even the monsters don't come here because of the aura coming out of the structure..." Evan said to himself when he saw the surrounding area was completely devoid of life.

"Father, let's go."

Evan suddenly heard Elora's voice and saw her climbing the stone stairs with a smile on her face.

Evan shook his head when he saw her enthusiastic look and followed after her.

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