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Chapter 3061 Angry

How could a stranger understand another stranger?

Xia Jinyuan understood the reason behind Mr. Fu’s deep voice.

No parents were willing to see their children fall in love too early, especially when they were promising and in an environment where dating was not allowed. Parents who loved their children deeply did not want anything to stop their children’s future.

After pondering for a moment, Xia Jinyuan organized the words in his heart and said calmly, “Uncle Fu, my relationship with Ye Jian is indeed as you’ve seen…”

“I didn’t see anything. That’s why I need your confession.” Mr. Fu interrupted him calmly, and his tone turned colder. “You can tell me after you think about it. I can wait for you to think about it before listening.”

Xia Jinyuan’s future father-in-law was difficult to deal with.

Xia Jinyuan smiled and said, “Mr. Fu, Ye Jian and I are in a relationship. We’ve been in a relationship for three and a half years. Our relationship has always been stable.”

Ever since Xia Jinyuan appeared in front of Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu had an idea. He was mentally prepared and had just been waiting for Xia Jinyuan to confess.

At this moment, Mr. Fu felt that his mental preparation was not good enough!

It was not enough!

Three and a half years… His daughter was only in her second year of university now. If they had confirmed their relationship three and a half years ago, wouldn’t it mean that… she was in grade eleven back then?!

Grade eleven!

Mr. Fu felt his vision turning black.

Grade eleven! His precious daughter was kidnapped by Commander Xia’s son when she was in grade eleven!

At this moment, Mr. Fu was really angry.

At first, Mr. Fu’s face was dark. He was wearing a military uniform now, and his aura was oppressive. He glanced at Xia Jinyuan with a gaze like a cold arrow. He wanted to shoot this… young soldier in front of him till he was riddled with holes!

Xia Jinyuan saw Mr. Fu’s face turning dark and knew that the truth was hard on him. Mr. Fu couldn’t accept it for a while.

Ye Jian was 17 and a half years old when they started dating. She participated in the school’s grade eleven military training. Their relationship was still in its infancy, but they had confirmed their relationship and received Old Xia’s support. Hence, there was no problem when they confirmed their relationship three and a half years ago.

His future father-in-law had already said that he needed him to tell the truth, so Xia Jinyuan was naturally honest. He wanted to strive to get his future father-in-law’s approval as soon as possible.

“Young brat! Y-Y-You! How dare you?!” No matter how well-mannered Mr. Fu was, he didn’t have much manners left at this point.

He had chosen the wrong place.

If he knew this would happen, he would have brought this young brat to the utility room to talk!

There were mops and brooms in the utility room. He could hit him with them however he wanted!

He was furious!

Xia Jinyuan felt fortunate and thanked the cleaning staff of the general military hospital. The corridor was clean, and there were no miscellaneous items piled up. His future father-in-law couldn’t find a tool to deal with him.

If not, he wouldn’t be able to retaliate when his future father-in-law hit him.

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