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When Dyon conquered his second sky castle, aside from the green-armored guardian, most of the things he gained were absolutely useless to him. Many revolved around taking control of beasts much more powerful than yourself, but since he had Biibi, Sen, Shere and Linlin, he didn't plan on doing so. At least not yet. Because of this, he planned on handing off much of what he gained to Ri. But, there were two things he set aside for himself that were extremely useful.

The first was a beast controlling formation compendium. This compendium gave detailed information about the best and most effective formations for absolute control over beasts, covering practically every Common, Earth and Heaven Grade beast to ever exist.

Beast Tomes provided a breakdown of anatomy of beasts, but this compendium went even further, detailing their evolutions, weaknesses, even to the point of detailing their DNA and chemical makeup. All of this was then condensed down to singular formation, one per beast. This formation had an 80% likelihood of completely enslaving the beast it was targeted toward, irrelevant of cultivation! If you drew the blood of this beast and added it to the formation first, this percentage would grow to 95%.

Of course, the only drawback of this book was that there were no beasts detailed above the Heaven Grade. It was also noted that these formations would drop to only 20% effectiveness if the beast in question was a King beast or if this beast followed the Human Path. Plus, there were high requirements for preparation. Other than that, it was practically perfect.

It had to be said that this compendium was on a completely different level that Dyon's usual use of The Seal. Although The Seal was a treasure of the 33 heavens, Dyon had very minor understanding of the seal path. However, this compendium was written by a Higher Existence who gave her life to the seal path!

If Dyon coupled The Seal with the formations noted in the compendium, although he wouldn't be able to increase the 80% and 95% threshold, he could increase the likelihood of enslaving a King or Human Path beast from 20% to 50%!

This sort of Beast Compendium could deal a devastating blow to the Five Clan Beast Alliance of Dyon's home quadrant. So, Dyon immediately set it aside, slowly making plans for the future.

The second treasure he found that was of use was none other than this large vat.

This vat was filled with Dragon Saliva. Although this sounds disgusting, it was an absolute treasure. In fact, since the cultivation of the Dragons this came from were so high, there were next to no impurities to be found. So, instead of a foul stench, the saliva gave off a soothing fragrance that smelled like a fresh spring just after a light rain.

There were two major uses for this Dragon Saliva. The first was incredibly important the beast babies. After beasts evolve their bloodlines, they undergo a period of instability. This saliva was not only able to instantly end this period, it was also able to perfect the fusion and ignore any rejection the original blood might experience with the new one. This would cause a qualitative improvement in the beast's strength.

However, obviously, this wasn't why Dyon would use it. He had already given the beast babies an adequate portion each and they should be out of their training any time now. Instead, his use lied in this saliva's more mysterious origin.

Dragon Saliva didn't refer to the spittle within their mouth, but rather the mucus that coated their throats and vocal cords. In the ancient era, the scariest magic to exist was tied to 'Dragon Tongue' that relied on these very portions of the body.

If one thought back to the Dragon Transformation Technique of the Viserion Clan, the very same technique Dyon stole during his second trial, the later portions referred to tempering one's Vocal Cords. Doing this would allow one to speak Dragon Tongue, an ancient magic that shook even the most powerful Higher Existences.

The use of this magic was lost to the Dragons now, but during the time before this Mystical World was created, it was still very much prevalent. Whenever Dragons used Dragon Tongue, ancient magic and its mysteries would accumulate in their throats, causing a qualitative change in the saliva over extended periods of time.

This vat here was filled with that very same mucus! It was the richest source of cultivation energy possible in the martial world, and it was incomparably gentle. Using this saliva, Dyon could propel himself to the peak of the saint realm and fill his 117th meridian completely!


A few days later, Dyon exhaled a hot breath. The air around him trembled, almost as though it was pulling toward his will. That space wanted to leave the constraints of heavenly laws and recognize Dyon has its true master.

Dyon's eyes opened with a flash, a beam of energy shooting outward and surprisingly causing a crack in the wall of the sky castle.

'The saliva at the top of this vat is already so tyrannical and effective… What is the Dragon Saliva at the bottom like?...'

From the method of Dragon Saliva extraction Dyon understood, a Dragon would be killed and then dissected. Their throat would be taken out and opened. In that case, the newest and freshest Saliva would be on the outside. These portions spent the least amount of time being tempered by Dragon Tongue. Obviously, then, the deeper layers of saliva had been tempered for the longest time.

Right now, Dyon was only capable of skimming some off of the top. The deeper portions were still beyond his ability to handle for now.

Still, Dyon could tell that the deepest portions would help celestial cultivation at most. This made sense, though. A first phase castle wouldn't have anything too ground-breaking. The Star Grade pills of the alchemy castle was obviously an exception since it was actually meant to be a trap.

Almost as though it was planned, the moment Dyon's eyes opened, the beast babies walked out from their cultivation. They had stepped out before because they were worried about Dyon, but now it seemed they were on a completely different level to before. If it wasn't for the fact all of them but Sen were in their adorable toddler forms, they'd look like imposing experts.

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