Reincarnated As The Villainess's Son

Chapter 74: [Christina] [3]
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Chapter 74: [Christina] [3]

".....Can't you let go of my hand?" I grumbled as I was forcefully dragged towards the canteen.

"...No, you might run away," Christina replied firmly, tightening her grip on my wrist.

"....Why would I do that?" I rebuked, but instead of replying, she looked back, her sapphire eyes glaring at me.

"....I'm not leaving you," she replied, tightening her grip on my hand again, "Not this time."

"Let me at least tie my lace." I requested looking at my shoes, which were united.

"No, you can do that later." She replied shaking her head.

I remained silent as I took deep breaths, trying to calm my restless heart.

[...Are you alright?]

I'm not!

Damn it, my chest is hurting because of my heart, and even my stomach feels like it's twisting in on itself.

And all those memories of the game...

Why are they repeating in my mind now?

Why, out of all times, now I am seeing how she would die if she stays with me...


I bit my lip tightly lowering my head and the pain helped a little, but those memories refuse to go away...

"Az." Halting her steps Christina called me squeezing my hand making me look up at her.


"...You want to eat something?" She asked, pointing at the counter.

"No." Shaking my head, I replied.


Refusing to let go of my hand, she dragged me again, bringing me towards the counter.

"Lady Christina," the counter lady greeted her with a smile.

"....Two servings of choco chips ice cream," she requested with a small smile.

"But classes—."


"....Fine." Sighing, the lady started to prepare the servings.

"Is there any empty room I can have for a private conversation?" My muscles tensed up as I heard her request.

The counter lady glanced at her and then at me before replying, "Well, I can arrange one."

"Please do," Christina replied, nodding her head.

"No, don't. Why the fuck do you think I will do what you say?" I rebuked, glaring at her.

"Az, please," she whispered, her eyes red as she looked at me, "it's been so long since you properly talked with me."


"Just for today... please behave like you used to."

"I am behaving like I used to. You can't just..." My words trailed off when I heard the sound of someone rushing towards us.

I turned back, the sound of footsteps echoing until a brown-haired boy came into my view, followed by Oliver.

Christina also turned back and glanced at them... Her gaze lingered on Ethan for a while.

Sensing her gaze, Ethan smiled before walking towards us.

But his steps halted as Christina turned back, ignoring him.

Still, he walked towards us... well, he tried to before Oliver wrapped his arms around his waist, picking him up and rushed out of the canteen.


Fucking idiot.

I would have had a chance to run away if Ethan had tried to interrupt us.

[Stop lying.]

'Shut up.'

"....You know him?" I asked, my gaze still on the place where Ethan was.


"I see."

"Let's go." I shifted my focus back towards her as she grabbed the serving, following the counter lady.

"...Make it quick." The counter lady instructed, opening the door to the staff room.

Ignoring the urge to slap her, I walked inside before Christina could drag me in.

"....Take a seat." Letting go of my hand, she gestured for me to sit down.


Sighing, I silently took the seat on the chair while she did the same, sitting opposite me with a table in between us.

[... Azaria—.]

'No, I won't do anything stupid... I am listening to her just this once.'

Shutting El up, I looked at her as she smiled softly, her hair tied down in a ponytail touching the ground as she sat.

"The engagement ring—."

"You don't need to," she interrupted, grabbing my hand as I tried to take off my engagement ring.

"....The Emperor has ordered—."

"He will take back his words," she interrupted me again, "..... my father will make sure he does."

"....What did you do?"

I asked calmly, but inside, I was restless, my mind racing to come up with something that could make her father change the decision.

".... Nothing much, just told him that we spent a night together." Eating a spoonful of ice cream, she replied.

"...You did what?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion.

"...I told him that we—."

"No! I get that, but how did your father believe such an obvious lie?"

"...Alan affirmed that he saw us walking out of a room together."

"...You dragged your brother into this?"

"He just said what he saw."

"...But still, how did that old man get convinced with this muc—."

"He didn't." Eating her ice cream nonchalantly, she replied,

"... Until I threatened him. If he didn't do anything, then he should get ready to get congratulated for becoming a grandfather."


...I rubbed my temples in annoyance hearing her words.

[...I feel bad for your father-in-law.]

'Me too.'

"It's just a temporary solution you come up with."

"I know, enough about that." Shaking her head, she said, "...You know how beautiful Akasha is."

"Not this again." I grumbled as I leaned on the chair.

"No, seriously, it's a beautiful place, Az." She emphasized with a bright smile.

"Once we have free time, let's go there together, just the two of us. I will be your guide, making sure you see every beautiful place."

"I don't want to." Shaking my head, I replied, but she just ignored my words.

"You know, I made a new friend this time as well." Lifting her chin as if to boast, she said, "She is an elf."

"....Why those arrogant bastards."

"Hey! Stop being racist. Not everyone is like that."

"...Yeah." I simply agreed before I lowered my head.

"...Avril also came this time." I flinched slightly as I heard my sister's name.

"...I see."

"...You know, people just make the Foreshaken family bad, but most of them are quite friendly—."

"...Don't you want to ask me anything?" Interrupting her, I asked.

"I a-am just h-happy, Az." Smiling, she stuttered, "I'm glad you are looking better than before."

"Argh...I didn't want to spoil the mood." She grumbled, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"....I missed you." She whispered softly, placing her hand over mine.

"....You missed the old me."

"I missed you." She repeated again. "There is no old or new."

"...Did you not hear what people say about me?" Jerking my hand away, I asked, glaring at her.

"...I don't care what people say." She replied, glaring back. "...You are mine, and I am here, no matter how many times I get hurt. I am just here, right beside you."

"You are an idiot," I remarked, making her glare intensify.

"....You are the biggest idiot," she chided, clenching her fist.

"I am an idiot?" Tilting my head, I asked, "Tell me, will you not call a person and idiot, who is trying to stay with someone who raped his own mai—."

"Azariah!" She shouted, slamming her hand on the table. "You won't do anything like that."

"...See, you are an idiot," glaring at her, I replied, "trying to run away from the trut—."

"That's not true—"

"It's the fucking truth!" I retorted.

"You are the one who isn't accepting it! You are the one who, even after knowing what I did, isn't leaving m—."

"...How can you ask me to leave the one who gave me the reason to live?" She whispered softly, making me freeze. 𝘧𝘳𝓮𝓮𝓌𝘦𝓫𝓷𝘰𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝓬ℴ𝘮

"....How can I leave you when I want only you."

I remained silent as I looked at her, observing her actions. She took out a handkerchief and placed it on her eyes.

'....She looks beautiful.'

It's been so long since I saw her properly...

Her eyes...

Her hands...

Her expression...

They are all beautiful...

Maybe if I had her in normal circumstances...

I would have loved to just see her forever....


I shifted my focus back as I saw her standing up with a sigh and walking towards me.

Without saying anything, she knelt down before me and started to tie up my shoelaces.

"....You don't have to kneel down," I grumbled, making her look at me.

"If you love someone enough..." She replied softly, " will gladly kneel down for them."

I remained silent as my mother's words started to fill my mind...

But before I could think properly, she stood up and took out something from her bracelet...

"....Congratulations for being able to use mana again." Smiling, she beamed as she brought her hands close to my ear,

"....I was trying to find something that will help you, and I found this."

I touched my ear, noticing an earring, as she moved towards the other side.

Closing my eyes, I soon noticed the effect of the earrings; they were calming my mana, making it flow smoothly throughout my body.

It felt comfortable to wear, and at the same time, it helped in calming me down...

I opened my eyes again as I stood up, ready to go away...

But before I could even move, Christina jerked my body, making me face her.


Annoyed by her behavior, I asked, but instead of replying, she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly.

"....Just so you know, I am always here for you." She whispered softly, tightening the hug.

"....I need to go."

"....Don't go, please." She whispered, "it's comfortable here."

That's why I am asking to let go, idiot...

It's comfortable here...


"Five minutes."

"I need—."

"F-five seconds." She muttered gently, rubbing the back of my head, "J-just five seconds, please."


Sighing, I closed my eyes....

Anyway, Five seconds won't change anything....

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