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Chapter 78: Dream...


Standing outside the room, I silently surveyed the whole corridor, which was filled with bloodly bodies of second year students.

All of them were unconscious, many with their hands or legs twisted at weird angles while some had thier skin cut open...

All of them twitched from time to time as lingering electric currents passed through their bodies.

Should have gone a little easier on them, Christina...


I sighed heavily and walked past them, ignoring their condition...

Someone will call for help soon enough...

I walked in silence, the conversation with my sister replaying in my head again and again.

I lost control of my emotions...


Why does this keep fucking happening?

Why does knowing the future mess with my mind so much that I get overwhelmed all the time...

"Hey! Az!"

I shifted my gaze as I heard someone calling my name, only to find Oliver waving at me.

Without a word, I walked towards him and when I was close enough, I threw a straight punch at his face.

"The fuck!?" Swiftly dodging my attack, he took a step back, shouting at me.

"Why the fuck did you call her!?" I asked, glaring at him.

"What the hell was I supposed to do!?" he replied, frowning. "Some second-year students came knocking on my door—"

"Fuck you!" Ignoring his excuse, I cursed at him before walking past him.

"Where are you going?"

"To hell!"

"Be safe on your way."

Instead of replying, I showed him a middle finger without looking back.

I walked aimlessly for a long while, and before I knew it, I was on the terrace of the building.

The gentle cold breeze of the night helped me come back to my senses as I slowly sat down on the ground, leaning against the wall.



[....Are you alright?]

"I am fine," I replied with a slight smile, closing my eyes.

"...My emotions are already numb... now, it doesn't hurt that much."

[Your sister—]

"It's not her fault," I interjected.

"...I was the one who made sure she always remained in the dark. With Mother's help, it wasn't that hard."


"I had to... to keep her safe," I replied after a slight pause.


El let out a tired sigh, turning silent after that. I, too, turned silent as I looked at the clear night sky.

There, with my naked eyes, I could see a greenish moon covered by a layer of transparent greenish light.

The city lights of that place were even visible from here.



[...Did you really try to rap—]

"El... Aunt Belly was like a mother to me," I replied, rubbing my tired eyes. "...I would never do such a thing."

[....Then what happened?]


I remained silent, unsure if I should tell him about it or not.

[...Keeping it to yourself won't change anything, Az.]

"....Would telling you change anything?" I replied, bringing my knees close to my face. "....I have already lost her."


"...Will you die if I tell you?" After hesitating for a while, I asked softly.

[...I won't die.]

"...Just so you know... I only told two people about this. They both died." 𝘧𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀ℯ𝘣𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓂

[...I won't die, Az.]



"When I was a child... I had a dream... a vivid dream," I interjected, closing my eyes again. "...It was the same day when I lost my sense of taste."

Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm down.

It had been a long time since I told someone about this.

"In that dream...

I saw an adult version of myself who was kneeling on the ground, struggling to breathe....

My entire body was covered in glowing runes, with a golden sun disk right behind my back....


I was dying.....

my arms were cut off, with only blood, destruction and mayhem all around me..."

Exhaling softly, I continued.


Hugging me, four people were crying...

Even though they were much older, I was able to recognize three of them: Arianell, Christina, and Avril....

....And after meeting Ashlyn, I also recognized the fourth one."

[Azariah, was that—]

"—A vision," I answered, interjecting him.

"...A vision of how I died in the game. But my dream didn't end there..."


"With three loud sounds...

my vision changed....

And this time, I saw my adult version standing at the top of a cliff....

with a red sun disk behind my back...

but instead of runes there was a red mark covering my entire forehead....

beneath the cliff, there were countless dead bodies...

.....but four of them stood out the most, the same four whom I saw previously."

Lowering my head, I looked into my hands as I continued,

"But the most terrifying thing was....in that dream, I wasn't standing behind or below her....

....I stood beside her.

....I stood equally with my mother, looking down on the mayhem I caused without any emotions."


"When I woke up next day....

I completely disregarded the second part of the dream, but the first one...

....that affected me deeply."

[....So you help and care about them so much because you were afraid that dream might come true?]

"...partially, yes." I agreed, nodding my head. "...But mostly because I didn't want them to be sad like in my vision."

[Sigh... what happened then?]

"Things were going smoothly until one day, Shane asked me why I take care of them so much..." I replied, stopping my hands from trembling.

"....After hesitating for a long time... I told him about my dream on the day of festival... he died the same day."


"You know the organization that kidnapped me...

....their main goal is to create a perfect vessel for their God with the most perfect genes...

....and I was one of their targets."

[....You were chosen as a vessel?]

"...No." I replied, shaking my head. "....But my children would have been perfect vessels."


"...But because of me being unable to use mana...

....they feared that my children might also be unable to use it, so I was a considered a failure and only used as an experiment—"


"...When I was there, they would drug me and leave me inside a white room all alone for days.....

.....Because of the drug, I couldn't sleep, and my mind was constantly bombarded with guilt over Shane's death until I was mentally broken."

[Azariah...you don't have to over-explain everything... I won't misunderstand you.]

"....When I got a little better after getting free and when I first saw Aunt Belly...

....I cried...

....I told her everything that happened to me, including those dreams."

I lowered my head as all the pain and grief started to come back.

"...She helped calm me down and helped me fall asleep, sleeping right beside me..."

My vision blurred as I looked down.

"...But at the exact same time, Adaliah entered the room...

....and accused Aunt Belly of trying to seduce the heir of the Duke..."


"M-mother executed her... r-right in front of my eyes... for s-something she never did..."


"...That's when I begged my mother not to slander Aunt's name like this..." Ignoring his words, I continued. "...and she agreed... telling my sister that I tried to—"

Taking a deep breath, I continued,

"....Avril asked for me to be punished as well...

....and before I knew it, I was once again in a place similar to the white room."

"...being in that place broke me again, El, and with that broken mind...

....I confronted my mother, asking her what she planned to do...

...and she simply answered, 'To kill them all who can become a threat to her.'"

[....That's when you made the deal with her... in return for their safety—]

"—I would be her puppet." Rubbing my moist eyes, I completed his words.

[...But all this seems too—]



"...Hahahaha." I laughed awkwardly, rubbing my eyes. "...It can't be a coincidence, El. It can't be..."

Buzz... Buzz...

I took my phone out of my pocket as it kept buzzing with messages...

<Student Azariah, please come to the principal's office>


Sighing, I stood up from my place, walking downstairs and moving towards the main building.

[...But Azariah, your second dream, that's concerning... even if we ignore that you were marked....but you being equal with your mother...]

That dream never made much sense to me, but now it starts to make sense...


'In that dream, instead of my usual purple eyes...

....I had blue eyes...'


I slowed down my steps as I saw the woman with blackish-brown hair standing right in front of the principal's office...

'And from seeing some of Inder's childhood memories... I know one more thing...'

"Your time to complete your task has come, Azariah,"

Adaliah said firmly as soon as I walked close to her, looking at me with an intensity that sent chills down my spine.

'Those loud sounds that I heard before my vision changed...'

"I hope you don't disappoint Lady Esmeray."

'.....They were gunshots.'

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