Predatory Marriage

Chapter 359
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Chapter 359. Unbridled (3)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Ishakan didn’t believe Leah was actually dying, but he was still fighting to control himself.

The love potion he had consumed was powerful. Its effect simulated rut in animals, which exponentially increased the power of his desire.

He had been a bit careless. Usually, these things didn’t work properly on him. He thought it would be fine this time too, but as time went on, the effects of the potion only got stronger.

As a matter of fact, he couldn’t even remember how he had gotten home. He had just hunted instinctively for his mate, and when he came back to himself, he had found himself in the palace. He had followed her scent like a beast.

He had firmly decided to leave after he saw her. He had just wanted a look at her face. He was still telling himself that even as he approached her.

But an emotion was rising that was difficult to control. He had never felt lust like this, so powerful he could barely speak. The rope that strung together his reasoning was weakening, and it seemed the least action from Leah would snap it.

It would be reckless to have s3x with her in this condition. Ishakan was a Kurkan. Leah was human. Normally, he was very careful not to hurt her during s3x, but now his instincts were in control. Ishakan was afraid of his own nature.

But Leah was not afraid.

She reached out to him when almost anyone else would run away. He couldn’t help but take her hand. From the moment he met her until this moment, Ishakan always wanted to take her hand.


But Ishakan only comforted her as he continued thrusting inside her. Leah’s soul had left her.

Finally, Ishakan rolled over, shifting Leah on top of him. Unbalanced, she fell forward onto his chest, her face filled with tears as she begged him to slow down, at least.

Ishakan was very sorry that he could not fulfill his wife’s request.

Instead, he would fill her with all his heart. He would give her unforgettable pl3asure.

He did not forget to caress her favorite n!pple in his fingers. Her n!pples had gotten bigger since she had a child. As he rubbed them, his mouth watered, and he lifted his head to suck on them.

Leah cried and moaned, unable to bear the pleasure. It felt so good to cry, as if it were a release for the heat inside her from Ishakan’s boiling body.

Leah’s body writhed in huge contortions, overwhelmed with sensation. Pushing off Ishakan with all her might, she felt his shaft slide out of her, and she fell off the couch onto the floor. Posted only on NovelUtopia

She was crawling over the carpet to escape. Ishakan’s grin was feral as he watched his prey trying to elude him.

Her actions had the opposite effect. As she crawled with her backside lifted, he could see the redness on her cheeks, the insides of her thighs wet with their shared fluids.


Mounting her like a dog, he thrust his manhood into her opening.


Leah buried her face in the carpet, and Ishakan caressed her trembling back.

“It still feels like it’s going to explode,” he whispered.

His manhood convulsed with her inner walls, and he bit her neck, trying not to lose himself in the giddy pleasure. Leah jerked. He had bit her so hard, he left the marks of his teeth in her skin.

Her white skin was a mess. Red marks, teeth marks, the marks of his fingers everywhere. The sight of them only aroused him more. He wanted to feel it all more.

His instincts took over. Ishakan grabbed her wrists in his hands and pinned her slender calves under his legs. Now she couldn’t move. Leah sobbed beneath him, completely covered by his body.

“ hurts...”

“Huh, does it hurt? Where?”

“It itches...inside....Ishakan...”

“Then...I have to scratch it more....”

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