Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3812 - 886 - Pseudo-Tier 7 Spell Books
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Chapter 886 – Pseudo-Tier 7 Spell Books

“How strange! I can’t appraise these two pieces of equipment? Could they be broken?”

Shi Feng was greatly surprised by the boots and the short robe Tosas dropped.

His Eyes of Reality had successfully appraised even the Origin Myth, a Divine Artifact. Yet, they showed no reaction to the boots and robe Tosas dropped. It was as if these two pieces of equipment were pebbles on the roadside.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you need us to conduct an appraisal for you?” Kowloon Demon asked when he heard that Shi Feng had failed to appraise Tosas’s loot. “Regarding appraisal methods, nobody in this world can best Big Sis Jade.”

“Don’t listen to his exaggeration,” Purgatory Jade said modestly. “The Craftsman’s Eye is an appraisal method I obtained after becoming an Advanced Craftsman Forger. So long as an item isn’t worthless, I can get some information out of it.”

An Advanced Craftsman Forger? Shi Feng couldn’t help but stare at Purgatory Jade in disbelief.

Only a few forging players had ever achieved the rank of Craftsman in the Greater God’s Domain, able to produce Legendary Equipment. Besides having extraordinary talent, each of these individuals had spent countless resources to secure this achievement.

Yet, it was now revealed that Purgatory Jade was not only a sixth-floor expert but also an Advanced Craftsman Forger. If her talent was made known to the Greater God’s Domain, it would put countless expert players to shame.

“Do you need me to conduct an appraisal?” Purgatory Jade asked.

“I’ll have to trouble you with it, then,” Shi Feng said as he handed the two pieces of equipment to Purgatory Jade.

Three minutes later, Purgatory Jade finished appraising the two pieces of equipment. They weren’t broken after all. Instead, they were growth-type Godly Relics.

The boots were called the Spatial Boots, while the robe was called the Evil Soul Robe. Both pieces of equipment were at the Legendary rank currently and could grow to become Divine Artifacts. As they were Godly Relics, each came with heaven-defying effects.

The Spatial Boots had a passive effect that could improve the user’s body techniques by one rank, up to the Peak Gold rank. It also had a Profound Skill called Spatial Movement that allowed the user to teleport freely within a 1,000-yard radius for one minute when activated.

The Evil Soul Robe had a passive effect that increased the user’s Concentration by two ranks, up to the Tier 6 Limit rank. It also had a Profound Skill called Soul Doppelganger that allowed the user to create up to 100 soul doppelgangers. The Soul Doppelganger Skill had a cooldown of one natural day, and each soul doppelganger could use 100% of the user’s Basic Attributes and lasted for ten minutes.

The abilities of the two pieces of equipment were amazing for Legendary Equipment. If they could grow into Divine Artifacts, their abilities would become even more heaven-defying. The only problem was that they needed player levels to grow. More specifically, each Godly Relic needed 20 player levels to be upgraded to the Fragmented Divine Artifact rank. Moreover, they accepted only levels from players above Level 200. If it already cost this much to upgrade them into Fragmented Divine Artifacts, the cost to upgrade them into Divine Artifacts was unimaginable.

However, despite the harsh upgrade conditions, Dragon’s Crown’s members stared at them with a yearning gaze.

After inspecting the two pieces of equipment, Shi Feng turned his sights to the two ancient tomes. Upon careful examination, he immediately got goosebumps. ๐˜ง๐“ปโ„ฏ๐‘’๐‘ค๐“ฎ๐’ท๐“ท๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃโ„ฏ๐‘™.๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐“‚

Pseudo-Tier 7 Spell Books? Shi Feng couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at the two ancient tomes’ introduction.

[All-Consuming Fire]

Requires: Magical Class, Tier 6 Limit Concentration

Pseudo-Tier 7 Large-Scale Destruction Spell

[Soul World]

Requires: Magical Class, Tier 6 Limit Concentration

Pseudo-Tier 7 Large-Scale Defensive Spell

According to the records in the Grand Library, the strongest Skills and Spells that players could learn were only Tier 6. Most Tier 6 players had to sacrifice significant amounts of blood, sweat, and tears to obtain Tier 6 Skills and Spells. As for Tier 6 Taboo Skills and Curses, they were regarded by the various powers as their foundation. Typically, if guild members wished to learn one, they would need to pay an astronomical amount of Guild Contribution Points and sign a God’s Domain Contract with strict terms.

Shi Feng had never heard of Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells before, much less known that Tier 6 players could learn them.

Although it might seem like there was only a half-tier difference between Tier 6 Spells and Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells, there was a qualitative difference between them.

Currently, many players assumed that Tier 6 Taboo Skills and Curses rivaled Tier 7 Skills and Spells, but that was only conjecture. After all, nobody had ever reached Tier 7 in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain, and neither had anyone seen a Tier 7 Skill or Spell before.

However, Shi Feng knew how big of a difference there was between Tier 6 and Tier 7 Skills and Spells. In an era where Tier 7 players did not exist, Pseudo-Tier 7 Skills and Spells were definitely the strongest Skills and Spells in existence. This was especially true for the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells before him.

Of the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells Tosas dropped, one was a large-scale Destruction Spell, while the other was a large-scale Defensive Spell. If a Tier 6 player learned both, no other Tier 6 player would be able to match them in the current Greater God’s Domain.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you have to make your choice quickly. The demonic mist has begun to condense again. We need to leave this place before it recovers. Otherwise, it’ll become much more troublesome to leave,” Kowloon Demon urged as he looked at the demonic mist creeping up to them.

“Okay.” After looking at the two ancient tomes in his hand, Shi Feng glanced at the two Godly Relics Purgatory Jade held, gritted his teeth, and said, “I’ll take these two tomes.”

“Are you sure?” Purgatory Jade gazed at Shi Feng in astonishment. Although she hadn’t inspected the two ancient tomes, she could tell they were extraordinary. Even so, she doubted they could match the two pieces of growth-type Godly Relics in her hands.

“I’m sure.” Shi Feng decisively stored the two Spell Books in his bag.

Godly Relics were indeed hard to come by. It was especially so for these two growth-type Godly Relics. They would be heaven-defying once they grew into Divine Artifacts. They might even come with Tier 7 Skills like the Abyssal Eye.

The problem was that Shi Feng couldn’t afford to wait. Compared to wagering his chances on this possibility, it would be safer to go with the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spell Books, which could instantly elevate a Tier 6 magical class player into an apex existence.

“Alright, then.” When Kowloon Demon saw that Shi Feng had given up on the two Godly Relics, he subconsciously sighed in relief. Then, recalling his objective, he inquired, “Guild Leader Black Flame, now that travel restrictions have been lifted, how about we hunt the Taboo Bosses in other regions? Although the other regions’ Taboo Bosses are all Level 240 and above, Dragon’s Crown will mobilize its main force to support you. We will also split the loot according to our current arrangement.”

“I’ll pass on the offer this time,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “We have already achieved our goal here, so it’s time we returned. We can collaborate in the future if the opportunity arises.”

Shi Feng had already exhausted his trump cards on Tosas, so he could no longer hunt any Taboo Bosses within a short period of time. Even if he were to hunt another Taboo Boss, it would have to be the Undying Mother. After all, he didn’t have much time left.

“Alright, then.” Kowloon Demon didn’t try to force the matter when he saw Shi Feng’s lack of interest. Instead, he smiled and said, “Don’t forget our agreement once you return to your world.”

“I won’t.” Shi Feng chuckled. Then, he took out a Return Crystal and chanted the incantation to activate it.

Seeing this, Red Frost and the others also took out their Return Crystals and left this remnant primordial world with Shi Feng.


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