Reincarnated Hero System

Chapter 720 Need to wrap this up before Lunchtime! [Monthly Bonus 2]
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Chapter 720 Need to wrap this up before Lunchtime! [Monthly Bonus 2]

The dust and smoke cleared up and Evan looked around and saw that there were twelve figures encircling him.

Though his expression was serene, he had multiple thought processes running concurrently.

'I went in the opposite direction and I still got surrounded…was this their intention all along? Reverse Psychology?'

However, things were not as deep as Evan thought.

They indeed had a trap set for him in the Northern plains, and they actually had two others hiding to continue baiting him to the north after he had taken down the first guy.

His actions of suddenly flying south put them through the wringer as they had to quickly abandon their traps and they even ended up using their one-time use teleportation artifacts to catch up to Evan in Rahead.

These were the artifacts they planned to use after they finished dealing with Evan, but they ended up using them just to catch up with the boy.

Now, they had no traps laid down and had to go with their backup plan which they weren't too sure would work since Evan had Destruction Essence.

So, while Evan thought he had been played, he was indeed the one who played them and forced them to incur losses before the fight even began.

Evan's first action was to appraise the lot of them, and though he noticed they were with Appraisal blocking artifacts, said artifacts were useless before Evan's 'FULL' Appraisal.

'They really came prepared for me…'

People knew Evan had an Appraisal skill, but not many knew it was not the regular Appraisal but the Rare Variant. Something that worked in Evan's favour as it allowed him to see the statuses of the people surrounding him.

'Hmm…9 Superior Grandmasters and 3 Inferior Epics?'

Evan frowned as he saw the statuses of the Epics, not due to their strengths but their identities.

Unlike the 9 Grandmasters who were trained Assassins, the three Epics…were Knights.

Knights from 3 Countries that Evan was well aware of.

Looking at one of the Epics, Evan asked.

"I wonder…how did I offend the Kingdom of Osmaoque for you…Knight Vice-Commander Darfin to come after me in person."

The man was internally surprised that Evan had figured out his identity. He had gone through great pains to use transformation magic to change his looks, mask his aura and even forge his status and yet Evan identified him with a single glance.

Without waiting for him to compute this, Evan turned towards the elf who had a large bow strapped to their back and asked.

"What about you, Mr Third Knight Division Captain of Zoskye? Or you, Mrs Leader of Sword Unit Five of Goshya?"


The three of them were silent despite Evan's inquiries but the boy had already pretty much figured things out.

Osmaoque was a Nation bordering Wolfen and was allied with it as well, and the King of Osmaoque had been making a lot of noise on the International Stage recently.

He was the one who spearheaded the motion to sanction the GEE and had even secretly sent in troops to aid Wolfen.

Evan had also heard him voice his discontent towards Isaac during the meeting with the Alpha Continental National leaders that happened on the day the War began. (Chapter 681)

As for Zoskye and Goshya, those two were Nations bordering and allying with Osmaoque, part of the Alliance of Countries who resisted the GEE's Hegemony of the Eastern Alpha Continent.

And then Evan was a major player in the GEE-Wolfen Conflict and had been the major reason for Cudjour falling as fast as it did.

"The fact that you're here means that this is an action ordered by the King of Osmaoque, is that right?"

"What are you talking abou-"

"Spare me the bullshit."

Evan cut Darfin off and raised his hand, displaying the man's status for him to see. He also projected the statuses of the other two Epics, as well as the 9 Grandmasters.

"Seems your Appraisal skill is better than expected."

The Elf, Kailu, spoke up when he saw his actual status showing up. He also stopped concealing his Epic Level power which he had been hiding as he stepped forward.

"You've grown too powerful Evan Eris. Even if you're a Hero, you have gained too much power and influence too quickly.

People get envious, you become a thorn in their sides and also a potential threat they need to nip in the bud.

There's a reason the brightest flames, burn half as long."

A lot of people didn't want a new player rising in the International Stage, and that was precisely what Evan wanted to do.

The boy had too much influence; Starting from his Peerage as a GWE Count, the fact that he was the Son of a Duke, he had connections with Chief Grand Magus Gavin, and Vice-Chief Joanna, was on friendly terms with Beast King Kolvar and his son, Prince David, was Allied with the GEE and its Seven Star Generals. This is excluding the fact that he was a HERO, who had ties with the Holy Kingdom and its Paladins (the guys from Cheverton), and the other powerful Nobles from other countries whom he had connections with.

Then there was his physical power, which was enough to delete mountains from the map.

And he was just 14, meaning he had a very, VERY long life ahead of him. Enough time to grow even more powerful.

Osmaoque, Goshya and Zoskye were just three of the lot who didn't like Evan.

"So basically, you're scared because I'm getting too strong too fast and you want to kill me off early?

Did your leaders not consider 'befriending' me? Would that not guarantee I don't turn against you?"

"You would still be a potential threat. It's much better if you're dead."

This time, it was the Woman from Goshya, a half-cat beastkin named Sana who replied to Evan.

Hearing her words, he nodded solemnly before shaking his head and saying.

"I'm afraid, you would not succeed."

They all instantly geared up for a fight, thinking that Evan was about to attack, but much to their surprise, the boy suddenly disappeared.


"His teleportation!"

"Do 'IT'! Now!"

In the same instant that Evan activated blink, Darfin pulled out an artifact from his inventory and spoke the activation words.

"Voidbane Ward: Activate!"

The orb released a pulse of spatial magic power which created a massive dome-shaped barrier that covered the entire Rahead Mountain range and everything within it.

Within the confines of the barrier, all forms of Spatial Travel were voided.

Naturally, Evan who had used Blink, was forced out of the spatial channel and back to the Material World.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me!"

The boy cursed as he saw the artifact which Darfin had just used, instantly giving up all hope of teleportation.

'Roselia? Kayla? Kuro?! Fuck!'

His connection to his contractors was still there, but he could not send telepathic messages to them like usual. This confirmed that the 'Voidbane Ward' was the same one he knew.

An artifact created by the Last King of the Mountain Kingdom Verduracliff.

"Shouldn't have let Luke kill that guy. I need to beat the shit out of him for making such an artifact." (Chapter 546)

Evan either had to destroy the artifact or kill the guy who held the artifact to destroy this barrier.

"You guys are really forcing this battle thing here…"

The boy touched the edge of the barrier and tried to use a bit of Destruction Essence on it, but the Spatial Law energy in the barrier was far stronger than his Destruction Essence so it failed woefully.

He then clicked his tongue before re-routing the destruction essence into his sword and using it to cut down the projectile spells which were fired at him.

"Alright, you guys want a fight, huh?"

Evan stabbed his sword into the ground and then pulled out a pair of bracelets from his inventory, snapping the two artifacts onto his wrist as he spoke.

"I promised my girlfriend I'd be home before Lunch today.

I very much intend to keep that promise."

As he spoke, he activated BoD, having zero intentions of hiding it. Besides, a lot of people already knew he had BoD and knowing that this lot came prepared for him, he knew they'd be expecting to see it.

What people didn't know, was that Evan also had another skill that multiplied his Stat Values—Limit Break.

'My Damage Output with a single serious attack can wipe multiple cities off the map…enough to kill a Peak Grandmaster. I'd need to hit an Epic multiple times to kill them so…let's deal with the Grandmasters first.'

Evan had analysed the stats and skills of the three Epics and concluded that individually, they were not as strong as Bourne or even Rodald.

They were just barely on Kieran's level. The only issue was that there were three of them, and they had 9 Superior Grandmasters backing them up.

Evan unfurled his wings and leapt into the air, breaking out of their encirclement while the grandmasters quickly gave chase.

One of them waved her hands and cast earth magic, unleashing a rapid-fire barrage of earthen projectiles that Evan had to manoeuvre to dodge. In the process of doing this, his speed slowed down a bit and that was enough for Darfin to catch up to him.

The man slashed down with his sword coated in his pitch-black aura, however, Evan twisted his body and avoided the slash, before creating a void step and using it to boost himself towards the ground.

Three of the grandmasters dashed towards his predicted landing point and unleashed a spell combination of tri-

Elemental magic on him, but Evan broke through with a multi-

layered Elemental shield and landed on the ground.

Arrows of green light were already flying towards him, primed to hit him the instant he touched down on the ground, but suddenly, his shadow wriggled and he disappeared right into it.

"Huh? Wasn't his teleportation sealed?!"

"Yeah, you guys sealed it."


The Assassin who asked that question didn't even realise when Evan remerged from his shadow and before he could even turn, Evan had already thrust the Unforged forward.

"Destruction Vortex."


The same attack he used against Craitid was unleashed here, and the end result was everything from this man's shoulders upwards was blown off.

Evan flapped his wings and leapt out of the way to avoid the Elf's barrage of arrows, landing on the floor a few dozen metres later as he looked up at them and spoke.

"One down."

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