Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3813 - 887 - Returning to the Secret Land
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Chapter 887 – Returning to the Secret Land

“You let him go, just like that?” Purgatory Jade asked Kowloon Demon. She had been immersed in studying the two Godly Relics just now, so she didn’t hear Shi Feng and Kowloon Demon’s conversation.

“I did try to invite him, but he didn’t seem interested in the other regions’ Taboo Bosses,” Kowloon Demon said, smiling wryly. “Maybe he felt that nothing else is attractive in our world, so he decided not to stay any longer.”

“What a pity. I’ll have to get the Guild Leader to send better equipment to rearm the team right away. We can’t have Guild Leader Black Flame think there is only this much to Dragon’s Crown’s strength,” Purgatory Jade sighed. She had originally planned to let Shi Feng know about Dragon’s Crown’s foundations so that he could better understand the necessity of their partnership. Unfortunately, she had missed the chance to do so. “Contact the 23rd and 39th legions; have each garrison Nightmare Holy City with 50,000 elites. We must not let any other powers stay in this region and come into contact with Guild Leader Black Flame’s people!”

“Understood!” At Purgatory Jade’s command, Kowloon Demon promptly took out a Tier 6 Divine Runic Teleportation Scroll and teleported back to Nightmare Holy City.

Meanwhile, Whirlwind Bulwark and Star Butterfly were shocked when they overheard Purgatory Jade’s words. They hadn’t expected a behemoth like Dragon’s Crown to attach such importance to Shi Feng’s party, mobilizing an army of 100,000 elite experts just to prevent other powers from coming into contact with Shi Feng’s party.

It should be known that Nightmare Holy City’s two strongest Guilds had a total of just over 20,000 elite experts.

“Since you are friends with Guild Leader Black Flame, I will give these two tokens to you,” Purgatory Jade said, handing two tokens with Dragon’s Crown’s emblem to Whirlwind Bulwark and Star Butterfly. “With these tokens, you can freely enter any region under Dragon’s Crown’s control. You can also contact me if you have trouble in the future.”

“Thank you, Vice Guild Leader Jade!”

Whirlwind Bulwark and Star Butterfly gratefully accepted the tokens, celebrating inwardly. They never thought that minor characters like them would receive such treatment just for traveling with Shi Feng’s party for some time.

They weren’t novices in God’s Domain. They knew these tokens weren’t just entry passes for Dragon’s Crown’s territories. These tokens symbolized Dragon’s Crown’s protection. These were items that even Nightmare Holy City’s top two Guilds could only dream of obtaining.

Flame Dragon God’s Nest, Flame Dragon God’s Underground City:

Following a bright flash at the Underground City’s entrance, Shi Feng’s party returned to the Flame Dragon God’s Nest. Compared to a few days ago, the entrance was much more crowded, and the appearance of Shi Feng’s party did not attract any attention. 𝘧𝘳ℯ𝓮𝘸𝓮𝑏𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝘤ℴ𝘮

“We’re finally back.” When Twilight Leaf saw the familiar scene and players around her, she felt she had been living in a dream for the past few days. “Sure enough, the feeling of home is the best. I nearly lost all my confidence from staying in Nightmare Holy City.”

“Indeed. Not only are Nightmare Holy City’s players high-level, but they also have astonishingly high combat standards. If not for our superior weapons and equipment, we would have never been able to establish a foothold there,” Xiao Yilong, who was currently Level 235, lamented.

In the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary, they could be considered top-class in terms of combat standards. However, they were only average in Nightmare Holy City. And if they were to compare themselves to Dragon’s Crown’s chosen ones, they’d be nothing. Dragon’s Crown’s 100-man team had well over a dozen Half-step Mortal Gods.

In contrast, the players gathered outside the Underground City averaged only Level 230. Although there were quite a few fifth-floor experts among them, the ratio between fifth-floor and non-fifth-floor experts was nowhere near as frightening as that of the remnant primordial world.

“We collected many Undying Souls this time, so how about exchanging them now?” Heiser proposed. “Many players have gathered in the treasury these past few days. If we don’t hurry, everything decent might disappear.”

Their party had grinded nearly ten million Undying Souls these past few days. Although 90% had gone to Shi Feng, the rest of them still received nearly 200,000 Undying Souls each. Additionally, Shi Feng had compensated each of them with 200,000 Undying Souls for helping with the Taboo Boss raid. In other words, excluding Shi Feng, each of them now had nearly 400,000 Undying Souls to their names. They could already exchange for a Divine Artifact with this many Undying Souls.

“I agree. We’ve been away for quite some time,” Red Frost said, nodding. “I just checked and found out that the flow of time here differs from that on the other side. Apparently, we’ve been gone for nearly ten days now. Many teams should have collected a considerable amount of Undying Souls during this period. If we don’t hurry, there might really be nothing left for us.”

The Flame Dragon God’s Treasury had a limited stock of items. Meanwhile, ten days were enough for the teams operating around the treasury to collect tens of thousands of Undying Souls. It wouldn’t even be strange if some teams collected over a hundred thousand Undying Souls. After all, the drop rate of Undying Souls was very high around the treasury. The monsters here also offered abundant EXP, allowing players to level up quickly while grinding for Undying Souls. No expert player would miss this opportunity.

“Let’s go and take a look, then,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He also felt that they should examine the treasury’s situation.

It was normal for worlds in God’s Domain to experience different timeflows. This was especially true for a world that did not allow the use of the Abyss Workshop Certification’s World-Breaking Teleportation. He wouldn’t even be surprised if time flowed several dozen times slower in the remnant primordial world.

Although he wasn’t interested in most of the Flame Dragon God’s Treasury items, he had to get the Empress’s Scales. If someone else redeemed it before him, he might lose his will to live.

Flame Dragon God’s Treasury, Central Plaza:

A gentle breeze carrying Eternal Energy blew out from the central plaza, refreshing the minds of all players here.

As Shi Feng’s party approached the central plaza, they saw many Level 235-plus experts stationed around it.

“Why are there so many people surrounding the plaza?” Shi Feng frowned as he surveyed the central plaza.

The experts surrounding the plaza came from various powers. None were independent players, so those powers should be responsible for this blockade. There were also six magic barriers enveloping the plaza: three external and three internal. Even breaking through these defensive layers would be challenging for Level 240 players, much less redeeming items in the plaza and leaving safely.

“Brother Black Flame, I see the old commander over there. Should we go and ask him what’s going on?” Xiao Yilong suggested as he pointed at one of the legions standing guard outside the magic barriers.

“Okay.” Shi Feng nodded.

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