Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 6: Maternal Family
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Chapter 6: Maternal Family

"Okay, I got it. You don't have to wake me up in the future. Sleep more in the morning."

The gentle Ye Muyu made Chu Ziluo feel even more insecure, and her eyes were still filled with fear.

Ye Muyu did not say much. She believed that her elder daughter Ziluo's fear would slowly improve if they spent more time together. This would take a long time and could not be rushed.

"Mother…" Chu Ziluo was a little frightened.

Ye Muyu's gaze was gentle, and so was her tone. However, it was hard to guess what she was thinking. She looked at Chu Jin and said, "Lil' Jin, isn't it time to practice writing?"

"Mother, I don't want to practice writing. I want to invite Huzi and the others to go to town to buy candied haws." Chu Jin was afraid of Chu Heng, so he treated Ye Muyu more casually. After all, the original host doted on him and favored boys over girls. This was why Chu Jin was overly domineering and Chu Ziluo was timid.

Ye Muyu looked up. "If you don't want to listen to me, then I'll ask your father to say it."

Ye Muyu's voice was not forceful either. In fact, after saying this, she lowered his head and thought about his own matters.

She wanted to make a pair of shoes. Other than Chu Jin, who had enough clothes, she only had three pairs of shoes. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Chu Ziluo, the eldest daughter, only had two pairs of shoes.

When she went to the old mansion, she would wear the better shoes. At home, she would wear the worn-out shoes.

Ye Muyu could not help but sigh at how many thoughts the original host had. How stupid. A lie that could be exposed with a casual question or a visit would make the original host appear extremely stupid and petty, and would even attract gossip.

Ye Muyu stood up.

"Mother, why are you going?"


Chu Jin was shocked by Ye Muyu's words, while Chu Ziluo looked at her nervously.

Ye Muyu said to Chu Jin, "Go and practice your calligraphy. Your father should be back soon."

"Ziluo, come with me to get a needle and thread to make shoes." Ye Muyu left the central room and went straight back to the room where she slept. Although Chu Ziluo was surprised, she did not dare to say anything and quickly followed her.

Chu Jin did not want to write, but when he thought of Chu Heng, his father, he did not dare to resist, especially his mother's words. He was shocked and scared. He did not understand why his mother did not protect him. In the past, his mother would help him fake it.

Chu Jin could not figure it out. No matter how mature he was, he was only five years old. He knew that he could not get any benefits from his mother, so he could only accept the reality and return to his room to study.

Ye Muyu brought Chu Ziluo to sit by the bed.

She opened the half-sized mahogany box on the bedside table. There was only half a foot of dark blue cloth left. If it was made into cloth shoes, it would not look good.

Ye Muyu was silent. She remembered that the original host had sent all the cloth back to her mother's house.

As for the original host's family… It was Not a good one. The original host's father was lazy. Ever since the she married into the Chu family, the her mother would come to take some things from time to time.

Speaking of which, it was interesting. The host had a good relationship with her parents and was willing to send the things back to her parents' house.

Every time Chu Heng brought back cloth, pastries, tea leaves, etc., most of them ended up in the Ye family's warehouse.

On the other hand, there was not much stock at home. The seemingly glorious scholar family was actually an empty shell.

However, she felt that this was only the surface. Chu Heng, this husband, seemed to always have a barrier with the original host. Although he did not treat her badly in terms of food and clothing, the original host had never understood this husband. She did not know his preferences, nor did she know his thoughts.

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