Protagonist?Antagonist? I Reject Both

Chapter 282 282:Where Is Qin Lang?
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Chapter 282 282:Where Is Qin Lang?

An oppressive silence remained for a moment.

The amount of killing intent radiating from Leon made everyone swallow their saliva.

The ones cuffed here, attempted to open their lips but no words came out.

The pressure was just too heavy for them to even breathe.

Seeing no one responding, Leon asked again with a threatening tone.

"I asked who among you is Qin Lang!"


A trembling voice echoed when he saw his shadow kneeling on the floor starting to tremble.

[We are worthless. We are useless.]

In the next instant, they hit their head on the ground.

[Master, we weren't able to bring him out.]


[Because the moment our soldiers stepped in that place the Martial Saint guarding that place killed them.]

[And there is a barrier crafted around which can't be broken easily.]

An oppressive silence lingered.

Except for the sound of everyone gasping, no other voice echoed.

[Liege, only Martial Saint can force their way to take on the Martial Saint present there, and till now you haven't given the power to command those three.]

"I see..."Leon's voice dimmed down but this was exactly what terrified everyone.

"Since I can't get rid of Ye Chen, I should go and find that bastard."

A dangerous glint flashed in Leon's eyes.

Feeling the sensation of Leon, his shadow soldiers knew one thing.

[The King is enraged.]

Leon then snaps his head towards the prisoners flapping like dead fish searching for water.

Their body shivered unwantedly on noticing the sharp gaze along with that gruel smile.

As Leon's icy gaze swept over the prisoners, a palpable wave of fear rippled through the air, choking the room with tension. Each prisoner felt the weight of his stare like a physical pressure, their breath catching in their throats as they realized the dire situation they were in.

The shadows of the soldiers, loyal to their king's every command, flickered ominously in the dim light, their presence suffocating. With a voice as cold as death itself, Leon commanded his shadow soldier with a single word: "Execute."

The prisoners, already trembling with fear, let out anguished cries as they realized their fate. Panic seized them, desperation driving them to beg for mercy, their pleas echoing off the walls in a chorus of terror.

"Please, have mercy!" one cried out, his voice cracking with fear as he fell to his knees.

Another prisoner, tears streaming down her face, reached out desperately towards Leon, her voice choked with terror. "Please, we didn't mean any harm! Spare us, please!"

But Leon remained unmoved, his expression as impassive as stone as he watched his shadow soldiers carry out his orders without hesitation. The sound of their screams pierced the air, mixing with the metallic scent of blood as the shadows moved with deadly precision.

The room was filled with the sickening sound of blades meeting flesh, the agonized cries of the prisoners echoing off the walls until one by one, they fell silent, their bodies slumping lifelessly to the ground.

As the last echoes of their screams faded away, a heavy silence descended upon the room, broken only by the ragged breaths of those who remained. Fear and horror had dawned upon the protagonists like a relentless storm, leaving them paralyzed with terror at the merciless display of power before them.

Countless notifications started flashing over Leon's eyes.


[Congratulations! The host had killed a Protagonist.]

[You have gained 20 counter-attack points and 100 kill Points.]


[Congratulations! The host had killed a Protagonist.]

[You have gained 50 counter-attack points and 500 kill Points.]

[Congratulations! The host had killed a Protagonist.]

[You have gained 100 counter-attack points and 1000 kill Points.]

[Congratulations! The host had killed a Protagonist.]

[You have gained 80 counter-attack points and 1000 kill Points.]

[Congratulations! The host had killed a destiny villain.]

[You have gained 100 counter-attack points and 1000 kill Points.]


[Congratulations! The host had killed a destiny villain.]

[You have gained 100 counter-attack points and 1000 kill Points.]

[Congratulations! The host had killed a destiny villain.]

[You have gained 150 counter-attack points and 1000 kill Points.]


Leon's expression distorted as he went through the barrage of notifications flashing before his eyes.

The points were pathetic and quite low still he understood that however….

'System, are you playing a game with me?'

'Where are the rewards? I haven't gotten any rewards?'

[Host, you will not be getting any rewards this time.]

'Why?' Leon asked in confusion.

[Host, you have the penalty for your special abilities. You can't get any more special abilities and all these protagonist special powers are their special supernatural abilities.]

'I got that but what about substances like the breakthrough pill or others and didn't I get Emperor's pressure from Avelin.'

[That was because that power was compatible with your draconic eye which isn't a supernatural ability but a physical power from the draconic bloodline. So that power only enhanced it. And as for the substance, these guys didn't have anything good. Secondly, none of them had systems except a villain who failed, unable to carry out the task.]

[Host, once you step into Dimensional zones you will find the protagonists of various races so just work hard and get there.]


Leon facepalmed trying to hide his expression.

He could feel his anger and frustration boiling.

'This useless…'

He still needed to wait 6 months and would go with the new batch tagging along with the graduates.

'Calm down. At least they will retain their abilities as ghosts.'

He stared at the trembling Hades and then a group of dead bodies.


"Yes Boss!"

Hades jumped up on his feet giving Leon a salute…

"Accompany me!"

"To where?"Hades asked with a confused expression…

Instead of answering, Leon's eyes darted upwards with a smile.

"I want to slaughter a son of bitch and commit a massacre if possible…"


Hades screamed aloud in terror as Leon's words exploded like thunder in his ears.


After this arc, it will be a short time skip and then time to move for a round 2 in Dimensional Zones.

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