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Chapter 75: Reasons.


I stretched my arm wearily as I yawned in boredom.

Leaning against the wall on the terrace of the first-year students' building, I sat in the shade with earphones plugged into my ears, listening to the songs of 'Echo.'

[You know, bunking classes and ignoring her won't change anything, right?]

I picked up my phone and stopped the music as El's voice resonated in my head.

"....What a nice weather today is, right El?" I asked, looking at the clear afternoon sky as I touched the earring on my left ear.

[....It's been a week since she opened up, and here you are trying your best not to come into her view.] 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

"....What do you want me to do then?" I asked, closing my eyes.

[....At least stop ignoring her—.]

"...And then what?" I interrupted, clenching my fist, "...Let her die because I want to be close to her?"


"....I am not going to risk her life, El." I mumbled as I brought my knees close to my face, "...I will never risk her life, no matter what."


He let out a sigh, going silent, and so did I...

The gentle breeze of wind made my hair flow around as I sat silently, drowning in my own thoughts.

[....She didn't seem to hate you.]

"....I tried my best." I mumbled, gently hitting my head on the wall, "....but whatever I do didn't seem to faze her."

[...You didn't try to use your scumbag move?]

"...And what is that?" I asked grumbling.

[.... Asking her to sleep with you.]


I kept my mouth shut as I felt heat on my cheeks and ears.


"....I did."


"...And she said yes." I replied, lowering my head.

[Wait! What!?]

"...Yeah." I mumbled softly, ignoring my face heating up, "...It was after a party. I asked her when we were alone in her room."


"...And when I readied myself to get slapped or yelled... she gulped down a whole bottle of alcohol before she started to undress me."

I explained, tapping my leg hard on the concrete but the distraction didn't work as my face kept heating up.

"....You know how fucking scared I was when my plan backfired?"


"Don't laugh, you fucker!" I grumbled, rubbing my temples, "...I nearly got raped that day, it's not funny."

[Pfft—So how did you get out of that situation?]

"...Her brother came in time to stop us." I replied, letting out a tired sigh.

[...It would have been better if you had done the deed.]

"....You do remember my age, right?" I asked, opening my eyes. "...Your kinks disgust me, El."

[.... Don't put words in my mouth.]

"Stay away from me, creep."

[...I can't do that.]

"Then shut up."

Anyway, you don't know how grateful I am to her brother for saving me that day...

If I had done something that day...

I would have never been able to forgive myself for taking her first time...

The guilt would have eaten me alive...



[...What did the game Azariah do to make her hate him?... What made her leave you and fall for Ethan.]


I turned silent again as the memories of the game started to play in my mind...

And again I felt a knot in my stomach, making me bite my lip tightly.


"I...I asked my mother...for help." Stuttering, I replied as I closed my eyes, trying my best to ignore this unpleasant feeling I was going through...


"She...gave me two options... either kill her or kill someone close to her."


"....I chose to kill her brother."

[...What type of fucking idiot are you?]

"I know that's the stupidest thing I could do, but hey! That worked like a charm—."

[Azariah, I will slap the shit out of you if you do anything stupid like that.]

"....I won't do that," I grumbled, shaking my head.

There is already a crack in our relationship because of the maid incident.

I mean, she may not have shown it, but I know she was deeply hurt because of that.

I just hope she doesn't do anything stupid to come into my mother's raider...

[... game Azariah was an idiot.]

"I know..."

The Azariah from the game thought that every word his mother said is true...

He thought of her as some kind of God—

[...You think the same as him.]

".... Because it's true...I know from the game... there will be a point later on when every fucking person will do as she planned to."

Sighing, I stood up as I heard the sound of the bell ringing signaling the end of today's classes...

[...What do you mean by that?]

"....The foreshaken families...

.....They have Peak Eternals in their ranks and even Demi-gods, but all of them died just like my mother wanted them to," I explained as I walked down the stairs.

The population of Akasha is in millions, and not a single one of them survived just like my mother wanted them to...

[....That doesn't mean—.]

"...No, her words are absolute, you can't deny that," I replied, shutting him up as I quickly found Oliver.

He was holding someone with his neck, with Ethan walking close to him.

"...Hey Oliver!" I shouted, grabbing his attention as he looked back and so did Ethan.

"Az! Come here!" He shouted, making the guy he was holding face towards me.

"What's chubby doing here?" I questioned, looking at him.

"It's Seth!"

"Chubby here saying breasts are better than thighs," Oliver bleated, glaring at him.

"...Thighs are better."

"My man." I high-fived Oliver as he smiled at me.

"... B-but you guys don't understand, breasts have better positions—."

"Ohh~hoo~position~." Tightening his grip on his neck, Oliver mimicked his words,

"listen here you inflated penguin, if you keep saying that I will fuck you in the same position, that too in sixty-nine."

"...Oliy, that's gay," I replied, glancing at him, "and think before you speak, you fucking idiot."

"Huh? What did I do?" Tilting his head, he asked.

"...Where do you think his dick will go?" I asked, making him halt.

His face started to turn pale before he visibly shuddered, grumbling softly, "...What did I imagine?"

"Sigh..." I sighed, shaking my head as I wrapped my arms around his neck and dragged him with me.

"....Senior Christina came looking for you," Ethan informed me, looking at me.

"...I see," I replied, retrieving my gaze away from him.

"She's been coming daily for the last week just to find you."

"I know."

"Are you trying to ignore her?"

"....That's none of your business, Ethan."

"But still, you can't treat her like—."

I twisted my body to stand in front of him and so Oliver, looking him in the eye before replying firmly,

"....she is my fiancée, and you have no right to tell me how I should treat her."

His eyes turned cold as he glared at me, and I glared back, not flinching away.

"Hey! I see Miley and Ashlyn," Oliver interjected, coming between us as he looked behind Ethan.

I also removed my hand from his shoulder as Ashlyn dashed towards me...

"Where were you in the last class?" she asked as she took out something from her bag, "...And here are all the notes from the last class."

Taking the notebook from her, I smiled as I replied, "... Thanks, I will treat you with something later."

"It's fine, just don't bunk classes daily," she replied, waving her hand nonchalantly.

"...Hey Ethan." As Ashlyn noticed Ethan, she waved towards him, and he waved back.

"...Why are you looking glum?" Miley asked, glancing at him as well.

"....I am fine, just some weird thoughts going through my mind," he replied, shaking his head.

"That reminds me!" Clapping her hands, Miley exclaimed,

"....have you guys heard about someone hunting second-year students?"

"Me! Me!" Ashlyn replied with the same enthusiasm as her, "...I heard someone is beating them brutally."

"Yeah, four students are in the hospital," I added, only to make the girls look at me weirdly.


"It's ten," Ashlyn replied.

"No, it's four," I replied, shaking my head, "I am pretty sure it's four."

"Why are you sure?" Oliver asked, looking at me.

"..I just am," I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

"Anyway, it's ten," Miley interjected, making me tilt my head.

If there are really ten people, then who else is hunting them?

"Hey, Az." I glanced at Ashlyn as she grabbed my shirt.


"Want to grab something to eat?"

"....Not today," I replied, giving her an apologetic smile, "....I have something else to do."

"It's fine," she replied, shaking her head, "then, tomorrow it is."

"Tomorrow it is," I replied as I walked in the opposite direction.

"...Where are you going?" Oliver asked, making me glance at him.

"I have something to do," I replied, walking away, "I will call you if I need anything."


Having said that, I walked towards the second-year building as I placed the notes Ashlyn gave me in my bracelet...



[....Didn't you say your mother is at Eternal rank?]

"...She is, and she won't step into Godhood until the middle part of the second game," I replied as I entered the second-year building.

[...Then how did she kill—.]

'She didn't,' I interjected as I stood in front of a bathroom, holding the handle.

'I was the one who brought down Akasha.'

Taking a deep breath, I twisted the handle as I mumbled,

"Amun-Ra's blessing: second from—."

[Wait! Wait! Didn't you say there were demi–gods as well? Then how did you—.]

'....Oh Demi-gods?

.....My daughters were enough for them.'

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